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Do you see a push for 3MB in the near future?

I think what we currently see with 3MB is exactly what the group is intended to be. They're comedy and glorified enhancement guys, used to get other people over. Not every team or faction is created to "climb the ladder" like The Shield and there are some guys that are used to make other guys look good. This doesn't mean the trio is doomed. Dolph Ziggler was booked as a glorified enhancement talent with a male cheerleader gimmick (The Spirit Squad) and recovered to become World Heavyweight Champion. Ryback was basically an "extra" in The Nexus and is now a main eventer.

What is your opinion on WWE stock, is it a buy or a bust? Also if TNA was a publicly traded company whats your opinion on the same question: a buy or a bust for long-term growth.

I'm not a stock analyst and it would be irresponsible of me to provide my readers that trust me with stock advice. I will caution there is a lot of uncertainly surrounding the future of WWE Studios and the forthcoming WWE Network although the company has a lot of cash and no long-term debt. WWE pays a dividend so you'll make money just for holding the stock. I can't say either way but never invest more than you can afford to lose. As for TNA, I have no idea of their financials. While Jeff Jarrett told me two years ago they were turning a profit, I have a hard time believing that. There's a lot of expense in regards to talent and now with TV going on the road, I just don't see how they come out ahead. TNA is poised for growth with a talented roster, national TV deal and a committed financial backer, however, these aspects have been in place for several years now. However, as we saw with WCW, once things catch fire they can turnaround quickly.

Is JBL now a permanent fixture on the Raw commentary team? I believe it's a great addition.

Yes, as we noted here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, John Layfield is now a fixture on the Raw announce team. Someone accused me of showing a bias towards JBL but I'm telling you the truth when I say he's a valuable addition to commentary. He's just one of those guys that "gets it" and makes Michael and Jerry better. It would also be remiss of me to not mention the improvement of Michael Cole. Cole stepped into impossible shoes to fill. He was expected to go out and replace the best play-by-play man this business has ever seen in Jim Ross. He stayed the course, even when it wasn't easy, and I feel has shown tremendous improvement. I am very high up on announce at the moment and we've listed the teams for all WWE programming at this link.

Who are the most underrated superstars in WWE and who do you see as the next breakout star?

Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro are by far the two most underrated workers in WWE. Either one could single-handedly carry WWE as "the guy." They can work, they can talk and they have looks that make people notice them. Not only that but both are diverse enough to work in any role asked and actually make it believable. No one knows for sure why Cesaro is being buried but I'm hoping he recovers because he's a future star in this business. Bryan finally got a World Heavyweight Championship reign but ended up back in the mid-card. He could have easily gotten down and "mailed it in," but he embraced his new role and got a mid-card comedy gimmick over like rover. Guys like Bryan and Cesaro are extremely rare. They are real talent and WWE would be blowing an extraordinary opportunity if they don't use them to their full advantage.

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  • I totally agree with your comments on Cesaro and Bryan Richard. I personally would love to see them feud in 2013 and earn the trust and respect of those that don’t believe in them.

  • Elliott

    I might be wrong but I liked Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse the Body, and Bobby the brain better than Jim ross , ross is too southern for me .

  • Gilbert

    What about Tyson Kidd or Kofi Kingston?

    • dfcsdc

      Kidd is out with an injury and kofi is holding a title/ prop.

  • Monsoon > Ross

  • Xavier

    How are Bryan & Cesaro underrated? Who’s underrating them exactly. Everybody has acknowledged that those two are good workers so how can they be underrated.

    • tomcatjerrymouse

      Well Daniel Bryan went from being one of the hottest commodities to being a huge joke in one of the lamest angles ever and carrying a prop around his waist. And Antonio Cesaro, well just watching what they’ve done with him in the past couple of months is self explanatory.

      • Xavier

        I couldn’t disagre more, Daniel Bryan is as OVER as he has ever been in his career. And just because Cesaro isn’t being pushed at the moment doesn’t make him underrated. Both are regarded as two of the best workers in the business by their peers & the fans regardless of where they are on the card. So again I ask, so how can they be underrated when everyone always marvel how good they are?

      • TheBigKing1

        Its Bryan’s look that made him into a joke. As soon as he get that haircut and look like how he looked before when he was a world champion, then that’s when he wont be looked at as a joke and still do comedy angles and all.

