Programming Brock With Hunter, Rey Mysterio's Suspension & Sin Cara's Return, Big Show's Brief IC Title Reign, Dolph Ziggler

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Do you see Triple and Brock Lesnar feuding after what happened on last night's Raw Supershow or was it all part of the development of Lesnar's character?

There are preliminary plans to do Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, possibly at SummerSlam with the storyline being that Lesnar "broke Triple H's arm." The angle was also done about Lesnar's contract status to write him off TV for a couple weeks as his contract is a part-time agreement. Following the backstage blowup Lesnar had at Extreme Rules, some have speculated this was WWE's way of protecting themselves in case Lesnar quits, but there were plans to write Lesnar off TV after Extreme Rules before he got upset.

Will Rey Mysterio's suspension speed up Sin Cara's return date and will it alter how the company plans to push him?

WWE has been functioning without Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara for several months now so I don't see Mysterio's suspension playing much of a factor in Cara's return. WWE learned real quick they couldn't just plug in another popular Mexican talent to take the reigns from Rey Mysterio as the company's top hispanic draw. As I reported earlier here at, there are plans for Cara to return this month and while it is on the early side, the expected timetable for his injury all along has been 6-9 months. WWE has remained committed to Sin Cara despite a Wellness suspension and a severe injury but one has to think it is "make it or break it" time for Sin Cara.

What was the point of Big Show's one month run with the WWE Intercontinental Championship?

I was never in favor of Big Show taking the WWE Intercontinental Championship off Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania so I can't begin to explain WWE's reasoning. Big Show is a tricky worker to book and the company wanted him to go over at Wrestlemania to prevent him from looking weak. However, I didn't see how holding the Intercontinental Championship would do him any good due to the fact that he's already an established veteran and former World Champion.

Are there any plans to push Dolph Ziggler?

Dolph Ziggler has been one of WWE's best workers over the past few months, however, it seems the company is almost scared to push him. Again, it's hard for me to explain the WWE mentality but remember, they do not push workers based on in-ring work. While I feel Ziggler has selling points in all three "core" areas (look, mic work & in-ring), not everyone can be pushed at once and Ziggler can at least be happy that he is getting on TV.

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  • Brandon

    Shame that they didn't push Ziggler before his time runs out. A great worker like Ziggler should be a threat to anyone for the top tier titles.

    Kayfabe wise; why didn't Laryngitis suspend Lesnar for what happened on Raw last night? So much for the People Power, eh?

    • Wayne

      Or fine him $500,000.00

      • Logan_Walker

        how about 6 million – new highest fine in the wwe

    • Matt Scott

      You missed the new Lesnar contract? He said Lesnar was immune from things.

  • Lil Wayne YMCMB

    Dolph Ziggler is the best bump taker of all time. He can make any move look great!

    • kevin

      Ok best over seller of all time

  • havoc525

    Putting the title on Show could have helped if they made it where his focus was on the belt, sort of elevating it some. Cody having it is good, although I can see them putting it on Ryberg soon to put him over more, just hope he doesn’t get to destroy Cody’s build in the process.

  • Bob

    I think the point of the Big Show holding the title was to give him the grand slam and let it happen at wrestlemania so he can have his wrestlemania moment.

    • JakShowtime

      That's what I was going to say. Didn't they do the same for JBL?

      • anandvkumar

        It could have also been to disprove the point that cody was trying to make. Show being the veteran he is, has always been on the receiving end of things at Wrestlemania. So, maybe vince thought that he deserves his WM moment and gave him one 🙂

  • Dig Baddy

    Ziggler is the best seller in the game period! Reminds me of a young Ric Flair.

    • Dave

      He reminds me more of a young HBK.

  • JRock104

    With Big Show winning the IC Championship, he did become the only superstar to have won all the current WWE titles.

    • Tony P.


    • Tony P.

      No he’s not

    • Taylor

      I think he's right. I cannot think of anyone else who has won the WWE, World Heavyweight, United States, & Intercontinental Championships (excluding the Divas Championship of course)

      • Blazeking

        Edge & Kurt Angle held all current belts. Rock was a Triple crown champion (before WHC & US title came into existence).

        • @jblack424

          It includes all minus cruiserweights. He was wwe/world tag and hw and int and the ecw hw title when we thought it was worth something.that’s why he had every title. Idk if he had european but big show on paper and titles held could argue one of best ever. Not that I’m saying he is top 10 but I believe a hell a lot better than andre

        • JRock104

          I meant of all current WWE Superstars.

  • Jordan

    Thanks for answering my question!

  • Bill

    I think they just put the Iintercontinental belt on Big Show for the month so that he could have the various honors of having won it (Triple Crown, one of a few people to have held all of the current belts, etc.)

    You’re right that he didn’t *need* to hold it, but I think this short stint was just WWE’s way of “honoring” Big Show for what he has done for the company.

  • grant

    Superstars who deserve a shot at the big time and who can eventually be main event material

    Ted DiBiase Jnr
    Mason Ryan
    David Otunga
    Dolph Ziggler
    Alex Riley

    • British bulldog

      What are you smoking?? Coz it’s making you write stupid things. Ryan, otunga and Riley?? Really??

    • anandvkumar

      David Otunga & Alex Riley? Really. am not so sure about Alex but David is a real good looking bummer who is pathetic in the ring…

      Ziggler – 100% Agree
      Mason Ryan & Ted DiBiase – They must first appear on TV regularly for people to remember them before they can even think about a main event push 🙂

  • Jean

    Ziggles is an OVER seller when it comes to taking bumps. He bounces around the ring the way a plank would if you threw it down hard enough.
    I’m much more interested in Swagger and Rhodes getting pushes. As for Otunga, he’s such a bore, and it’s so annoying seeing him sipping from that tumbler every time. Glad we haven’t seen him for a while.