Randy Orton Attacked By Fan At WWE Live Event In South Africa (Updated With Video)

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There was an incident at Tuesday's WWE live event in Cape Town, South Africa involving a fan and Randy Orton. According to multiple eyewitness accounts, a fan hopped the guardrail and delivered a shot to Orton's groin while he was celebrating his victory over Big E Langston.

Accounts differ as to whether or not Orton made physical contact with the fan but he did give them the middle finger as security was dragging them away. Security in the building beefed up for the remainder of the evening after the incident.

Video Of Randy Orton Being Attacked By Fan In South Africa

  • Charlie Lowery

    Here’s video footage: It happens at 1:20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXBRsEii9EQ#at=40

    • Ashley

      I never understand what people are thinking when they try to get in the ring, but to actually attack a wrestler-DUMB! He deserved that little kick he got from Orton.

    • Kenneth

      Thanks for the timestamp. I wanted to watch the link Rich provided in the headline but I could barely get past five seconds before turning it off. Why people bother to film things on shitty cameras is beyond me. Why people can’t hold a phone straight or the right way up is beyond me also.

  • Simon Veitch

    How on earth did that happen guy even make it into the ring, let alone get his hands on Orton? Security must have been almost non existent before the incident

  • John

    WWE uploaded it to their official YouTube channel!. Not legit.

    • fuyuy

      they knew it would leak out so they put it on there youtube channel to make you (they succeeded in your case,no offense) think it was a work.

  • Xavi

    I like how he takes the shot, sells it, turns on the mat to see who it is, then stands up like nothing happened. Just the fact that he sold it as his first instinct was awesome.

  • Tony Rankin

    Did he bitch backstage to get the security’s push derailed?

  • Raspywolf

    My first thought was Orton owes his dealer money and his dealer wanted to send him a message that he could reach him anywhere.

  • jdl

    You can tell Orton was going to beat the snot out of the guy if the ref/security guy hadn’t gotten in the way briefly.

    Also, how pathetic is this guy that he hits Orton in the most sensitive part on the male body and Orton is up in about three seconds. 😛

    • wrestlingfan4life

      Two words: sports cup.

  • sdunne87

    I see a month worth of videos leading up to this fan making his debut for TNA on the horizon.

  • Django

    Nice to see Orton get a good punt into the blokes head as they dragged him out the ring…justice is served

  • Rus

    Would never have happened in the Australian tour hope Orton comes here next time instead of countries like that

  • wrestlingfan4life

    It looked like the fan gave Orton a Ric Flair low-blow. Did he actually make contact with Orton? Only Orton can answer that. As Xavi says, Orton sold the blow, but when he realized it wasn’t Big E or another wrestler, just a fan, he got up like it didn’t hurt him and headed for the guy. That fan is lucky security got to him before Randy did. I’m pretty sure Randy would have RKO’d this guy for real. And it looked like Big E wanted a piece of the dude, too. Security had to push him in the opposite direction.