Punk Not Defending, Mysterio & Sin Cara, Chair Shots, Bring Back Nexus?

Isn't there a time period in which a champion must defend their title? I always thought it was every thirty days. With CM Punk being injured for so long I would have figured he would be stripped of the title for lack of defending it.

Remember this was a storyline initiative and WWE conveniently "forgets" storylines when they are counterintuitive to what they are trying to accomplish. In CM Punk's case, WWE has planned for months to do Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. While not officially announced like Rock's Wrestlemania bout, it's a program they've had their eyes on for quite some time. With Punk's recent knee problems, Vince McMahon wanted to take every precaution possible to assure he'll be able to go at 100% at the pay-per-view next month.

What's going on with Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara?

As we reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog, Rey Mysterio was taken back off television to continue to deal with personal issues. Sin Cara is recuperating in Mexico from knee surgery. He was backstage at the Raw taping on Saturday night but was back in Mexico as of Sunday.

Since chair shots to the head were banned in WWE, anytime someone uses a chair it's always over the back. I think it looks weak and ineffective, if you could, how would you book it so a chair shot looks like it could 'do some damage'?

I haven't been a fan of a lot of the things that have come with WWE's PG initiative (watered down storylines, corny jokes, over-the-top cartoonish characters), however, I am all for banning chair shots to the head. While using them "over the back" doesn't look as effective, it's much safer for the workers. Under no circumstances should anyone be taking an unprotected chair shot over the head given what we now know about concussions. To answer your question there is no other way to use a chair than how they are currently used. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not big on gimmicks, including chairs, so it's not really that big of a deal to me.

What did you think about the "we want Nexus" chants on Raw? Would you like to see the group reformed now that some of the members have developed into stars?

The Nexus still has a following but I wouldn't favor a resurrection of the faction. Factions are fine but are always limited in lifespan and it's when their lifespan is forcibly extended when they end up failing. WWE hasn't had success in trying to bring back past factions - just take a look at what happened with the new World order and DeGeneration X.

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  • vmagic

    I beg to differ, I think DXs return was not a failure from a financial perspective.

    • christopher525

      It may have made money, but comparing it to the original run, it was pure junk.

    • IlyasG

      I agree with you in the sense that 2006 DX was a great come back and helped establish Rated RKO even further in the main event scene, but remember the 2009 run and you'll probably know what Richard is talking about.

      • Richard Gray

        Yeah the DX resurrection in 2006 was effective… at first. But it quickly fell victim to WWE's PG initiative and lost any momentum it had. ECW was the same way.

        • Michael

          I think that DX was better in its original run, but I still think DX held its own in PG with the comedy, made me chuckle anyway.

    • BigMike7302

      the DX runs were great IMO they made money and although they were not as good or as edgy when the PG started they just had to retool their antics from edgy and racy to just plain funny. I still love the whol "One night only" that had Coach Boogeyman Hornswaggle and Khali, that was funny and it stayed PG, But yes I agree they were better the first run

  • Dougan83

    WWE have a great basis to work with when it comes to factions/tag teams.


    Uso’s/Tamina (Awesome potential as heels)

    3mb (Hate the gimmick but add a chick in there somewhere)



    I’d work Swagger into an American themed faction as well, save him from needing to speak on the mic.

    • Kevin

      I must respectfully disagree with you on the Ziggler/Langston/AJ faction. I hate that they've teamed such a good performer as Ziggler with anybody. Ziggler is great on his own; to have AJ or Langston interfer, even as a distraction, in order for Ziggler to win demeans Ziggler and makes him look weak. He doesn't need any help to win matches.

  • Dougan83

    Swagger American faction could include mcgillicutty and somebody like Kaitlyn as mouthpiece, or they could become part of the heyman stable and use heyman as mouthpiece

  • Kyle Gordon

    Pretty sure the DX return in 2006 was a success

    • Richard Gray

      Initially, yes, but it was overkilled with WWE's PG initiative. However, comparing the entire run in 2006 to 1999 and it was a shell of its former self.

      • Ballzdeep34

        Its weird as much as I am a fan of wwe and Richard I wpuld have to disagree. I think the first comeback run of dx had a tremendous build an anticipation but the simple fact that it was cut short due to the HHH Injury kinda of sours it to me.

        BUT the 2010 reunion of dx was epic in my eyes cuz u could tell it was the last go around or both HHH and hawn and that meant more to me than bringing bac the stable . Just sayin. Also if u read this whole thing pardon me while I say…..


  • Paul uk

    I think they could go for chair shots to the head but put an arm in the way maybe? That would give the effect of a head shot without serious risk to the superstar.

    • Dragon

      yeah and break there arms smh

      • Paul uk

        So breaking there backs isn’t worse? You idiot.

        • Maximv1

          If you hit someone over the top area of the back, and they stay flat you won’t break anything but it will still have a good sound. Chair shots to the back still hurt a lot.

