R-Truth Discusses Background In Dance, Wrestling & Making Music

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SoulTrain.com has a Q&A online with R-Truth. Below is an excerpt:

Background in dance:

My background in dance pretty much sets the pace for me, and I don’t have to explain what it is because it’s real. You can’t make that up. You can try to create it through character, but that’s not the realest thing. It’s just in me. My dance background helped me tremendously. Dancing is like second nature to me.

Making music:

I’ve been wrestling and making music for a long time. I’ve been around the right people in the entertainment business who know what it takes in several different areas to make things happen. I’m passionate about both of them, so I try to be an artist when I’m doing both. In many ways professional wrestling is a dance. I guess it depends on how you look at it. When I’m in the ring I’ve got a million people watching me weekly, looking for me to present something memorable to them. I try to do that in the studio as well.

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  • mjledesma

    That pic cracks me up

    • Looks like Vince just let one rip.

      • Lacey McIlysh

        You know, it's NOT above the laws of possibility that TRUTH could have "let one rip" too. It isn't JUST old folks who fart you know.

        • As someone who has "let one rip" on many occasions, I can tell simply by their facial expressions who is guilty. Truth is laughing hysterically, while McMahon is giggling with a scrunched up look on his face, probably from the foul smell and the power it took to squeeze the vapor out from his cheeks.