Promoter Claims Wrestler Filed Discrimination Complaint Against TNA Wrestling

Pro wrestling promoter Phil Varlese, in a statement issued to, claims that a male participant in the TNA Gut Check Challenge filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against TNA Wrestling in April 2013. According to Varlese, the EEDOC found there was enough to move forward with a case but TNA has yet to issue a response.

The wrestler’s name has not been disclosed, according to the statement.  TNA has not responded to multiple requests from the agency.

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  • LBP365

    Nobody wins in this and if he’s black outside of MMA they may never get a good black wrestler again (Shelton B/MVP). It may be funny it maybe the only reason they there. Just saying love TNA but if it’s trouble it finds TNA.

  • Charles

    Why do they do Gut Check anyway? It’s not entertaining at all.