Progressing The Shield, Tag Teams In WWE, Lance Storm, Team Hell No As Singles

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With The Shield doing the same thing every week, would a reign as WWE Tag Team Champions get them over more?

While I have been very high up on The Shield, I've also cautioned they can't do the same thing forever. We've seen them booked with confidence, "bringing top talent to justice," but now it's time for further gimmick progression. I like Dean Ambrose in consecutive singles matches on Smackdown and would be in favor of the idea that's been talked about for months in putting them over for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Yes, a title reign would help in the efforts to get The Shield over, furthering establishing them as one of the greatest wrestling trios. We have more at this link.

WWE had a great thing going with their tag division but they've let it die again. Why?

Tag teams are something Vince McMahon went back and forth on in the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania. Literally, one week he was pushing for more teams and a bigger push, then the next week he was wanting to breakup teams and push them as singles. This mentality couldn't have been made clearer in the booking of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. They were a team, broken up, back a team, etc. I can't really offer you an explanation other than Vince gets hot and cold on tag teams.

How about a "where are they now?" update on Lance Storm?

Lance Storm runs a pro wrestling school in Calgary and is one of the best trainers in this business. In fact, he occasionally makes trips to WWE developmental to help out there. The Storm Wrestling Academy started a new training session on Monday that lasts until July 26, 2013. If you're looking to get into the wrestling business, you need to get trained by someone like Storm. More details are available at this link.

Team Hell No looked great last week as singles on Smackdown. Do you see either Kane or Daniel Bryan receiving pushes as singles any time soon?

It's my hope that Daniel Bryan and Kane are broken up this summer and pushed as singles workers. Team Hell No has been fun and more than served its purpose, however, I'm ready to see something else with them. The talk has been they'll drop the belts and end up working with one another, but at the rate things change, who knows. I wholeheartedly believe Daniel Bryan is capable of stepping up and filling one of WWE's voids at the top of the card.

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  • Scottyo614

    With Dean Ambrose getting singles matches and the Shield getting so much attention, why not put the IC on him and tag belts on Reigns and Rollins. Let them try to add a little life to the belts.

    • Smart Mark

      I think the US title would be more fitted for Ambrose, but maybe that’s just because i think Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston would be a hell of a match.

  • Lance Uppercutt

    I’d like to give advise to on anyone who is thinking about sending a “where are they now” question….Try typing the wrestlers name into google first and see what u can get. I don’t understand why Richard keeps answering them as every time one of these question gets brought up the information is within the first 1 or 2 pages on google and even sometimes Richard has provided a update a few days before the question.

    • Kenneth

      What’s easier for the average fan with casual curiosity?

      Asking Richard, a man who works in the business and has access to these facts at his fingertips, what’s happening with a wrestler and letting him do the work or scouring the first one or two pages of Google yourself?

      Time’s a precious commodity. If you can get someone else to use theirs on your behalf, especially for a casual curiosity like what’s Lance Storm doing these days, then go for it.

      • It takes all of a minute to search google or even wikipedia asking ruchard takes much longer waiting for the ask wnw segment to see if your questions even answer etc

        • Artie Lange


  • Poor Vince, seems like Dementia is kicking in…

  • John

    Ambrose and Rollins are definitely head and shoulders above Reigns in terms of ring work.. However i can see Reigns being a huge star in WWE. I predict he will be main eventing PPV’s before either Ambrose or Rollins.

    • Smart Mark

      No doubt about it, Reigns already has the look and his ring work is above par, not great. And he also has the right voice for mic work so as long as he capitalizes on his opportunities he should WWE’s next big thing in no time.

  • Dustyn

    I’d love to see Lance Storm make an appearance on RAW when it is in Calgary on May 27th.

  • Izzet

    Lance Storm’s site is probably the worst site I’ve ever seen.