Punk vs. Lesnar & Cena vs. Bryan, Wyatt Family’s First Program, Ultimate Warrior/WWE

Who do you see WWE putting over at SummerSlam - CM Punk or Brock Lesnar?

The most difficult thing about CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam will be who to put over. Neither Punk nor Lesnar need a loss but obviously a loss is inevitable. There's no way to predict an outcome as I can't even make a valid argument myself who goes under. Punk will have more opportunities to be built back up following a loss but it would be his fourth loss in five pay-per-views. While Lesnar has been booked better recently, a loss won't do him any favors in terms of drawability for Wrestlemania XXX.

Is WWE going with Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena at SummerSlam because they are dating Brie and Nikki Bella?

Yes, one of the reasons why WWE is doing Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena at SummerSlam is because they can tie it in with the upcoming "Total Divas" reality show on E. Not only will the new reality series help WWE expand their demographic but it will give them even more network penetration in promoting the pay-per-view. I am very high up on the "Total Divas" reality show and think it's a concept that should benefit the business

What will be The Wyatt Family's first program?

The current plan seems to be programming Kane against The Wyatt Family. Whether or not this means a return of The Undertaker remains to be seen but the fact that Bray Wyatt mentioned Kane again on Raw points to a future program and the "attack" last week was not a one time thing. Expect to see Kane return and "seek vengeance" after being "cost an opportunity" at a WWE title shot.

With Ultimate Warrior striking a deal to appear in WWE 2K14, do you see this is a new way for him to appear on WWE television or be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

The Ultimate Warrior made it clear his deal to be in the game is not with WWE and Vince McMahon but I have to believe the fact he is in the game only increases the chance of him appearing on WWE TV and/or being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Warrior seems to be downplaying his relationship with WWE but I've heard for years he's wanted a way back in.

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  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Haha Richard said penetration…lol

    • Mike Elliott

      Richard likes penetration! 😉

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        I like it to but I wanna be the one giving the penetration, not taking it if you know what I mean.

        • TheBigKing1


          We don’t believe you!

  • Loren Goldstein

    Oh the maturity of commenters.

  • Chris

    Nobody cares about “Totally Diva!” Nobody!!! E! Blows!!!

  • JJ

    Ok wtf wwe…how are you going to have “superman” cena just go through someone like Henry then technically downgrade to someone like DB…I want DB in the title picture, but not with superman there…

    • Robert Olley

      How is it a downgrade? Henry is a powerman bryan is techman 2 completely different characters and inring styles. Plus bryan is by far the most popular in wee atm

    • steve pritchard

      Why not ? Are you not tired of ryback ? Orton made it clear he would make it sneak attack cash in and punk is in a program with lesner and Henry with shield. So who else is there besides rvd that can draw like Bryan ? He’s the biggest thing going right now ! You people need to get over it and enjoy the ride.

      • JJ

        What do you mean by “You people” HUH?! jK..I have no problem with DB in there; as I said, my issue is more that it’s cena with the strap against DB during his push. It’s a “downgrade” because while he was in the MITB match he hasn’t been near the main picture in a while he’s been doing the tags. The DB vs Punk is what needs to be set up so one of them needs to get the strap. Orton i’m guessing won’t cash in any time soon so that’s a non factor. As for who else well that’s very debatable; I have enjoyed the recent dedication of Sheamus, but other then him i’d want DB in it my issue is with Cena with the belt…again. Randy I’m thinking will play head games which will be nice for them, because Randy needs his building back up. I am kind of tired of Ryback yes, but I think he did an ok match with Jericho that would warrant some discussion.

  • AntGilroy

    Richard I am huge punk fan but I say he loses. Lesnar needs the win more. Do you think they would book it where cm punk “doesnt know when to stop attacking lesnar” alla raw when he kept getting back up and they use that at summer slam and just have an all out brawl where lesnar “knocks out” punk cuz he just wouldnt stay down. Something like austin not quiting in the brett hart vs austin match

    • Jeff Ono

      JJ’s point (below) is actually brilliant from a booking standpoint.
      Have Orton come out toward the end of the SS main event for a double-cross. Since Cena
      will likely retain, Orton would ultimately distract Bryan the most,
      causing Bryan to lose. DB doesn’t lose cleanly, which is good. Orton
      starts taking on more heel-like qualities, and a gradual heel turn would
      work better than an abrupt one (because the crowd still loves Orton).
      That’s a better scenario than having DB lose cleanly, only to make him
      snap again as a heel (which seems pointless). Besides, once you become a
      corny face (Cena, Sheamus and now Daniel Bryan), you can’t really turn heel. SummerSlam has become more notorious for controversy, even more than Survivor Series (Bret Hart’s return sort of sealed that old trend).

    • K!NG

      punk looked like a small child next to lesnar no offense to anyone

  • Lindsay

    I wonder if Kane will return as a family member???

    • Tim

      Kane isn’t a follower so I’m saying no

      • Lindsay

        He did follow Paul for years. Don’t forget Bray said that father was a lier, but he would never lie!

        • Tim

          But Paul was he so called father. While bray is a cult like leader. Nonetheless it’s going to be a great story.

  • Robert Olley

    Im wondering if kane might join the wyatt family just with bray wyatt saying follow the buzzards kane on raw

    • Win

      My thoughts exactly. I can even see Kane losing the mask again after joining. What a faction that would be!

      • Mr. A.k.A.

        Kane + Beardedness?

      • Matt

        We spend years wanting the mask back and now you want it off again!?

  • Scott

    Richard’s comments about the Diva reality show seemed so sarcastic…. Sadly, they aren’t.

  • Spawn™

    Punk loses due to interference by Curtis Axle?

  • thepowerserge

    I could care less about the Total Divas show. I just wish The Bella Twins were back in WWE as valets or something they did on their own, rather than because of who they’re dating. For that matter, I really wish they’d get their asses out of the ring and save the slot on the show for an actual match, instead of a bathroom break.

  • John

    Interesting that you say that Ultimate Warrior has wanted a way back in for years considering he has turned down invitations to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame on numerous occasions over the years.

    Warrior doesn’t need WWE.

  • Tim

    The only thing worse than Jerichos w/l records is punks ppv w/l record.

  • craig

    or it could be the fact that Bryan is getting “over like rover”.