Rain At Wrestlemania, Shane McMahon's WWE Departure, Brodus Clay MIA, How Long Will Daniel Bryan's Reign Last?

Am I the only person to realize that Wrestlemania XXVIII next year is outside this year? I can understand continuing to wrestle if it is a light rain but what happens if a thunderstorm pops up?

I can assure you that you are not the only one that realizes Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida is an outdoor venue. WWE will prepare for weather just as they did when Wrestlemania 24 was held outdoors in Orlando with a canopy over the ring. Obviously WWE officials hope it doesn't rain but they will make sure the ring surface stays dry. You can view a photo of the Wrestlemania 24 setup at this link.

Will Shane McMahon ever return to the WWE? And if so, will he end up taking over the company?

There's no way I can give you a definitive answer if Shane McMahon will ever return to WWE. Shane left WWE to pursue other interests and Vince was less-than-thrilled about his decision. However, Shane saw the company as being ran by Triple H and Stephanie and decided he wanted a new challenge. As far as I know he's content with his new position as CEO and Chairman of YOU On Demand.

Why has Brodus Clay still not made his debut on WWE Raw Supershow?

To quote Brodus Clay from his Twitter account, he's being held back like a seatbelt. I can almost sense his frustration with each passing episode of WWE television; however, I do not know the mindset of WWE creative. He did have some heat for Tweeting about an angle with John Morrison which ended up being changed to The Miz writing him off television.

How long will Daniel Bryan's reign as World Heavyweight Champion last?

I am hopeful that Daniel Bryan will have a respectable reign as World Heavyweight Champion. However, I would be lying if I told you I'm not holding my breath every time he is booked to wrestle. People can call me a Daniel Bryan fan boy all they want but the fact of the matter is Bryan has paid his dues and is the best worker in WWE. He has earned this opportunity and it's about time the company received a makeover at the top.

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  • panos

    come on its april in MIAMI how many chances of raining???????

    • wnwdotcom2

      Good point but WWE will still be prepared for every situation.

      • John_75

        Living in Daytona and going to WM 24 It was fine WWE is going to do what it did at the citrus bowl

      • MPXTheChoice

        I'd be more worried about high winds and pyrotechnics. #UndertakerPyroProblems

    • Snaps

      I live in Florida and it rains almost every day.

      • wnwdotcom2

        Correct me if I'm wrong but I am under the assumption it rains in the afternoon then quickly dries up

        • Da KiDD

          Yea, i live in South Florida, and yes you're right Richard. It dries up quickly some of the time. It really rains in spurts here. Will last for 10 mins then stop sometimes, or will rain in one spot and not rain half a mile away.

        • Spyder

          You are correct, but thats only in the summer, Fall/Winter/Spring it really doesn't rain that much.

          • Da KiDD

            Yeah you right about that

    • GODSENT83

      I live in miami and trust me readin us bit uncommon anyone if year, had a thunderstorm last week.lol But it’s not uncommon for them to hold WM outside though

    • TakerMania

      I Think that @ WM24 in Orlando it rained a little bit
      but I really Don't know if there's a big diffrence between these two cities except they're both in The State of Florida

  • MPXTheChoice

    Richard, I'd be optimistic at the booking of Raw's main event. Creative knew who needed the most steam to kick off his title reign – it wasn't Punk or Ryder, as both of them are extremely over. It was Bryan who needed the victory, and Bryan got the victory.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I agree. That was a good sign that I was glad to see.

      • John_75

        hoping he gets a 2 or 3 month run

      • Tal Gill

        Richard im a huge fan of yours, im on my wnw iphone app at least 10 times a day, im from Vancouver Canada, do you think we will ever get a ppv or wrestlemania held live here?

        • wnwdotcom2

          Appreciate the compliment. Toronto has hosted Wrestlemania before and is rumored to be targeted again. I could see Vancouver hosting a pay-per-view as well.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Now that Bryan is champion I do hope it's a good reign as champion. my biggest worry is if they have him feud with Big Show and Big show wins the title because Vince's mindset of Big show is better at drawing the fans and Bryan is not his idea of a Champion.

    Of Course CM Punk went thru the same thing when he first won the championship and lost the title with out being in the match. thanks to Orton attacking him before his match. I'm hoping Daniel Bryan doesn't go through that same thing.

  • ou812?

    Bryan has paid his dues? Really? He’s been with the company for less than 2 years. I realize he wrestled in the indy’s for 10 years but if anybody’s paid their dues it’s christian who also won his first world championship this year.

    I’ll agree he’s the best worker in WWE but that’s only because the Great Khali is gone…j/k

    • Frenchfry

      Agreed, he should just get a belt because he paid his dues as an Indy worker. Thats a bit ridiculous. If he earned it because he is a good wrestler then that is fine but he doesnt necessarily deserve it more than a lot of other guys

    • MPXTheChoice

      Eh…Christian also jumped ship to TNA/Impact…that definitely had an impact, pun intended, on his title reigns.

      • Spyder

        i would agree. Vince made Christian a star, he jumped to TNA, became a main eventer and then jumped back to WWE, expecting to be at that level still. Vince isn't going to take someone that main evented TNA and give them a main event spot in WWE, unless it's Kurt Angle.We all know Vince likes to believe he created his main eventers. He created Hogan, Cena, the Rock, Austin, HHH, not someone else and where the indy fan boys like it or not, he's making CM Punk as well. Before WWE, few people knew who CM Punk was, just the elite few that watched ROH

    • Blazeking

      "Bryan has paid his dues? Really? He's been with the company for less than 2 years."

      It's not the time you spend there, it's what you do in that time. There no question Daniel Bryan earned it. When's the last time a guy his size held the belt?

      (Since HBK)

      • Dave Barton

        I agree with you, but Rey was much smaller than both Bryan & HBK.

        • Alex

          Yeah, but Rey was booked as such a weak champion. I hope Bryan doesn't get book like he did, though it could happen.

    • christopher525

      Brock Lesnar, just under 2 years, pretty quick "climb" to the top. Alberto Del Rio, debuted on August 20th and won the title by August 14th of this year. Then there's always Sheamus, debuting in "ECW" on June 30th 2009 and winning the WWE title on December 13th, 2009. Danielson having busted his ass in the indies to get where he is now is a good reason to strap him, he's earned it.

  • Ilyas

    I hope Big Show get's another oportunity at Danial Bryan's World Tittle at probably WrestleMania 28!I hope Big Show wins the 2012 Royal Rumble!

  • Alex

    I forgot all about Brodis Clay. I got he was just let go.

  • smoothjj7

    Shane was the best mcmahon on screen imo; he definitely could put on the best match of any mcmahon, but i'm happy he has a new job where he won't be bipassed as the best person to take over the company. Brodus clay not being on tv WHO CARES; brodus is a bore to watch and really there are a lot better ppl more deserving of time then him; although santino has gotten time so they could give brodus time by having him squash santino. DB deserves a long run as champion but seeing how wwe has handled it's champions over the last few years I doubt he'll even make it to a 3rd ppv as champion.

  • BigMike

    anyone who thinks that the AMerican Dragon has not paid his dues prob doesnt think CM Punk had either and that the MIZ is a better investment than Dragon Dragion was put with Mz as a joke that the entire wrestling world got except for u obviously Miz cannot hold Dragon's jockstrap