R-Truth's Gruesome Injury, Brawler Happy With Match, 3MB On Raw, Patterson At TLC

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- We're told R-Truth required dozens of staples and stitches to close his lacerated knee that he suffered at WWE TLC on Sunday night. The injury was gruesome and among the talking points backstage.

- Brooklyn Brawler Tweeted the following about working the pay-per-view:

- For those that missed it on WWE TLC, 3MB said they would be holding their first "performance" on this week's WWE Raw.

- Pat Patterson was at WWE TLC and was acknowledged on the pay-per-view broadcast.

  • Matt

    That picture of his knee ranks up there with "hard to watch" moments like Sid breaking his leg or Bob Holly's back being SLICED open.

  • The Big Organ

    Man I saw it last night on twitter and it was gruesome indeed! Thank Goodness Truth was wearing jeans cuz if he wasn’t it would have been worse.

  • Nostaljack

    I really wish Heath would catch on with something. I can't think of anyone who's worked harder. He's taken everything that's been thrown at him and done well with all of it. This 3MB thing seems to be bombing out but I really hope it doesn't – if only so that Heath can actually get a decent shot.

  • criddler

    Punk and Heyman in Philly tonight – the nostalgia of paul heyman and CM punk and their ties to philly might make for an interesting crowd reaction tonight….how are they going to get heat in philly? They are can upset 8 year old cena fans but thats about it.