Proof That Randy Orton's Stock Has Plummeted Within WWE Regardless Of Future Creative Plans & What Vince McMahon Did On Last Week's Raw Supershow To Send Him A Message

There was some surprise in WWE about the company bringing back Diamond Dallas Page for a segment on last week's Raw Supershow. I'm told there have been several ideas pitched for him over the last few years but they had always been shot down.

Vince McMahon headed up opposition for using DDP on television because he felt there was no need to remind the audience about him and more specifically the Diamond Cutter. The thinking was why promote the guy that uses the same finisher as of one of the most-protected top guys in the company in Randy Orton.

With Orton still in the company doghouse because of his second official Wellness violation, he's no longer considered the priority he once was. My source tells me not only does Vince not care as much about protecting Orton, he insisted that Page use the Diamond Cutter to show Orton he's not bigger than the company.

  • Blaze


  • Bault16

    Why wouldn’t DDP use the diamond cutter. What’s he gonna come out and slap an STFU on Slater?

    • Richard Gray

      That's why they just kept him off TV but Vince encouraged him to hit the finisher in the little TV time he had.

      • Patrick Peralta

        concidering DDP came up with the move and allowed Orton to use it after his own career was over…..DDP not useing it would have been wrong…god Vince is so stupid at times any long time fan knows DDP used the finisher first. they are not going to forget that Fans have longer memory then Vince thinks.

        • kbunyon

          Sorry Patrick, but it wasn't DDP who created the cutter. That was actually Johnny Ace. As little as I like the man and as little credit I'd like to give him for anything, he does deserve props for creating this move.


          • robert

            it doesn't matter if ace came up with it, he should've worked on the rest of his wrestling instead of inventing finishers a match of finishers is dumb – oh ya orton sucks never liked him glad he gets what coming maybe kharma will come out and slam him.

  • thebops

    Been kind of a slow news week, but thanks for getting us something! I was wondering aout that Cutter…

  • skeeber04

    Self high five

  • Debbijones3263

    So let me see if I got this, some old washed up guy nobody has seen in years comes out for approximately 20 seconds, hits an RKO and that means Randy is no longer of worth to WWE. WTH

    • JamieSNZ

      He hit an RKO? All i saw was a d*mn good Diamond Cutter

  • AntGilroy

    To me DDP means nothing doing his move that he used way before Orton was alive. What I have noticed was that CM Punk has been using Orton signature move the 180 power slam.

  • stoney

    in the words of Sheldon cooper 'BAZINGA'

  • Laxolly1988

    I would necessarily call the 180 power slam an Orton signiture move. Yes he uses it in most matches but it has been used by many other wrestlers

  • AntGilroy

    He uses it in EVERY match! Name one other recent superstar that uses it? In the WWE and currently working?

  • who?

    lol this didnt made sense…. the fans don't give a fu… because in all actually they still care and LOVE randy orton. THE GUY SELL WHETHER he's an A hole in real life or not.

    LMAO! you "rasling" fans love to over complicate thing.

    • who?

      *actuality they only*