Preliminary Buyrate For Wrestlemania 29 Released

WWE released the preliminary buy numbers for Wrestlemania 29 on their corporate website on Friday night. The early estimated number is 1,048,000 buys.

While an estimate, this is short of the 1,217,000 buys that Wrestlemania XXVIII garnered last year, however, is the third year straight buys exceeded the 1 million threshold as Wrestlemania XXVII did 1,059,000 buys in 2011.

The final number will be announced when the company reports second quarter earnings in August.

  • I called it, and people doubted me. Considering 2/3 of the big matches were repeats, I’m not surprised.

    • Chris

      This year really didn’t have that big event feel to it. Unfortunately, hopefully they get things together for 30 next year. They need to make it huge, spend all the money they can on Austin/Punk, Lesnar/Ryback for the WWE title, Undertaker/Ambrose for the streak (possible ending of the streak).

      • Miguel

        Shhhhhiiiiiittttttttt, Ambrose vs Taker is laughable. Nobody would believe for a second that Ambrose has a chance in hell at ending the streak. And who really gives a rat ass about Ryback. SMH

    • It’s still a great number. I bet if you add all of TNA’s PPV buys for the entire year they still wouldnt get a million buys.

      • I’m not saying it isn’t, as a million buys equals a quarter of their weekly Raw audience, but it is a far cry from the initial 1.3 million estimate that WWE had.

  • Xavier

    Still a very good buyrate. Nexy year’s will probably do the biggest buyrate ever if Cena/Taker headlines the card with possibly Punk/Austin, Rock/Lesnar or Lesnar/Punk or any combination of those on the card.

    • Miguel

      Nope!!!!!!!!! No one wants to see Rock again & Austin hasn’t wrestled in a decade, no thanks to part-timers.

      • Xavier

        Then you tell me o wise one, how would you book Wrestlemania 30?

        • Smart Mark

          How about booking it using the great talent they have now in CM Punk, Kane, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Cesaro, Barrett, Miz, Ziggler, Fandango, Ryback, Orton, Big Show, Sheamus, Delrio, The Shield, Curtis Axel and the rest.

          • Xavier

            They have been using the talent they have. Who says they can’t use Austin & the talent they have on the same card?

    • John

      Seriously when are people going to stop pushing for the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin.. it’s never going to happen !

      • Xavier

        Kind of like how Rock returning would NEVER happen, or how Bret Hart returning would NEVER happen, or how Bruno being inducted into the HOF would NEVER happen?

        • John

          The Rock never suffered a serious neck injury that retired him before he ended up unable to walk… Austin did!

          Comparing Bret Hart or Bruno returning to WWE to Austin returning is ridiculous considering neither of them came back to wrestle! So yeah sure Austin could come back to cut a few promos or whatever, but he will never ever return to the ring!

          • Xavier

            Umm, Hart cameback too wrestle, didn’t he beat McMahon at WM26? Didn’t he beat Miz for the US title? Or was I imaging that? Comparing the returns of Hart (a guy who suffered a stroke, got screwed by the boss, had his brother die) and Bruno (a guy who claimed he’s never accept an induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame) to an Austin return isn’t ridiculous at all. You said Austin would never comeback, I heard people say the same thing about Hart, Bruno & The Rock and yet they returned, so going off that I think it’s pretty RIDICULOUS for you too say Austin would NEVER return. And yes, Austin did suffer a severe neck injury some years back but Austin himself as also stated that he’s healthy enough to work a match at Mania if the money is right, those are Austin’s words, not mine.

      • Josh_rocker1

        Austin is the only one of the old timers that I would really mark out for. I really look forward to one more match from him and I really hope they work it out.