R-Truth's Transition, Scott Steiner In TNA, WWE Stars Forced To Remain In-Character?, Zack Ryder's Title Loss

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Is R-Truth a face or a heel?

R-Truth is in another transition from heel back to babyface. How about his “I don’t even know if that’s PG!” line on Monday's Raw Supershow? The character of R-Truth interests me because of how split WWE officials are regarding it. Vince McMahon sees Truth as a heel while the majority of the creative team sees him as a babyface. It has been a constant tug-of-war that has literally played out on television.

What is the latest on Scott Steiner. Is he still under contract with TNA?

Scott Steiner is under contract with TNA and currently working in India for their Ring Ka King promotion. The crew is in the country this week taping more television. For all updates regarding Ring Ka King, go here.

Are there any restrictions to WWE stars that are vacationing or injured? Do they have to remain kayfabe in public?

It used to be that a worker was to remain in-character when in public; however, this is something that is now very uncommon. There are a few workers that practice the "old school" mentality of not breaking character but in the day of the Internet, where most fans realize the product is scripted, a lot of worker's break kayfabe while outside of work. A heel that doesn't want to be bothered by signing autographs and taking pictures can always "play up" their gimmick but it's not required by WWE.

I recognize the squashing of Zack Ryder was probably more about building up Jack Swagger and then allowing for the John Cena character change, but what are your thoughts on taking the title off of Long Island so quickly? Was it because of a legitimate injury, or lack of faith in his character?

Zack Ryder dropping the WWE United States Championship on Monday night was to sell his "injuries" that he suffered at the hands of Kane and to build up Jack Swagger. However, I cannot confirm there were not ulterior motives. As I've reported on Richard's Backstage Blog, despite being over, there was some concern about Ryder holding a title at this stage in his career. The telling factor will be how he is booked going forward.

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  • Zach

    I would love to meet the Undertaker just out on the streets or something. I’ve heard he sticks to his gimmick, but then I have also heard he is a super nice guy to meet.

    • Scottyo614

      Met him back during his dead man days in 96 at a casino out of character. I was 8 and that dude was huge to me. Very nice person, but no one would have recognized it was him. He was in the old WWF logo shirt and the manager of the casino asked if I watched WWF… When I said I did he told me it was Undertaker, took me over and we talked for 10 min or so. Great experience

      • outkazt09


        • Zach

          That’s awesome man. Once in a lifetime kinda thing, running into him like that.

          • Scotty

            One guy who always stays in character is The Iron Sheik. He stills talks about how he beat Bob Backlund to win the wwf title lol. I dunno if he’s playing it up or if he’s just senile!

      • Donimetre


      • Cristina

        I too met the Undertaker once. At the Yokozuna benefit show in 2001 in Allentown , Pa. All the other fans said Undertaker would be rude to me if I asked for his autograph. Guess what? They were WRONG!! I just asked nicely, well actually I asked in a flustered "Holy shit I can't believe I'm talking to my favorite wrestler!" way. Undertaker was just fabulous, a great guy. That's why I've never lost my loyalty to the man. He's a great character on tv, and a great guy in person. I sure do miss him, I hope he comes back soon.

        • HPK

          Do You live in PA ? If Im not mistaken , The Rock and most of his wrestling family either live or have lived in Allentown / Bethelhem !!!

          • cristina

            I do, and you're correct. The promotion is run by Afa and when Yokozuna died years ago they had a benefit show for his family. I met Rock's grandmom if you can believe that(on the Maivia side.) I also met Samu, and Rikishi. Outside the family The Acolytes(JBL, and Ron Simmons) were there and Taker and Kane were there. Everybody was really great.

  • Nick

    Don't what me! WHAT? Okay, what me!

    • just a fan

      WHAT!? sorry couldnt resist

      • Cristina

        I really think Truth's status is up to the Little Jimmies and little Janies. So far I think people like him. I think he was hillarious even as a heel. This psychotic character he's got going is just funny as hell. And I'm glad WWE stayed consistent when he turned on Miz, and didn't have Truth suddenly be miraculously cured of his psychosis. I think this aspect has some more fuel before it burns out.

