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- TNA Wrestling's contract with Spike TV is up in October 2014. There are a couple things of note here. First, the new WWE TV deal will go into effect in October 2014, meaning Spike TV (or Viacom to be more specific) could theoretically be a suitor for the WWE deal if they do not agree to a new deal with NBC Universal by February 14, 2014. In fact, the belief in TV circles is WWE has already reached out to or met with representatives from Viacom. There is a lot of nervousness within TNA about their deal. The feeling from many is they don't have a lot of leverage in negotiations and the loss of Eric Bischoff is seen as problematic, given his good relationship with the network. There's also a feeling the promotion being started by Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith is interested in the contract.

- MVP says he's very much a free agent and dismisses any reports that he's signed with TNA as part of the new investor angle. We reported here on Premium on January 6, 2014 that TNA and MVP were believed to be getting close to a deal. TNA simultaneously pursued MVP while they were negotiating with Styles. The feeling was if they re-signed Styles, they wouldn't be able to sign MVP.

- In addition to signing Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, we can confirm there's been legitimate interest in...

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