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Given the fact CM Punk didn't appear on this week's Monday Night Raw is there a chance he might not show up at WWE Payback on Sunday?

I do not see how WWE can advertise CM Punk for WWE Payback and not deliver. If you read our Backstage News update from Monday than you weren't surprised he didn't return on Raw as some were speculating. Obviously in this business anything is possible and Punk won't be able to return in Chicago as a heel. The fact this program with Chris Jericho has been built without Punk appearing has created doubt that has resulted in intrigue.

Do you see a program between The Wyatt Family and The Shield?

A lot of people have asked this one and I actually wouldn't be in favor of it. Programming the two new factions would mean one would come out a "loser" and both need to be booked with confidence as newer workers. It would also require one to work as a babyface and that's not a good idea either. Furthermore, The Wyatt Family and The Shield are similar in that there are three members each but they are comprised differently. While The Shield is being booked as a "dominant trio" where "all parts are equal," the Wyatt family is built on Bray Wyatt and "his followers."

Will the WWE Network be available in the United Kingdom?

WWE has plans to launch the WWE Network internationally as well as domestically. There was even talk it could be easier to get carriage agreements overseas before they get them in the United States.

What are your thoughts on the rumored in-ring return of Hulk Hogan?

Hulk Hogan has flirted with the possibility of returning to the ring since late last year. His most recent tease really got people talking when he Tweeted he was training for the "last time around the block." Bully Ray, while obviously working, teased the possibility of a match with Hogan while doing media for Slammiversary. While I have serious questions about Hogan's ability to perform at a level desirable given his age and health, I would prefer to see him be able to follow-up on all of his mic work. Hogan still gets a good bit of air time yet he doesn't work. Being able to get back in the ring would at least offer some type of payoff.

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  • Andrew Ace

    Are there plans for cesaro and colter to work together? It be great for both of them but it wouldnt make sense to zebs character since he hates immigrants

    • Justin Lal

      Yes, there are most likely. I mentioned this a while ago that it would be a good idea to have Zeb pair with Cesaro with the angle being that Cesaro came into this country the right way. It looks like WWE is heading that direction with Zeb’s comments last night on commentary. Cesaro is the best wrestler in the WWE and having him paired with Zeb should be enough to take him to the top.

      • Carlos is a dumbass

        Still doesn’t make sense. Because Zeb hated Del Rio and he came into the country the right way.

        • Loren Goldstein

          Del Rio is a Mexican. That’s why Zeb was down on him 🙂

          • Carlos is a dumbass

            So Zeb only hates Mexicans but not other minorities? Still a stupid concept. It would make more sense for Zeb to just hate anyone that’s not white

          • Loren Goldstein

            I’ve noticed that most people that I’ve ran into that don’t like foreigners really just don’t like non-caucasian foreigners.

          • TheBigKing1

            Did you not pay attention last night??? He explained it already. He doesn’t like foreigners that sneak into this country illegally…not all foreigners. Cesaro came here legally, Sin Cara ADR didn’t…according to him. Get it now?

  • Evon Reese

    I for one think RAW has been better w/o CM Punk taking up airtime with his long drawn out promos where he just rambles. It takes away too much time from younger talent. Since Punk has left it’s made room for guys like Axel, The Usos, Fandango and other new talent that other wise would not have been given time because of Punk taking up 3 segments on RAW. Punk/Jericho doesn’t interest me in the least and I doubt anyone outside of Punk’s virgin followers give a rat’s ass about this match either. Didn’t Punk already bury Jericho last year? So why do we have too sit thru that shit fest again? Punk coming back = The same old predictable RAW that we had been getting for the past year & a half. He’ll come back and bury everyone. Punk should be used to put guys over like Bryan & Cesaro and return the favor seeing ho so many guys put Punk over during his title reign.

    • Scottyo614

      Punk didn’t bury Jericho? What?

      • Evon Reese

        He made him look bad in all their matches and tried too bury him on the mic just like he does everyone else

        • BuryMe

          Bro it’s called Pro Wrestling. Why wouldn’t Punk say he’s better than someone else? Dolph Ziggler says he’s better than everyone else all the time. Is he burying everyone too?

  • chris

    Payoff, Richard? Hogan can’t work anymore and you know it. Do you also think Hogan would want his career to end with a mere loss to Bully Ray? You should know him better than that by now, he wants one last titlerun. And i don’t see any payoff in that at all.

    • Paul

      Yeah what will happen is Hogan will beat Bully Ray for the belt and then immediately vacate it so he’s an undefeated champion. If this happens I will never watch TNA again

      • Razmos

        Would you like a tissue for your tears? Shall i wash your dummy that you have just spat out?

        • Paul

          Hogan is that you???

      • TheBigKing1

        Well he’s going to beat him…but he’s not going to vacate it…somebody else(I know who) will beat him right after that.

      • Coodakarri

        How would this affect chris sabin or the bfg series winner.

        • Paul

          Don’t know. But I bet a million that Hogan would sooner see himself as champion than Chris Sabin.

      • I imagine Sabin would have his shot against Bully Ray before Hogan and he’s definitely not winning that one.

        Apologies this was suppose to be a reply to Coodakarri

        • Coodakarri

          What about the bfg series winner, hogan is not in the tournament.

          • Yeah they still get their shot at Bound for Glory. Before BFG Hogan’s match will be a TV match I imagine in hopes of pulling a big rating. TNA surely realise by now no one buys their PPV.

          • Coodakarri

            Yea but lately their ppv is getting better than their impact shows.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Honestly, the last thing HH needs is another wrestling match. He will be lucky if he would be able to walk out of it. I know after 7 back surgeries and having an electrical pain regulator placed on his spine that he would be risking permanent paralysis if he did lace up the boots again. Dixie needs to do him and all of the fans a favor and tell HH emphatically NO!

  • Matt

    Hogan never “worked” in his career. He may be the biggest name of all time in the business, but you never heard anyone say they wanted a program with him cause of his ability in the ring.

    • Razmos

      No they wanted a program with him because he was “the guy” the money maker, the big draw, ring ability dosent matter to much in a SCRIPTED sport, the spots are rehearsed, get a grip man and stop hating on Hogan like a little tweener.

    • No but a lot have said they wanted to work with him because of the money they’d make working the biggest the name in the industry.

  • TheBigKing1

    Richard, I agree with everything you said about the Wyatt family and Hogan

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I said it last week, this match between Punk and Jericho makes no sense. It’s like Jericho was heavily involved in a feud against FAAAAANNNNDAAAANNNNGOOOO, and then outta the blue he was Punk just like that? He’s had some exchange with Heyman but I dunno, since we haven’t heard a peep outta Punk, not even on Twitter about this match, something’s gotto give! We could either witness a no show from Punk which could happen or we could see a face turn and I’m leaning towards a face turn where Punk argues with Heyman about not giving him permission to accept the match on his behalf against Jericho.

    • Gary Robert

      Thats what I was thinking, also. They can’t do a no-show b/c people buy PPVs under the assumption they will see advertised people and they could cause a lot of negative backlash by no-showing an advertised main guy.

      • Gary Robert

        The question I have is who goes over in this match. It makes sense to have Jericho win b/.c he went under twice last year but do they really put Punk under AGAIN? I don’t see a viable outcome in this other than what was mentioned with Punk arguing with Heyman and then a run in from either Axel or Lesnar to create a new feud of some sort.