Questionable Creative Calls At WWE Raw Live Event; Big Show Returns As A Babyface

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Wrestling News World reader Tim attended Friday's WWE Raw live event in State College, PA and sent in the following notes:

  • In questionable creative calls, Dean Ambrose went under to Michael McGillicutty and Justin Gabriel pinned Damien Sandow.
  • Big Show returned against WWE Champion CM Punk in the main event as a babyface. He got a lot of love from the crowd as they seemingly forget he was a heel. Show won the match via disqualification after Punk hit him with the belt thus Punk retained.  Paul Heyman was not with Punk.

We'll have quick results for the entire show online shortly.

  • The Dude

    How can there be questionable creative calls? It’s a house show for christ’s sake.

    • Richard Gray

      Well we can look at it two ways. Either WWE is losing interest in Sandow and aren't as "bullish" on Ambrose as most of us are. OR they are looking at bringing back The Nexus given the crowd support on Raw. Either, it's worth noting.

      • Eloy Tijerina

        It’s a creative way for WWE to make people think Big Show is face again. He will join Punk and Heyman by HIAC or right before Survivor Series!

        • John

          Agree ! There's no way that CM Punk goes over Cena clean at HIAC.. So either he drops the belt to Cena or we see Big Show return to help Punk.

    • Ricky

      I agree. When we see Sandow job to Gabriel on live TV then we can worry. As for another Nexus, I'm against it. The Nexus ran it's course and died out. To bring it back again would be what WCW did many times with the NWO.

      • outkazt09

        Nexus 2000phone FTW! !!!

  • David F

    I didn't even notice that Big Show was not on RAW for the last month

    • Jamie

      I noticed he was there, but not fussed about it

  • KVB

    Hey Ruchard, any word on Wrestle Mania 30 coming back to Toronto?

    • outkazt09

      its gonna be at Madison square garden.

    • Its gonna be at the Impact Zone in Orlando.

  • _JIM_

    I hope Show’s return as a babyface was just for this house show. He is so much better as the mean, nasty, unstoppable giant. Its way more realistic than a guy that size who does nothing but smile for the crowd and lose match after match on the middle of the card. He still wasn’t winning big matches as the heel he has been playing, but he was on one heck of a knock out streak. He was mowing down anybody at the top of the roster with a lot of cheap shots. All the while he was having some pretty good angles with the top guys. Call me crazy but I think that’s a much more valuable way to use a guy like Show. Instead of that same old happy go lucky giant bit they’ve made him play year after year.

  • No Dallas Tx

  • Kevin

    You know, Big Show is getting up there in years. Perhaps he and Taker should have one more feud, running until WM 30, then have a final match for both of them. Of course, Taker would have to win; it's WrestleMania, after all.

    • Dark

      Who would wanna watch a slow match like that?!

      • Mark

        People watched hhh/taker the last two years…

  • BigMike

    that idiot Sandow does not impress me for some reason not just because of the tired similarity to leaping lanny Poffo AKA the Genius but i just do not like the guy Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose I hope WWE does not ruin him like they have so many others