        • Ronnnnn

          Maybe you’ve taken too many chair shots to the head with your spelling


    How was DXs return a failure??? They got/get a huge pop every time they appear and their merchandise always sells

    • Richard Gray

      Compare DX from 1999 to 2009 and tell me the latter was a success. You can't, it fell victim to WWE's PG initiative.

      • GODSENT83

        Ok it wasn’t as successful but it wasn’t a complete failure neither. Still got merchandise moved though

      • Skyrim

        Godsent is right, regardless of whether or not it was more successful than the 1999 run, the DX return was a huge success, the gimmick was over, merchandise was sold and people wanted to watch them. Your initial statement was that WWE hasn't had success bringing back past factions when they infact have in DXs case. People are crazy for them any time they appear.

  • I think that if a worker wants to take a chair shot to the head, it should be allowed. After all, they can always put their arms up to take the impact away from the head, but still make it look effective.

    • Richard Gray

      Blocking a chair shot to the head with an arm would be qualified as a protected chair shot but I still don't like it. The risk fair outweighs the reward in a day where we are much more knowledgable about the damage concussions have on the human body. I also don't like the argument "if they want too." This is a dangerous position because 9/10 are going to do "whatever it takes" to "make it." An outright ban is the safest and most logical thing to do IMO.

      • Michael

        What about wrapping the chair around an arm or leg and standing on the chair?

      • Ken

        Taking chair shots away was one of the worst things that the WWE ever did. The PG era sucks mightily for a wide variety of reasons, but removing chair shots was one of the, if not the, first nails in the coffin, so to speak.
        It's bad enough that every match these days follows the same cookie-cutter pattern where you can predict everything that's going to happen five, six, seven moves ahead, with few, if any, truly high impact moves (they're too dangerous).
        Taking chair shots away… dude, seriously, the chair shot to the head is one of the defining characteristics of professional wrestling.
        These are grown men who spend their lives training in order to perform in the ring for our entertainment. Outside the ring they're nice guys, friendly and outgoing, there to make the WWE Universe happy, etc, etc, but in the ring they're supposed to be athletic, muscular, kick-rear-end fighting machines. They're supposed to be better than you or I. They're supposed to be tougher, faster, stronger, meaner, bigger and badder and better and more. They're supposed to be superhuman. They're supposed to be able to handle things that us regular folk can't.
        We're supposed to suspend our disbelief and think of them in that way for three hours on Raw, two on Smackdown, one on Main Event, three on a PPV (or four if it's WM), plus pre-shows and magazine shows and kiddified shows.
        How are they superhuman though if they can't take a chair shot to the head? Sure, if you or I took a chair shot to the head we'd be out cold and effed up for days, but a pro wrestler/superstar is supposed to be better than that. They can take it. They're supposed to be able to take it.
        At least they could a decade and change ago. If Stone Cold could take it, if the Rock could take it, if Mick Foley or Undertaker or HHH or Michaels or whoever else you want to name from that era could take it then their counterparts in the current era should be able to take it.
        The WWE not allowing wrestlers to take chair shots makes the current crop of talent look like complete pu$$ies in comparison to their predecessors. They have no credibility in comparison. They're not superhuman, they're not bigger and badder and better and meaner. They're just guys like you or I that have put in that little extra training and dedication. Rather than think 'wow, that's insane, I could never do that' we think 'hmm, maybe I could do that if I trained hard enough'. The scale is completely different.
        Today's talent, they're protected. Why are they protected? Because they're not tough enough, not mean enough, not bigger and badder and better, and definitely not superhuman. Or at least that's how it comes across these days. A pro wrestler shouldn't NEED protecting. A pro wrestler should be able to take three classic wild swinging Stone Cold chair shots to the head and ask for more with a smile on his face.
        From a character-based perspective I cannot think of a single active talent today who comes across as being superhuman enough to take one of those Stone Cold chair shots, let alone three or four. The closest one would be Kane, since he's from that era, but the current Kane isn't a patch on the old Kane, for the above-mentioned reasons.
        An outright ban might be 'safe', but it's not logical when it damages the credibility of the business and the talent like it does do. Until chair shots and piledrivers and all the other banned or prohibited moves,holds, and techniques are allowed to be used the WWE will always be a watered-down, third rate facsimilie of what it used to be.
        Wrestling is a dangerous profession, just like fire fighting, or being a cop, jor being a soldier, just like lots of other jobs. A soldier knows what he's getting into when he signs up, as does a cop, as does a fire fighter.
        We don't train soldiers to fight for their country and then keep them in the barracks because fighting a war is dangerous. We don't train police to fight crime and tell them to stay home because chasing criminals could get them hurt. We don't train firefighters to battle raging infernos and forbid them from rushing into a burning building because fire could burn them.
        Why then do we expect differently of wrestlers? They're grown men, responsible for their own lives, choosing to enter a dangerous profession.

        • j8duong


          • Winnipeg

            Maybe u should just watch CZW

  • Kleck

    Let me ask this question to those asking why Punk shouldn’t be stripped. Would you rather Rock vs Cena II? We’ve seen that senario play out. Personally, I don’t care what WWE did in the past that interferes with the RR title match.

