R-Truth Injury Update

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During the main event of this week's Raw Supershow, R-Truth attempted an over-the-top-rope somersault plancha onto The Miz, but Miz failed to break his fall. This caused R-Truth to land hard on his back, making his head whip back onto the floor. This effectively removed him from the match and required officials to help him to the back. However, the following update has been confirmed by the official WWE Twitter account:

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  • H.M.

    Good to hear really. It'd suck see him out of action especially considering how entertaining he's been lately.

  • hurrigame

    Wonder how this will affect Miz.

    • BigMike

      the only thing I like about Miz is his mic work I have never liked him in the ring and I admit he was worked hard to get where he is but i never liked the horse faced moron(( as Bret called him)) if he was found to even be slightly at fault he will be jobbing for the rest of the year

      • craig

        Sounds like it is two fold according to Lance Storm and Shane Helms on talking on twitter last night. Miz did a shitty job and according to Helms bailed on the catch and Storm said Truth over rotated too much which caused the whiplash effect after landing right on his ass

    • Gesusoliver

      I am a pretty big miz fan. That is the first thing I thought of. Now I never really saw miz main event caliber yet, he is a force to be reckoned with. It certainly looked to be an honest mistake. I just hope R-truth as much as I dont like the guy a speedy recovery. No one should get injured this way no matter how much they are liked or disliked.

  • George

    If I was Truth, I would be mightily pissed at Mizanin for moving away like that.

  • Richie

    It was a terrible bump. As much as I like Miz, he was at fault. It was an obvious spot and he miscalculated his positioning. Glad to hear R-Truth is ok. He has been extremely entertaining with his promos, both as a heel and face.

  • Mike

    Maybe he was expectingLittle Jimmy to break his fall?

  • AJG316

    Yay so does that mean we will c little jimmy in The EC

  • Wwefan4eva

    I really am glad that R-Truth is ok. It would suck if he wasn’t able to make it to EC

  • Ellen

    Gee Miz, maybe you should have stayed in Abu Dhabi. Sounds like you made a serious error in judgement. Payback isn't necessarily a good thing. @ BigMike, you're absolutely right!

  • Bianca

    Okay. I do read everywhere how it's been Miz' fault and Miz this, Miz that. He didn't manage to break his fall. So what? One mistake. There's others who've botched way more often and are still main-eventing.

    • cristina

      How much did Michael Cole pay you to make this comment?

      • AJG316

        How do u not know that it is cole making that comment. Hes torturing us on live TV and now here please cole give us a break already

    • Robert

      He wouldve hit the groind if his fall been broke miz pussed out miz wS trusted to keep him safe and miz sucked so opinion of rotation but he was suppose land on miz thats wht he rotating for

  • Bluetrooperair

    Looked like The Miz made a couple of mistakes last night after the accident. It probably messed with his head a little bit because he was not on his A game for a main event.

  • Maze

    Ive been an independent wrestler for 13yrs and I know first hand how difficult it is to allow someone to land on top of you. As I did a show this past weekend which had Ryan Howe on it from Tough Enough, but my match had a spot with a planca and I got kick right square in the head but caught the guy, but my point is that its very difficult to do.

  • havoc525

    Miz is lucky Truth was at the point of no return. If he could have landed on his feet, I got a feeling there would have been one HELL of a stiff shot coming his way.

  • Doug

    Somewhere, Little Jimmy is smiling….

  • Kevin

    Really, Miz? Really? R E A L L Y? Miz failed to break R-Truth's fall? Makes you wonder if the animosity played out on television doesn't have a bit of basis in reality.