What To Expect From Lesnar vs. Big Show; Update On Lesnar’s Health, How WWE Expects Their Network To Help TV Ratings, What Someone Told Us That Recently Interviewed Ryback, WM30 Plans For Sheamus, WWE’s Reaction To Original Sin Cara Fighting Them, Hogan Rumors Getting Hot, The Shield Staying Together, Daniel Bryan’s Chant

- Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show at Royal Rumble is expected to be booked in a manner similar to what you’d expect from the post-UFC Lesnar. A match that’s booked more as an MMA-fight rather than a pro wrestling bout, hiding obvious limitations. Lesnar is believed to be the healthiest he has ever been after diverticulosis prematurely ended his fighting career. He’s less than three years displaced from having a foot of his colon removed because of the illness.

- Speaking of Lesnar, while we’ve heard The Undertaker has grown weary of a singles match with him at Wrestlemania XXX, it’s still not completely off either. The match continues to get talked about and was the “one sure thing” before rumblings that Undertaker might prefer a match with Daniel Bryan due to concerns with his artificial hips.

- One of the points of discussion within WWE lately is how the upcoming WWE Network will “protect” B-level pay-per-views. The way things are currently structured, WWE relies on Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, their “big four” shows, to carry the pay-per-view business throughout the year. Obviously with the change, one thing to consider is B-level shows are going to be watched live by record audiences. This is part of the reason why WWE feels the Network is going to increase interest and in turn, increase television ratings.

- I heard from someone that recently interviewed Ryback and was told…

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