Punk/Heyman Spot, MITB Thoughts, Where’s Lesnar?, Rhodes After PPV

Do you have any information on the ladder spot between CM Punk and Paul Heyman?

As I talked about in Richard Reacts to WWE Money in the Bank, I’m sure CM Punk and Paul Heyman had time to talk about what they wanted to do [at Money in the Bank] before they did it. Whether or not they wanted the spot to come off as violent as it did is anyone’s guess. There were several “finable spots” on the pay-per-view and I simply can’t say who WWE will fine, if they fine anyone at all. Punk was busted open badly by the ladder spot, rolling out of the ring and receiving medical treatment as blood gushed down the side of his head. He required 13 staples in his head to close the wound.

What were your thoughts on the WWE Money in the Bank All-Stars Match? I thought it was great and featured tremendous work.

I agree, the WWE Money in the Bank All-Stars Match was entertaining from top to bottom and featured a surprise finish with Randy Orton going over. The overwhelming assumption was Daniel Bryan was going over, so I don’t think many had Orton winning the briefcase. There were a lot great spots but it didn’t come without a cost. The match was very physical and featured several spots that could have seriously injured the participants. So far I can confirm injuries to CM Punk (cut), Rob Van Dam (cut) and Christian (chipped teeth). Sheamus took some of the most gruesome bumps of the bout but Tweeted, “The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. #MitB”

Why wasn’t Brock Lesnar utilized at WWE Money in the Bank?

There were never plans to utilize Brock Lesnar at WWE Money in the Bank. WWE wanted to progress the upcoming program with CM Punk [for SummerSlam] at the pay-per-view and did so with Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. While Lesnar is under WWE contract, the company is hesitant to burn through his appearances unadvertised on pay-per-view. Lesnar is advertised for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw and I expect a follow-up to officially kickoff the build to SummerSlam.

Do you feel Cody Rhodes emerged as a future main eventer after WWE Money in the Bank?

Cody Rhodes has been held in high regards by many for years and his work at WWE Money in the Bank was very good, however, if there is one worker that walked away from that match as a “future main eventer,” it was Damien Sandow. Vince McMahon has wanted to push Sandow in singles for months, which is why they tried to break up The Rhodes Scholars in the first place. When WWE decided to pull back, they put the tag team back together. Now with Sandow “costing Cody the win,” it appears Sandow will be pushed as a viable challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship.

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  • Jeremy

    Hey Richard does every #AskWNW question on twitter get answered? I sent you a question, and I was following you, but I never got a response. Just wondering.

  • illdecide

    Orton getting the case seems like a complete waste. Why not give someone else a shot, Orton is pissy to hostile fans, has 2 strikes, and really hasn’t had any character development since Evolution

    • Jimmy


  • Chris corkhill

    Orton has had no character development since evolution is the worst comment I have ever come across. So when his dad came back into it wasn’t development during his battles with the undertaker, his numerous face and heel turns his numerous titles his numerous fueds, leader of llegacy anything else I need to point out

    • JJ

      face and heel turns don’t mean development it’s the easy way out of not doing anything with the character of more substance.

  • Mr. Breezy

    I think all the workers involved in the WWE title mitb match did a piss poor job of protecting themselves and the others in this match, way to many injuries. that’s un-excusable considering all the veterans involved.

    whc mitb > wwe title mitb

    • Mike Elliott

      But by doing a piss poor job of protecting each other, and saying screw it and putting their bodies on the line, they made it a way better match than the WHC MitB!

      • Mr. Breezy

        Not even close. The whc mitb match had way better spots and they were much safer. The all stars mitb match failed to leave up to the hype. It was barely better then the ryback vs jericho match

        • Mike Elliott

          Hahahaha. Now that’s just plain stupid!

  • Nick insalaco

    I know richard isnt a fan of over doing gimmick matches at ppvs but i think doing a secondary title mitb match would create some interest for the titles. It would add interest to the titles and create some kick that neither of the titles have anymore. I would still be in favor of unifying the whc and wwe championship to add prestige back to the secondary titles. All it would do is put the secondary titles in the position te whc is in now anyway

    • John

      I don’t mind the World Heavyweight Championship simply because it gives guys like Dolph Ziggler a chance to shine at the top of the card. If the belts were unified then the chances of Ziggler being giving an opportunity would be rather slim.

      • JJ

        Back to proper ladder of wrestling…we don’t need all these ppl who have no reason to be in the title picture. Ziggler is a great lifetime uppermid card worker.

        • Jimmy

          Thats like comparing Ziggler to Kofi.

          • JJ

            Well lets be decisive then…Ziggler upper mid card who can every once ina while be in the picture but shouldn’t win. Kofi midcarder who should be competing for tag and some individual gold

    • JJ

      Wrestling has always been best when there was 1 true top champion and a bunch of secondary champions. The tag title, Intercontinental, and US have so little of value it seems.

      • Nick insalaco

        This is my point. The problem is not that there are too many main eventers but that the main eventers either feud for the wwe championship or just trade feuds and then intercontinental title gets a 5 minute crap match. Some of the top mames could go for the secondary titles to bring them prestige back. But does anyone think a mitb match for a secondary title is a bad idea??

    • Jimmy

      I think theres too many top stars right now to only have one major title. You can’t really have Cena, Sheamus, Orton, Punk, Bryan, DelRio, Ziggler, Christian, Y2J, Henry, Big Show, Ryback & RVD all going for the same title.

  • John

    Why were you surprised that Orton won? Everyone i spoke to was picking him to win so i wasn’t shocked at all that he did.

    The WWE MITB ladder match wasn’t all that great in my opinion.. The first ladder match was way better!

    • JJ

      First MITB, while finish wasn’t as predictable, what was going to happen and the layout of the performance was…too staged imo.

    • Smart Mark

      I agree, just goes to show that the young guns are taking over and they’re ring work at MITB as apposed to the all stars bout proved it. But great to see RVD back and happy that Orton won.

  • JJ

    Orton winning wasn’t at all surprising…everyone knew he’d get his monster push after a small, and it definitely was small, hiatus from the title. DB or CM Punk should have won it, makes for better television, but of course WWE would put it on their other superman..I didn’t at all enjoy Sandow robbing Cody, but it was also extremely predictable. One of the MITB winners will be the next one not to win a title after cashing in book it! Zig vs Del Rio I thought was pretty boring as well as the women’s match.