PPV Buyrate Numbers For Wrestlemania 29, Extreme Rules & WWE Payback

WWE reported their 2013 second quarter financial results prior to market open on Thursday morning. In them, were the official pay-per-view buyrates of the quarter. They are as follows:

  • Wrestlemania 29 - 1,039,000 buys (compared to 1,217,000 as Wrestlemania XXVIII in 2012)
  • Extreme Rules - 231,000 buys (compared to 263,000 in 2012)
  • WWE Payback - 186,000 buys (compared to 194,000 as No Way Out in 2012)

Vince McMahon will host a conference call at 11 AM EDT to discuss the earnings with investors.  We'll be on the call and have full coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • Nick K

    Rock/Cena 2 was not a smart move, All of main events had already happened. Personally I feel like that’s the reason they lost buys.

    • I completely agree.

    • Eddie Edwards

      And $75 to order it didn’t help either

  • Kleck

    What better way to learn than from mistakes. Vince still pumped out a million buy WM to which he can be proud of. Hunter also clearly saw how his third bout with Lesnar ultimately hurt buyrates for Extreme Rules.

  • David F.

    maybe this will inspire the WWE to create new feuds for Wrestlemania instead of beating us to death with Rock Cena and Triple H and Brock Lesnar