        He’s too short to be rocking that fro and beard like that. I can never take him seriously like that…and i know I’m not the only one.

      • -|AZ|-

        You’re calling a guy who is teamed up with one of WWE’s most dependable veterans a “huge joke”!!! Don’t forget that Team Hell No have brought back some lost prestige in the tag team division…


    • Kris Mystery

      I agree. Apparently some people don’t know the definition of underrated nor do they no the difference between underrated and used badly. Everyone knows of the talent level of both of these men so definitely not underrated.

  • Xavier

    And Jim Ross isn’t the best play by play guy in the history of wrestling. You must not know who Lance Russell is. He’s head & shoulders above anyone that’s ever sat behind the announce table.

    • Xavier, we may have not agreed on much over the years, but having grown up watching USWA on WMC-TV5 here in my podunk town of Paragould Arkansas, I couldn’t agree more. While I respect everything that Good Ol’ JR has done over the last 30 years in the industry, Lance Russell was the only commentator that I know who could sell the worst and most unbelievable gimmicks and storylines, even though Memphis had very few of them, and make you think they were pure gold. He also was probably the single greatest play-by-play man to ever be in the business. It’s too bad old Bignose never had a chance to be on one of the major promotions, as he would have been revered at the same level as JR, if not higher.

      • George Waldman

        Jesse, where would you rank Gordon Solie on your all-time list of announcers and how would you rank the all-time top 10?

        • Gordon Solie is my #2, followed by JR, Gorilla Monsoon, Joey Styles, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schavonie (People may hate his Mick Foley quip but he was a great play-by-play man), Jesse Ventura, Dutch Mantell (watch his WCW and SMW stuff from 90-94 and you’ll know why) and finally, even though I’ll catch some crap from it, Michael Cole.

      • Xavier

        Well said

    • -|AZ|-

      You sir, have hit the bull’s eye with that one!

      I mean I take nothing away from JR, but Russell is the ideal and THE BEST commentator the wrestling industry has ever seen. He used to bring life into every gimmick/character and his play-by-play work was nearly flawless.


    • Nostaljack

      Russell was good – no question. However, I agree with JR in that Solie is the best to ever do it.

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    JBL is a breath of fresh air on commentary. Jerry Lawler is torture to listen.

    • -|AZ|-

      Agreed with the first part.

      I remember this past week on RAW, when Ryback was “leaving” the arena, Cole and King were continously saying “What does this mean?”, “Is he like leaving?” just when JBL came up with “You guys are geniuses. Of course he is leaving!!!” lol


  • tomcatjerrymouse

    I think there’s a difference between starting your WWE career as a joke like Dolph Ziggler did and working your way up the ladder than coming in with with a lot of promise like Drew McIntyre (The Chosen One) and Heath Slater (member of Nexus) and then end up being relegated to a joke.

  • Smart Mark

    Justin Gabriel is underrated IMO

    • Absolutely Justin has been getting way more tv time. On the big shows hopefully its a good sign. Not that it’s just luck they pick him.

  • The Breaker

    Bryan and Cesaro are absolutely underrated by TPTB. It just goes to show that in the WWE, overall skill as a wrestler (in-ring, mic skills, and charisma) is not proportionate to the push received. I understand that there isn’t a spot for everyone in the main event, but the way WWE has managed their roster in a booking sense leaves much to be desired. You can still keep guys relevant without pushing them to the moon. This is something I feel they’ve really lost sight of. Let’s just hope that hardworking guys like Cesaro, Bryan, and Rhodes continue to excel at what they’re given, and that TPTB finally get their heads out of their asses and allow them to shine at their fullest potential.

    • GODSENT68

      What is TPTB???

      • AK-1138

        I’m guessing it’s either The Powers That Be… or Taco Party Turn Bucklers, an infamous tag team of the ’70s midwest territories.

      • Wrestler

        I always thought it was “The people of the Board”

    • Take alboringo and swagger out and insert. Cesaro and Bryan.

  • cobra

    I agree with you on JBL, I’ve always thought that JBL made Michael Cole better. Even back when they were the announce team on Smackdown.

