Randy Orton A Top Guy Again, Jericho’s Spot In WWE, RVD’s Contract, Rhodes A Babyface

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Is it safe to say that WWE has a restored confidence in Randy Orton as a main event talent?

Yes, WWE has restarted on Randy Orton as a main event talent. As the world found out last week, Randy is not only making "main event money" but he's making top guy money. The reason he's been relegated the mid-card over the last 14 months is due to another violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. He had a lot of heat in May 2012 but has obviously regained favor backstage. Orton once again has a lot of influence and stroke.

It's been great watching Chris Jericho "pass the torch" in his latest run with WWE, however, do you think he'll be rewarded for doing the business a favor for putting over workers like Fandango and Ryback? Perhaps another title reign?

Chris Jericho has had a great year and has "given back" to the business by agreeing to work guys such as Fandango and Ryback. I don't think a title reign is likely at this point in his career but we can never be sure in this business. Some are concerned about the number of losses Jericho has had but losses aren't going to hurt him at this point. He's not in the plans for SummerSlam and had an outstanding match on Raw against Rob Van Dam. Jericho's position in WWE is similar to the position of Shawn Michaels towards the latter part of his career. Available to work angles and compete in top level matches but out of the title picture.

Is Rob Van Dam back as a full-time wrestler?

Rob Van Dam is back in WWE under a part-time schedule. He's working a lot of dates early on but has likened his contract to that of the aforementioned Chris Jericho. It's amazing how much momentum RVD has back in WWE following a month of vignettes and two return matches. He's also scheduled for this week's Smackdown taping.

Is Cody Rhodes slated to turn babyface, do you agree with this?

The plan coming out of Money in the Bank (and continuing on this week's Raw) was to program Cody Rhodes with Damien Sandow with Rhodes as babyface and Sandow as heel. The idea is to push both of them at the same time. I'm all for pushing younger talent so any storyline for Rhodes is an improvement from where he's been booked lately.

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  • James

    Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes in a ladder match for the briefcase at SummerSlam. That would be a good match.

    • Matt

      Ever heard the words “over exposure”?

      • Win

        No. I’ve heard the word overexposure though. It’s just 1 word smark.

        • James

          Thank you!!!! I’m sick of these “smarks” running around thinking they know everything about wrestling.

      • James

        I bet Matt wears his championship belt he bought off the internet to wrestling shows. He walks around showing off his belt in the stands hoping that a 300 pound girl will come take his virginity. But no 🙁 … Matt fails at losing his virginity and has to go back to his job at Best Buy the next day feeling all sad and let down.

        Its OK Matt 🙂 You still got that awesome championship belt that you paid 600 bucks for. You’re still cool in our book, Matt. Wear that belt with pride!

        • Brandon van Reenen

          B A Star, James… na, Matt’s a loser. :/

          • Xavier

            Agree, that Matt dude is the biggest troll on this site.

      • Xavier

        Let me take a page out of your book. James isn’t allowed to have an opinion? Oh okay smh.

      • StraightEdgeForLife

        No. Explain it to us

  • Jaryd

    I don’t wanna say that Orton hasn’t built trust back up again because I’m not there watching him. But to be honest, with the money he’s making, unless they’re sure he’s about to fail another wellness test, they can’t really afford to have a guy earning that kind of money just languishing in the upper mid-card.

    • Robert Olley

      Yep plus with that money the temptation would be huge so if i were vince id leaving him in the upper mid card hed stil sell merch and it leaves a spot for less risky main eventer

      • JeanAE

        I hardly understood what you wrote. Can you please use some punctuation?

      • K!NG

        Risky??? Please tell me your thoughts on jeff hardy then??

        • Jimmy

          Jeff Hardy>CM Punk

        • Robert Olley

          With jeff hes made so many mistakes without being punished that its unreal

    • Jimmy

      But remember he signed that contract to make that much when he was the top heel in the company and WWE’s #2 guy.

  • Scottyo614

    I have to put a disclaimer before this. I’m one of the biggest Chris Jericho fans. Watched him on ECW and Smokey Mountain as a kid on our public access tv. I’m a HUGE Jericho fan.

    I don’t think him with a WWE or World title would be a good thing. To me he’s always fell flat in that roll. His best work has came pursuing and or totally out of the picture. I think with the belt, he doesn’t antagonize as well and it’s more people pursuing him where he’s better pursuing the superstar in angles

  • John

    Speaking of Cody Rhodes, where is Ted Dibiase Jr.? Is he still with WWE? I really thought he would become a star in WWE.

    • Robert Olley

      Hes still knocking about but it seens to be dark matches now until the next spring clean

      • TheBigKing1

        Didn’t he want to quit earlier in this year? Hmm. I wonder what happened. Hmm.

        • Robert Olley

          Its a conundrum althpugh wikipedia says he last appeared on may 9th then june 10th and not since be suprised if he doesnt ask for his release soon i would go to tna at least hell get used there being ex wee

  • Robert Olley

    Rhodes doesnt suit a face imo why not heel vs heel he was best as the undashing character

  • steve2

    I remember when Ryback was losing all the time, the argument was made that the losses didn’t matter. Jericho loses matches (for the good of the company) and it’s the end of the world.

  • k!nG

    Rhodes and sandow are fresh blood which is good rhodes has alot of potential and sandow has been around for awhile now. Jericho is doing nothing diffrent then his idol did when he came back do whats best for the company and try to help get the younger over. same with RVD. while they maybe big names it does good for under cards to PPV to be filled out w guys like him and jericho. the main event needs to have younger and newer challengers. imo

    • Jimmy

      Well as of late i think they’re doing a great job at building the young/new talent. Just look at the names; Ziggler, Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, Cesaro, Sandow, Rhodes, Bryan, Fandango, Wyatt, Axel. These guys are all getting a decent push and PPV matches. I think that they’re doing a good job in building for the future.

      • Robert Olley

        Yep wwe finally did a spring clean plus nxt has probably the best talent in the us

  • Tim

    How is Jericho losing for a year straight. Not a big idea. One is a guarantee that’s he’s going to lose so it takes all hope out if the match. Then two how would it elevate someone by beating someone who always loses. No matter how big they are losing all day everyday is a big hurt to that person.

    • Tim

      Not a big problem*