Preliminary Buyrate For WWE SummerSlam

WWE has updated their Key Performance Indicators with the preliminary 2013 SummerSlam buyrate. The show did an estimated 293,000 buys, compared to 358,000 buys in 2012 and 296,000 in 2011.

The show's main event was John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, followed by Randy Orton cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. The show also featured Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk.

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  • Xavier

    I’m surprised the buyrate wasn’t higher because this Summerslam had a big time feel to it, it was the 1st time that Summerslam felt like Summerslam in a really long time. Great PPV as well. best of the year so far, arguably the best PPV of the past 4-5 years.

    • ldb

      the buys were low because the outcomes where to predictable. Everyone knew Orton was cashing in on someone. No matter how good the match was people are sick of the same people over and over and over….you get the point. We are tired of cena, punk, sheamus, and orton. We need fresh blood like bryan, ziggler, call up mason ryan give us something new and hopefully not paint drying del rio. Punk has been wasted on losses and now feels to me as though he has faded to the back seat.

      • Mysterion

        Mason Ryan. That’s the opposite if watching paint dry to you?

    • smark calloway

      slam was a great ppv no doubt about it. but i think i preferred ” payback ” just a little bit more

  • Patrick O_Toole

    The sad thing about all this is they will probably think that D Bryan can’t draw when it was probably just people sick of seeing Cena.

    • smark calloway

      i have to respectfully disagree. im not bashing bryan as i am a fan of his in ring work . but cena is obviously a big draw as he has been on top for nearly 10 years now and looks like he will continue to be for quite some time. to casual fans on the street he has some name value to him and has ” the look ” . he obviously is still popular with the kids and families as his merch is still selling truckloads… . now,if you have cena against some monster heel and a casual fan sees the commercial and hype for this . then they will probably be thinking ” wow, how is cena gonna overcome this monster ?” and they will order it to find out .but if that same fan has never seen bryan before and they see a commercial hyping bryan vs cena ,then well to be honest,they would probably think ” cena will have no problem beating that little beard guy im not gonna bother watching that”. and again im really not being disrespectful to bryan as im a big mark for his work and i grew up as a fan of the smaller wrestlers like bret hart and shawn michaels, so im not saying i want to see cena vs kharli or cena vs ryback or henry every way !!.. but sometimes you have to step away from being a mark to the business and see what a member of the public would think, they are the ones that make up the majority of the ppv buys as theres a quote in the business . ” as long as it says wrestling in the title the marks will always watch it ” . wwe know that people like me, you and all of the wnw readers will watch the product no matter what. but the business is all about dollars and cents at the end of the day no matter what we think , and yeah summerslam was an awesome ppv no doubt about it, but im sure they are not happy with it being the lowest summerslam buyrate in years and once again,no matter what we think , the main event is always seen as the selling point and cena is a proven commodity whereas daniel is new to the main event scene , so fingers will probably being pointed at him from management

      • Snap

        The flaw in the logic of that argument is if Cena is a big “draw” then it shouldn’t matter who he was facing as the mere fact that he was involved would “draw” people in. Otherwise, you can’t really call him a draw, can you?

        I mean, anti-Punk fans loved nothing more than to take low numbers and fire it back and claim Punk couldn’t draw, but when it comes to Cena it’s because of his opponents? I don’t buy that. All that says is Cena takes all the credit and never any of the blame. It takes at least two to have a match and while Cena isn’t the absolute worst, he’s not always the best player in the match, though he generally has some type of excuse should he end up losing, but I digress.

        Basically, you can’t pick and choose how to determine if someone “draws” or not. They either draw or they don’t and it’s evident that John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan didn’t draw as well as Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H from last year. But is that a reflection of John Cena and Daniel Bryan, or is it more a reflection of people not believing the price WWE demands is worth the product they will receive? For me, personally, if I can wait a while and pick up a Blu-ray for HALF of what is charged for the PPV, then I’m gonna do that. I’m not going to pay $60+ for two, maybe three, matches of interest.

        • smark calloway

          but if cena wasnt a big draw , would he be on top for 8 years?…a good guy always needs a good bad guy to fued with, cena obviously couldnt draw on his own without anybody else. but then again neither could other huge draws in austin , hulk, rock etc because if they werent wrestling against anybody else and facing an obstacle or opposition then would people pay to watch them ? roddy piper always said that without him being a great heel then hogan and hulkamania wouldnt of taken off as big as it did in the early 80’s , and thats true…. so if cena doesnt have a good heel opponant to work with and overcome in the end then why would the people pay to watch him ? not anti punk or anti cena ..i respect them both, i just understand the business side of the business ,,and its proven that if its a match that people want to see , then the masses are willing to still pay big bucks to watch it, look at last summerslams buyrate compared to this years . wrestlemania still gets huge buyrates every year . if the matches have people that casual fans want to see, they will pay for them still

          • Snap

            I’m not arguing whether Cena is a draw or not, what I’m saying is you can’t just arbitrarily choose to give him credit for high numbers and blame his opponents for lower numbers. The whole thing about being a draw is “drawing” people in regardless of who you were fighting.

            Cena being on top for so long isn’t the same as the Hulkamania era, as WWF was not a publicly traded company during those years, whereas now they have shareholders to keep happy and the fact that Cena’s merchandise sells, WWE is going to want to keep him on top so they can milk the cash cow until its dry.

            WrestleMania is kind of a bad example to use for buyrates, as the WrestleMania brand draws itself even before a card is announced and it is generally the only time of the year you will see Undertaker in action.

            However, as you brought up last year’s SummerSlam compared to this year’s, look at what the main event was: Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H. Your argument suggests that Brock Lesnar is a bigger draw than Cena, but the biggest difference there is WWE doesn’t overexpose Lesnar as they do Cena.

          • smark calloway

            a draw just means someone who can draw money from people , whether thats from ppv buys, merchandise or not blaming cenas opponents for the low numbers. im just saying that if he isnt against someone or involved in a feud that the casual fans want to see then they wont pay to watch it . and that goes for any of the huge draws over the years….look at this example .back in the day, austin ( arguably the biggest draw ever ) would draw more money facing people like the rock , taker , or foley than he would against people like kurt angle, , jericho or , booker t . and thats not a knock on angle , jericho etc its just that people like the rock , and taker are more of a draw too. austin against angle would still draw money yeah,because people would want to see it , but of course more people would want to see the rock vs austin match .because both have huge drawing power. . . and thats what im saying about cena . i bet a lot of the casual fans buy the ppvs just to see him on it regardless of who he faces, but when he is in a main event against another super over established star with their own drawing power , then of course it will draw more viewers to watch it .. and to the casual fan on the street daniel bryan isnt an established star ( yet ) so they didnt order the ppv to watch him vs cena .. last years summerslam had hhh vs brock, two established stars that the casual fans know and like and they ordered the ppv in their millions to watch them …do you get it now ? this is making sense to you isnt it ? you must be able to see the whole picture now

          • smark calloway

            Hundreds of thousands of people ordered the ppv , not millions bad

  • I wonder how much of an effect does illegal streaming makes on buy rates these days