Preliminary Plans For Ryback vs. CM Punk & Why It May Not Occur

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The story coming out of last week's WWE television tapings was to announce Ryback vs. CM Punk in a TLC match for the WWE Championship for the January 7, 2013 episode of Raw but for the match to actually not occur.

Apparently the talk was to do an angle with The Rock to come out and make sure Punk keeps the title so he can defend it against him at Royal Rumble. The problem is obvious in that Ryback would be going under which would be solved by having The Shield take care of him.

As with anything storyline related, this is subject to change but it's worth noting Rock is officially advertised for the January 7th Raw and the build to Royal Rumble is expected to begin in full force as the company doesn't want to "waste" any Rock dates.

  • PFElton

    Oh I see, the hotshot booking is also the bait-and-switch to try to survive against the BCS National Championship.

    WWE, GET IT?!

  • christopher525

    Pretty much what I expected all along, you have Shield take him out, so the match doesn't happen, and it furthers the feud between Ryback and The Shield, which can be "blown off" by him eliminating all of them from the Rumble and going on to win it, switching over to Smackdown.

  • ChromeyDaniels

    Well now

  • xChristenLynnx

    That is the stupidest booking i have seen from WWE!

    • PFElton

      You must be new here.

  • bearone7777

    The character RYBAK——Is still not that good, or shall I say decent, they are trying to book him with the top guys, and he belongs down in the "MIDDLE OF THE PACK right now!!!!!!!!

  • craig

    HIAC went up because fans bought it thinking they were going to get the reality of a clean Ryback loss or Punk's title reign to end and got nothing. Since then Ryback is losing ratings and him being in the SS main event was worse than last year when the Miz got blamed.

  • Jimmy

    It would be a nice twist if they make out so that the The Shield is working for The Rock and they were protecting Punk so that The Rock could face him for the title. But we all know WWE won't let that happen

  • HIM_unLich

    rock not helping to keep punk title.after match rock will attack punk…… 😉 🙂

    may be brock lesnar will attack Ryback…..