R-Truth Suspended

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WWE announced the following today:

In accordance with the Talent Wellness Program, WWE (NYSE:WWE) has suspended Ron Killings (R-Truth) for 30 days effective immediately for his first violation of the company’s policy.

I have been working on a story regarding R-Truth as he was seen smoking Spice (a synthetic cannabinoid) with Evan Bourne at a party. Conspiracy theorists and critics began to hammer WWE and their Wellness Policy for "picking and choosing" who is suspended when Bourne was suspended on November 1st for smoking synthetic cannabis.

I cannot confirm what delayed Truth's suspension but obviously the fact that he was announced as part of the Survivor Series main event with The Miz against The Rock and John Cena on the October 24th edition of Raw Supershow will be pointed too. It should be noted WWE does not stipulate time frames when a suspension should be mandated, however, it certainly looks like WWE creative plans won out in favor of following the policy in due time.

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers ShanND, Fernando, Logan Walker and Steve Bullerman for sending us news of the suspension.

  • WNW Fan

    Was it possible they had to have proof he smoked it and not just go on hear-say? Maybe they had to make sure the accusations were credible before suspending him. Of course if he was seen with Evan than why was Evan suspended almost a month ago and Truth not until now? Curious…

  • ghodis

    Seems to me double standards here. Certain wwe superstars are untouchable. Can you imagine cena getting suspended for a breach of wellness policy. Its flawed and i be suprised if it would stand up in a us court of law.