Randy Orton Advertised For Tonight's Raw Taping In Washington, D.C.

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Randy Orton is officially advertised for Saturday night's WWE Raw taping from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. Orton was written off television on the 12/14 episode of Smackdown because of a legitimate shoulder injury.

If you're attending the taping in D.C. and would be interested in sending us text-message updates, please send your name and mobile number to us using this form.

  • Bubba J

    WWE nowadays is just getting hideous & boring a day after another that i feel it's gonna be on nickelodeon soon..i mean,nowadays it's all about Cena having an affair with AJ so every week he just appears& troll on the mic for a while then goes,AJ acting like a silly little 10 years old girl (she's a bad actress btw),Daniel Bryan shouting NO NO NO everywhere, Kane's turned into a joke ( The old kane was a legend),Ryback facing jobbers..the list goes on,,i do miss the old days 🙁

    • The Breaker

      Yeah, because implied sexual affairs are totally Nickelodeon material..

      But it sounds like you aren't even really watching it all that closely. I'll admit the "AJ scandal" segments with Vickie weren't exactly great TV.. but now the actual Cena/Ziggler feud is getting stated, with AJ playing puppet master.

      You clearly have no concept of the character Daniel Bryan has built up over the past year. It is brilliant.

      And Kane is notorious for his inconsistencies with his character, so you really can't start complaining now about that if you say "Old Kane" is a legend.

  • Randy

    Hope it’s a heel turn