Problems With Wrestlemania Fan Axxess Tickets Presale

There are problems with the presale to obtain Wrestlemania Fan Axxess tickets. The following is from the Twitter account of the IZOD Center:

  • How about the fact that I was unable to get tickets to Mania period because during the presale, the scalpers bought them all up and now all the cheaper seats are going for hundreds! Contacted WWE about this and the 8 ticket limit and they could care less!

    • Duh as long as they get their money they’re not going to care

      • But they will care when all those seats are empty because people refuse to buy from scalpers and spend that kind of money. I added up the scalpers between E-Bay and Stubhub and there are easily well over 4,000 tickets for the $55 seats that are listed on there going for $100 on up. I saw one seller on E-Bay that has over 1,000 tickets for sale!