R-Truth's WWE Suspension Ends Tomorrow; Scheduled For Shows Next Week

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R-Truth's 30-day suspension for his first WWE Wellness Policy violation following a positive test for synthetic cannabinoids ends tomorrow.

Truth is on the booking sheet for next Wednesday's Raw house show in New York City and would obviously be available for next week's TVs.

  • Man

    We want big dady V!!!

  • Doug

    I'm sure little Jimmy is jumping for joy at this news!

    • i feel bad for reem,,this is a bad matchup for him..he could beat most the other top 10 or even 5 hw..but brock has the style to make him look silly..brock is going to take him diwn and by round 2 reem wil be gased then brock will get 1 last take down and pound reem until he ttelurs ansd the fight is stoppen the end

  • James

    The return of the little Jimmys



    • I would not mind a rumble divas but phpears it could be like the rushing of men, the winner gets a title match at WrestleMania Divas. As for Kong, I think it will be in the roar of men. I think the WWE will use its a bit like they did Chyna in that it will fight with men and maybe even the first WWE Women’s World Champion and.

  • Dogg4life

    I wonder if he’ll comeback as a softy again. Surely, the writers are gonna make an R-Truth vs Punk *** Miz rivalry.

  • Man

    He can come back as big dady V

  • Bertie

    Heel or face?? Surely he will want to get revenge on the miz??? Little Jimmy’s will be rejoicing everywhere!!!!

  • Bertie

    Maybe he can come back as k-kwik and get rowdy!!!!!!

  • Christian

    How quickly 30 days pass…

  • Ricardo

    the little Jimmy's come out to play hara haraa.;;;the little Jimmy's come out to play haraaaa haraaa lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Conlan

    Mayb R Truth got sence nocked back into him and go after Miz with the lie detector

  • Conlan

    May b he has sence in him to destrou Miz

  • adam

    I thought it was just a fine for cannabis? and considering it is about to be legal in multiple states and isn't even bad for you, they shouldn't get in trouble at all.

  • Deez nuts

    I heard the he really inhaled the boogymans smoke. (the first boogyman). I’m the boogyman and I’m coming to rob ya with little boogie since we don’t have jobs. Eat my worm bitches.

  • bandit

    bertie it's more than likely be face

  • Disagree with the idea that CM Punk is the new HHH. What makes HHH so infuriating is the way he’ll make an ununnfy to average quip, but everyone involved reacts like he’s the wittiest guy on the planet just because of who he is. Punk actually is that funny and earns those reactions naturally. I didn’t even get the vibe that he was calling Miz gay. The joke was more based around you expecting him to go there, then him switching it up by accusing Miz of being a Twilight fan. HHH was have straight up accused Miz of liking boys.Need an example? Recall Jerishow skit where the two had recently disbanded and were intentionally acting like two lovers bumping into each other for the first time after a nasty breakup. Then watch HHH trample all over it with a lol i think these guys are gay later on in the show. It was the RAW on 12/28/09, if you’re curious. CM Punk has never come close to approaching that level of cringe-worthy. Nor will he ever.

  • I’m here to comment. The show tsertad crappy with the ROCK and ended crappy with Super Cena, but (almost) everything in the middle was delicious goodness.I’m slightly bummed the Sweedish Chef didn’t make an appearance. He could have talked to Hornswaggle, it would be the perfect use for him.I’m also bummed that Evan Bourne got wellness’d. I wonder why they didn’t make that tag match a title bout? Oh well.Another good write up. Also, I wasn’t a Mortal Kombat fan, never owned one of those games, but still AJ, you can lift me with your fans any day.