Punk vs. Lesnar, Mistake With Ryback, Major WWE TV Contract Up Soon, WWE Title Scenarios

Do you think a SummerSlam match between CM Punk and Brock Lesar could have a twist, such as Curtis Axel joining CM Punk?

First off, I'm very high up on the prospective match of CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. The program is compelling and is interesting on multiple fronts. For one, it helps elevate Curtis Axel without even having him work. Two, it gives Brock Lesnar the opportunity to work with someone where they can also involve Paul Heyman. The biggest problem will be booking the finish. Will there be a twist, as you mentioned, or will there be a clean outcome? If there is a clean outcome, who does the job? A twist would probably be the best way to go but I just don't see Axel aligning with Punk as much as I see Punk coming out solo.

What's up with the booking of Ryback? Is he being punished?

I really believe the booking of Ryback has to do with the lack of long-term planning. WWE knew Ryback wasn't ready to go over for the WWE title [at the end of 2012] yet they put him in pay-per-view main events for it anyways. As a result, they never put him over and just let him flounder in the main event scene for months. After pushing him as a viable WWE title contender, they put him under at Wrestlemania, only to put him back in WWE title picture against John Cena. It's mind-boggling and devoid of an articulate explanation. WWE "reached" for a stopgap maineventer and is paying for it now. I remind everyone that patience is key in this business and WWE would have been better suited to slowly build Ryback.

Are there any other television networks interested in adding pro wrestling? Dixie Carter said at one point if Spike TV didn't work out, she had a plan B. Do you know of any other network interested in picking it up?

One of the trickiest part of this business is gaining television clearance. WWE performs well in the ratings and has a huge fan base, yet when TV deals come up there is always a challenge in getting homes for programming. Remember when SyFy agreed to carry Smackdown but dropped NXT? The problem has to do with the quality of advertisers the networks are able to attract with pro wrestling. They are of lower quality than networks can get for other programming, which is why there is sometimes a sticking point. This is also why Vince McMahon is so determined to launch the WWE Network. Vince knows if Raw or Smackdown would lose their TV clearance it would be disastrous. The company has done a good job at securing clearances but the WWE Network would guarantee a permanent home and "plan B" if something should happen. As for TNA, Spike TV is the perfect partner for them. I am very high up on the relationship with Bellator and the ability to attract athletes such as Rampage Jackson. I don't know what Dixie Carter's "plan B" was but they are best suited to remain with Spike TV. The first television deal coming up in the United States is the contract of WWE Smackdown. As I reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com in January, Smackdown's deal with SyFy is believed to be up at the end of September 2013. I would imagine WWE is already talking about a renewal as they want to keep their current deals in place, even with the "imminent" launch of the WWE Network.

Do you see the winner of the WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match "cashing in" later in the night on Mark Henry and winning the title?

Anything is possible, but this wouldn't be an outcome I would expect. Many are expecting John Cena to beat Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan to go over and become the number one contender. This would then setup a SummerSlam match for the WWE title. I heard a couple weeks ago WWE was considering Cena vs. Henry vs. Ryback at SummerSlam so there are two very different directions possible. We'll take a wait and see approach but I haven't heard anything concrete in terms of Money in the Bank pay-per-view outcomes.

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  • Evon Reese

    Well seeing how everyone on this page felt that it was Triple H’s duty to put Lesnar over to keep Lesnar looking dominate headed forward then I think it’s only right that Punk do the job for Lesnar as well because if Lesnar lost he’d be 2-3 since he returned. No sense in having Lesnar beat Triple H only to comeback and get buried by Punk.

    • Chris

      I say, if they don’t have a stipulation, the match end in a double countout/DQ or something along those lines. If you put either over clean you wind up hurting the other. If Punk doesn’t put over Lesnar then it weakens Lesnar’s push, if Punk does a clean job it further devalues his championship run. This could be used going forward to get a WrestleMania matchup between Lesnar and Punk, especially if Sting actually does sign up with WWE once his deal is done to work Taker at WrestleMania. I would consider letting Punk take the case in MitB. Punk cashes in sometime around December or January, carrying the belt until WrestleMania with Lesnar winning the Rumble to take him on in New Orleans. Then again, I’m no booking agent, so what do I know?