    • JBL will berate him for saying something stupid that don’t make sense, plus JBL is not afraid to talk about a superstars past in Wrestling, like Tensai, he will build the fact he was huge in Japan before returning to WWE

  • I could careless about slater or mahal. But drew McIntyre needs to be taken seriously and pushed

    • Matt

      McIntyre has to earn it. He was stupidly lazy as IC champ and then he suffered major set backs. He just needs to actually work and he might get somewhere.

    • Nostaljack

      He already was…and he blew it. Slater has been nothing less than a total trooper – doing everything asked of him. Mahal is total vanilla who didn’t get over when given the opportunity.

  • One thing I am sick of Michael Cole is. “I Talked to him/her backstage” While I get he is trying to get the story across, that line I feel always kills the match being shown & the Superstars build

  • Antonio Cesaro is a rare talent. Daniel Bryan is not a rare talent. There are three guys in TNA that are of similar size who are just as good as him in the ring (and maybe better): Austin Aries (clearly better), Christopher Daniels (very underrated) and Chris Sabin. As far as people noticing Daniel Bryan keep this in mind: traditional fans react to Daniel Bryan because of his outrageous character, not so much for his in ring talent. I personally think Bryan is overrated. Comparing him to Cesaro I believe Cesaro is a better in ring performer. His size, power, athleticism and moveset are unmatched. As far as underrated guys in the WWE goes I would say its Cesaro, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel, and Cody Rhodes.

    • Matt

      You say “clearly better” like your word is gospel. You ever noticed the likes and dislikes in all your posts. People disagree with you. Except that one like vote you add yourself. You have no respect for anyone else’s opinions. “Traditional”, fans as you call them, appear to change description all the time. You said traditional fans love Randy Orton, which they don’t. Now they live Daniel Bryan who’s never worked a bad match, has that TRADITIONAL mat based ability and is more over than most guys in the company

      • There are two groups of fans: traditional and hardcore. The fans that chant “YES” to Daniel Bryan are traditional fans because they see him as a character they can interact with. The fans from RAW that started a 3 second “Daniel Bryan” chant that died off are hardcore fans — they see Daniel Bryan differently. You ever hear those “Cody’s Mustache” chants? Yeah, those are coming from hardcore fans. I’m not saying my word is gospel. I’m just giving you the reality of the situation. Do you think I honestly believe I will get more likes than dislikes with my posts here? Of course not. I’m posting where the people here have a hardcore fan perspective. I’m trying to educate people here, but I realize it comes off as antagonizing at times. I’m not the typical poster that will drool over Daniel Bryan, praise CM Punk, and anticipate the return of Tyson Kidd. I realize that WWE has to cater to two different audiences, yet they can do it on the same show. The problem with hardcore fans is that they feel they are more of a fan than traditional fans. They don’t see the value of WWE catering a part of their show to the younger demographic. In a world where hardcore fans ran WWE we would see a program similar to the old ECW — one direction, one demographic, one predictable outcome: bankruptcy.

  • Smart Mark

    Richard, i used to also think that Antonio Cesaro is underrated, untill i heard the quote “there’s a difference between underrated, and hasn’t made it yet” and that changed my whole perspective on Cesaro.

  • TheBigKing1

    I disagree with Bryan having the look of a world champion. How he looks now is how he’s played…a mid carder comedy gimmick. He will never be a world heavyweight champion again until he fixes himself up and cut off that hair. He’s too short to rock that hairstyle and look good with it. I wouldn’t take him seriously as a world champion looking like that…just a funny guy.

    • He needs to be written off TV so he can hit the gym, and come back with a new look.

  • jdl

    That’s what I love about Daniel Bryan. You give him any kind of ball and he will run as fast and as hard as he can with it. Team Hell No could drop the titles and break up tomorrow, and they could plug him right back into the title feud, same with Kane. Their time together has elevated both performers, and that’s a rare thing with tag team these days.

  • isaac

    Richard you still didnt answer the question who do you think is the next break out star?

  • Mr.V

    I like 3MB I totally “get” what they are. Love seeing them on the show, miss them when they are gone. Great push I hope they get destroyed by Lesnar again tonight. Hell, I hope they feud with Lesnar! That’d be awesome three smaller guys vs. one big guy makes for great media!!