Production Begins On WWE '13 - What All Was Accomplished Last Week, Surprising Names With TNA Contracts Do Motion Capture Work, Austin Aries Missed, More

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There was a lot of work being done on WWE '13 last week in Los Angeles. In addition to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler doing commentary voice-overs for the game, a lot of the motion capture work was done as well.

With Austin Aries unavailable, THQ hired talent working for TNA's Ra Ka King project in India. I cannot confirm all the names that did work but can confirm Harry Smith was among them last week in Los Angeles.

I'm told the guys working on the game had to head out to LA almost as soon as they returned from the latest television tapings in India. As for Aries, people at THQ really enjoy working with him and missed him this year.

  • Jaryd

    It's really weird thinking that when you see these graphical embodiments of top WWE workers, that it's going to have come from the movement of mainly lower card TNA guys.