      • sir-rusty82

        But then youd have half the IWC crying about another rematch for wrestle mania like they did with HHH/Lesnar, good idea though

        • Xavier

          Not really, you have to keep in mind that Punk is the messiah and Triple H is Satan to most of the people on this page so I’m sure the most people on this page would give a Punk/Lesnar rematch at Mania a pass.

          • sir-rusty82

            That’s why I said half the IWC people but like I said def a good idea id look forward to a summerslam & a rematch at WM match between punk/lesnar

      • Xavier

        No to Taker/Sting please. Sting’s time has come & gone, what sense would it make to bring in Sting for one match just to lose?. Taker/Cena is the ideal match up for WM30.

        • Chris

          While Undertaker and Cena would be good (I’ve been a proponent of that for some time), I have a feeling that a match with Undertaker at WrestleMania will be a big portion of what it takes to get Sting into WWE. I suggested before that Sting have a short run leading up to WrestleMania, instead of just a one off match with Undertaker.

          • Xavier

            That would make a lot sense. I’ve always felt that WWE/Sting missed the boat on a possible Sting run in the company, not sure if Vince or Sting himself is to blame for that. But I wouldn’t mind Sting getting a run with the company. But I wouldn’t be a fan of Taker/Sting match up at Mania, especially when you have the chance to put your #1 guy in the company up against Taker (which is long overdue) Sting making a surprise appearance at the Rumble would make for a very memorable moment

          • Chris

            I would love to see Sting in the Rumble, I’d even go so far as to give him one last short run with WHC, just for that iconic appearance we haven’t seen in so long. This could possibly give a little more prestige to the WHC as well, maybe he comes along in the WWE (depending on his contract ending) let him take the title going into the Rumble, only to have him drop the belt at The Rumble to an up and coming worker due to Undertaker using the lights out deal. It could make people think back to The Shield (maybe even let Ambrose get the rub) while Undertaker is actually doing it to set up the feud for a couple months leading to WrestleMania.

        • steve pritchard

          I agree with you with cena /taker that will draw huge. What I think happens is punk looses at summers lam to leaner and this drags to mania for a triple threat match with cena punk and lesnar . That woul be a good way to keep cena in the main event at wrestle mania and give punk his wrest lens is moment that he’s been crying about and not make anyone look weak, but I know I’m prob out of my mind but it was just a thought

  • sir-rusty82

    Am I the only 1 who would rather see Cena/Henry/Ryback at Summerslam instead of Cena/Bryan. Don’t get me wrong Daniel Bryan is my favourite out of all of the above but I just don’t see them rushing a fued between Cena /Bryan for Summerslam would be good. Id rather see them in a long storyline with eachother and I also cant see a MITB match ending the storyline between Bryan/Kane/Orton or Cena/Henry

    • sir-rusty82

      Oh and Im going for Punk to win the MITB briefcase unless Lesnar has something to say about it

  • James

    Cena/Ryback/Henry =Boring, I would rather see Cena/Orton/Bryan

  • James

    Push Dean Ambrose to the moon and have him face Undertaker at Mania

  • jdl

    I wouldn’t call Spike the perfect partner for TNA, I wouldn’t call it the perfect partner for anything. It’s a network with a dwindling audience, poor marketing and it is slowly disappearing from basic cable packages. Its best ratings would get all of its shows canceled on just about any other network.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      And sadly, Impact is Spike’s highest rated show most weeks. It is the only show that scores a 1.0 on a semi-regular basis.

  • BigD

    I propose a trade Ryback for Somoa Joe or Bobby Rude

    • outkazt09

      Got my vote. Preferably Roode.

  • Craig

    Richard what are your thoughts on punk winning mitb cashin in on Cena or Henry to set up a title match with Brock being WNW did reveal in brocks new contract is a title reign??

  • Dave Barton

    I really don’t have interest in Punk vs Lesnar. I just have a hard time suspending disbelief on this one…Brock should destroy Punk, just like he should’ve destroyed Cena & HHH. I mean, its a logical story progression for Lesnar to go after Punk for rebuking Heyman, but the match itself just doesn’t feel right to me.

  • Mohan Ramnath

    i’d want lesnar win, punk had a year or winnin , and cheating when he had to so brock we dont see much. but i hope for a great wrestlin match btw them. i hope