        • Great write up, Brandon!I watched the show last night, tninkihg I’d just watch the 5 on 5 match because your column made me pay attention to Ziggler and Rhodes and I’m a serious mark for them now. I loved Cody’s little slide back to the crew, and I loved the whole Evil Team dynamic. I hope they keep it up.I wound up watching the rest of the show and enjoyed the Henry/Show match (my girlfriend was mystified about That giant fat man trying to mount the top turnbuckle), and was really, really hoping for either Daniel Bryan or the Undertaker to show up. Alas, no.I enjoyed Punk/ADR, and kept trying to convince myself that Punk was still selling his arm, but, he dropped the ball on that. If you haven’t yet, check out the WWE exclusive interview with ADR after the match. He just has the absolute best disgusted, heartbroken heel face ever.I wanted Awesome truth to win, and I also wanted Cena to smack the shit out of the rock. I like Cena, I like his schtick, I like his personality, and I just wanted him to maul Rocky like a damn wolverine.

    • Adam

      Aw look at the Little Jimmy wanting attention.

      Little Jimmy, you're gonna get got.

  • Tim

    They took the title off Ryder because its more fun to see him in pursuit of the title than holding the title? The "Ryder Revolution" was just a couple of months ago? See how quickly things cooled off? His sign of the week on his show now is typically one forgettable sign in the crowd, as before when he was chasing Ziggler his sign of the week was typically 4 or 5 signs of the week, some of them being huge and elaborate.

    Its just more fun rooting for him as the under-dawg.

  • David

    I wouldn't say Zack Ryder, who kicked out of Jack Swagger's finishing move twice and wasn't "Medically Cleared to Compete", was squashed.

  • liam_fan

    I think Ryder will be pushed towards bigger and better things in the not so distant future, im not saying World Title reign……thats a long way off!! But his on screen relationship with Cena right now is looking promising to me. What better position could he possibly be in right now? He is in a major storyline with the poster boy of this generation……who would have guessed that this time last year? Im very interested to see how this thing plays out, eventually one of them will probably turn heel (most likely Ryder) and a potential feud with Cena would instantly head him to the top of the card. Who knows maybe next year Ryder could be a possible favourite for winning the Rumble! The guy has paid his dues, almost garnering any TV time and exposure at all, only to become a prominent member of the Raw roster, almost exclusively on his own merit!

  • spikewestphal

    if there not sure what to do with r-truth they should give him a anti-hero gimmick here he those somethings bad and some things good

  • Jaryd

    I'm pipe dreaming but if I were in a mainstream promotion I would totally play my character in public it would be awesome haha

  • Rusty 1

    I seen recent pictures of Taker with his head shaved and sportin a pork pie hat LOL

  • Vince

    Did Macho Man always stay in character? I don't ever remember seeing him out of character.

  • BigMike

    Ryder will be back in the title hunt soon im sure as he is still over with the fans the truth face/;heel thing thats going on now is great they should keep him "nuts" because as a heel it was not near as entertaining as a face crazy IMO

  • Mike

    I’ve heard that santino stays in character in public too, not sure though.

  • Kevin

    My only problem with Zack losing the title is that it was revealed that he wasn't medically cleared to wrestle AFTER he lost the belt, and yet they still allowed the defeat to stand. Uh, anyone heard of a word called CONSISTENCY? When Daniel Bryan beat Mark Henry by cashing in his briefcase, it was then revealed that Mark Henry was not medically cleared to wrestle. He was given back his belt and Bryan got his briefcase back. If that's how it's going to be, then Zack should have been given back his title. All I'm asking for is some consistency. The WWE wants us to believe that the stories they tell are real, yet they pull stunts like this. If they needed/wanted Zack to lose the belt, they shouldn't have played the "not medically cleared" card. Just let him wrestle injured and lose the belt. Or make him forfeit it.