Preliminary Buyrates For Royal Rumble & Elimination Chamber

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WWE has updated their Key Performance Indicators with the preliminary Elimination Chamber buyrate. The show did an estimated 210,000 buys, which is up from the 178,000 the show drew in 2012 and 199,000 in 2011.

The company also solved the Royal Rumble buyrate estimate by confirming the show did 498,000 buys.  This is also up from the 443,000 buys the show did in 2012.

Both shows were headlined by CM Punk vs. The Rock.

Click here to view WWE's Key Performance Indicators.

The final numbers will come out when WWE releases their 2013 quarter one earnings.

  • Both shows were headlined by The Rock. There’s no reason to mention CM Punk in this. After The Rock, credit should go to the Rumble match itself. As for Elimination Chamber that is an impressive number. The card was strong with the one EC match as well as the Six-Man Tag. This year’s EC was a lot better than last years. Last year’s chamber matches were very mediocre.

    • Xavier

      My sentiments exactly. Hey Rock haters, let these numbers soak in for a minute