Pre-Lockdown Interviews, Kenny King, Kong Declines Offer To Return To TNA

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- TNA Wrestling uploaded pre-Lockdown videos of SoCal Val interviewing Kenny King, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. You can watch here and here or embedded below:

- Kharma, formerly known as Awesome Kong in TNA, said she declined an offer to work next weekend's Knockout Knockdown pay-per-view. The following is from her Twitter account:

Kong joins Angelina Love and Traci Brooks as former Knockouts that were asked but declined.

  • Benjamin

    They might have to change their concept for that one if all these former Knockouts keep declining. I hope Roxxi Laveaux is there.

    • Nostaljack

      They treat the Knockouts like garbage and pay them next to nothing. These declined invitations can’t surprise them.

      • lee

        TNA doesn’t treat them like that, the WWE is the one that treats them like garbage. If you compair both companies TNA has them wrestling every week including ppv with storylines & they’re matches are alot longer than WWE, compare to WWE which has them wrestling every other week if were lucky with no storylines & matches are under 2 minutes.