    • Darkstalker

      I fear, we will be force-fed Rock/Cena II anyway… Even though I do not want to see it…
      The (lame!) way I see it, Rock goes over Punk at RR, defends at EC and rops the belt to Cena at WM.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    I think it's great somewhere to revive The Nexus somewhere in the middle of The Shield's unstoppable ambush against superstars in the ring and backstage. For example, Ryback got tired of The Shield ambushing him day-in and day-out, made a deal with Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and/or Daniel Bryan for help thus The Nexus returns. Someone agreed with me?

  • PapaBurgundy

    I concur!..

  • mark

    nexus vs the sheild?

  • Maz

    That’s an epic fail – babyface Nexus ‘are you serious bro’ why not get Zack Ryder to be the leader aswell

  • Chris Kandrat

    Punk needs a match where someone does not interfere so he can "prove" hes the best, but I doubt that will happen until there ready to give the title off to someone else.

    • Loren_G

      He's a heel. Heel's cheat. Get over it.

  • PikaPal4ever

    Since they're not using chair shots to the head, maybe they could be more creative by using chair shots to the knees, the legs, the chest and even the neck as long as it's not too hard. This would make it look more real and the neck shots could scare some people into thinking the wrestler was actually hurt.

  • Ken

    In CM Punk’s case, WWE has planned for months to do Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. While not officially announced like Rock’s Wrestlemania bout, it’s a program they’ve had their eyes on for quite some time.

    On a recent edition of NXT, I think it was the Xmas week review show actually, CM Punk had a pre-taped interview segment where he did his 400+ days as champ routine and also mentioned that he was going to beat the Rock at Royal Rumble.
    NXT might not have US clearance but it is an official WWE show so that does count as an official announcement of Punk/Rock at RR. Technically. Nitpickingly.

    • Jon

      Technically that's no different then a champ saying they're going to main event Wrestlemania or say their match will be for the WWE title (cough*Cena/Rock2012*cough) only to have it not come to pass. Of course the character of Punk thinks he's facing the Rock at RR. Technically. ;-p

      • Ken

        Technically WWE Creative told Phil Brooks to do an interview and say that Phil's CM Punk character was facing Dwayne Johnson's the Rock character at the Royal Rumble.

        Saying he's going to win at a PPV is one thing, and that's a generic comment one would expect a character to say.
        Saying he's going to main event a PPV is the same sort of generic comment one would expect a character to say. If a character's not there to main event and be the champ he should go home.
        Saying he's going to defeat a named opponent at a named PPV ceases to be generic. That becomes specific. In this case it was the first official mention of Punk/Rock that the WWE has made, and the way it was worded also implied that we all already knew that he was going to face the Rock.

        Since there's been no official announcement about Rock/Punk on Raw, SD, or ME there's no in-character reason why Punk the character would know he had a match against Rocky at RR.
        Sure, Punk's been poking Dwayne for a while in his promos but the WWE hasn't officially announced anything on Raw/SD, just that little slip on NXT.

        I'm assuming since Rocky's on Raw next week that they'll build the match officially then. Give it a look i you've not seen it. I don't know where you can get it officially but there's plenty of places on the interwebz to get it unofficially, if you know what I mean…

        • Nick B

          Ya punk also said he would be the champ until he beats Bruno sanmartino’s record. That is very specific but it’s just him being cocky. Just like this is him being cocky an saying he can’t be beat by ryback so he will still be champ at RR.

        • steven rush

          Of course punk is going to say that he is going to beat the rock. For a long time wwe have said that The Rock will challenge for the WWE championship, whoever the champ may be. Punk is sure to face him, and if he is fit it will be an awesome match. He is so specific, showing his character to be very confident in himself. Next monday will begin the proper fuedof words and hopefully actions between the two.

  • stoney

    DX was good during 2006, but 2009 they were too corny

  • Maz

    When did they band chair shots to the heads, Cody took a bad chair shot frm Orton about a year ago.

  • Thumpa

    Cody took a timekeepers bell to the back of the head and it looked like a massacre, great to watch but it

    must have hurt!

  • Patrick Peralta

    Richard are you watching the same thing as everyone else? your statement of

    "WWE hasn’t had success in trying to bring back past factions – just take a look at what happened with the new World order and DeGeneration X."

    are you kidding? both got great reactions when brought back especially DX from 2006 untill HBK retired. fans loved them and it was a success.


  • Jimmy

    I hate how when ever a wrestler is a face they can win on their own but once they turn heel, somehow they cant beat anyone without some sort of help. For example; CM Punk (Brad Madoxx, The Sheild), Dolph Ziggler (AJ, Big E), The Big Show (Giant Chair). To be honest, the heels in WWE right now are better athletes and entertainers than the faces in my opinion.

  • Jaryd

    I think a full blast swing to the stomach would look better than a shot to the back of a guy who's bent over. Also, I'm not a physician, but I imagine it would be even safer as it would involve less jarring.