R-Truth & Maria Kanellis Sign w/Advanced Management; Vince McMahon Comments On Sting

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Advanced Management Announce Signings

Wrestling News World's Jesse Sherwood sent word that Advanced Management announced they have signed R-Truth and Maria Kanellis. You can read about their respective signings at this link.

Vince McMahon Comments on Sting

The verified Twitter account of Vince McMahon Tweeted the following about Sting's inclusion in WWE 2K15:

  • Jaryd

    I get the feeling that Vince’s twitter is pretty much like Obama’s where he doesn’t actually look at or maintain it himself.

    • Yeah – he doesn’t. No way.

    • kurt

      I don’t know…He micromanages every little detail of the wwe. Nothing gets by without his approval. I woukd say even if he didn’t personally write it, he knows and approved it. It has his name on it. He woukd never let someone speak as him without approving it. People don’t speak as themselves in wwe without his approval.

  • Tone

    if Undertaker is up for it this match WILL happen at WM.

  • Dave Barton

    I like R-Truth, he’s got great charisma. I hope he does well.