Problems With Impact In Baltimore?, Aries Bound For Glory, TNA Press Conference

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- Alex Barie reported earlier here at that TNA has canceled the December 5, 2013 Impact Wrestling taping in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There appears to be something going on with the November 21, 2013 taping from the Baltimore Arena in Maryland. There is no longer a link to purchase tickets here on Ticketmaster, however, the event is still listed on the official schedule.

- Newsday's Alfonso Castillo talks to Austin Aries about Bound for Glory at this link.

- TNA held a press conference in San Diego on Thursday to promote Bound for Glory. TNA Champion Bully Ray, Dixie Carter and AJ Styles appeared alongside Mayor Todd Gloria. You can view a photo below:

  • Peter Brian Hoover Jr

    anyone notice there was more than “$50,000” in the case? There were nine $10,000 straps and some more loose. LOL.

  • B Markowski

    Hey Richard, I actually was planning to go the Baltimore show so it could be something to do with Ticketmaster site. Not sure but either way this happened last night also. Earlier in the day I saw I was able to purchase tickets but for some reason during the night, you won’t be able to. Not sure why this is or even what time they stop selling tickets but I thought it should be worth noting. Just keep an eye out sometime tomorrow in the daytime to see if they go back to being on sale.

  • David

    The Baltimore Arena is way too big for Tna to run in. I think the idea with them going on the road was well intentioned but not a good financial decision especially since they can’t even partially fill the Arenas. I agree the impact zone sucked but they can’t afford to run on the road. They have all the star power but creative sucks and there doesn’t seem to be any organization. I wish there was a viable number 2 to wwe but this isn’t it of they can’t even get it together enough to go on the road.