Randy Orton Breaks His Silence - Marijuana Use, John Cena Wanting Him Fired, What's Really Going On Behind-The-Scenes

Randy Orton broke his silence on Twitter, answering followers about numerous issues.

One follower asked him if he was caught smoking weed in which Orton said, "I can neither confirm, nor deny." Another asked him about a report by a NEWZ site about John Cena wanting to get him fired and instead of responding to the claim, Orton took a crap on what he called the 'news' sites.

If you want to know what's going on behind-the-scenes regarding Orton, read this story.

Richard Reacts: Given the fact that 99% of wrestling websites are NEWZ websites with copy and pasted content posted over and over again, I really don't blame Orton for crapping on them. I don't care if it's a dig at WNW because anyone that reads WNW knows we are an entire different level than just about every other website out there. I post stories directly from backstage that prove to be true time and time again. I'll put the number of stories I've broken over the past 5 years up against any publication out there so it really doesn't bother me about any of the heat we may get. We know what we are doing but are only able to do it with your support and for that I say thank you.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well As an avid reader of WNW i know that you guys Break the News First & your news is exclusive to WNW.

    As Always Richard Keep up the good work.

  • spike westphal

    well said richard i belive wrestling news world over other dirt sheets websites everytime a storey breaks

  • Jordan

    Keep up the good work Richard!

  • nefty131

    Randy seems to be very fond of crapping on things… Lol

    • Richard Gray


      • nefty131

        Nice to see someone got it :). On a side note, Randy has too many past behavioral problems and drug use issues. With his long rap sheet, it’s about time WWE got rid of its “problem child”

        • Anand

          With the roster being so thin with no top stars to prop the show up WWE needs Randy Orton more than over. Orton is a very popular wrestler even as a heel with his psycho character which everyone enjoys. So, I dont see him being buried or fired in the near future.

          I do agree he was a problem child many years ago when he was new, he hasnt been in any sort of trouble for many years now. So, am assuming WWE will give him the benefit of the situation and move on as if nothing happened.

  • Adriana

    I hope Randy overcomes all this misunderstandings and doesn’t turn heel. He should think about all the fans that support him, no matter what has happened.

    • Tom

      If you're a fan of a wrestler you will love them whether they are a heel or face, or a tweener. You should be supporting their character development, not wanting them to hinder it.

    • Callum

      Not really his choice if heel or face!

    • Anand

      Randy is a much much better heel than a face. As a face his actions are constrained by the fact that he is a "Good Guy" but as a heel he can wreck havoc and can be at his menacing best. Remember the good ol days when he was tormenting Trip H and the mcmahon family or when he was tormenting Cena?

      No matter how good the good guy character is, the feud is only as good as the heel in it and Randy can add that oomph factor to any feud as the bad guy.

      He is like Jericho, he can make a pretty good face but is an even better heel.

  • HugeRockStar

    That’s hardly ‘breaking his silence’ lol

  • Love Orton can’t wait for him to come back to WWE, Cena needs to mind his own business. If Randy is catching a buzz big deal!!! Love u Orton don’t forget about ur fans… Love, Constance

  • LeBron James

    There seriously are no friends in that business. I thought Cena was supposedly "friends" with Orton. I lost respect for Cena after I read he's trying to get Orton fired. That's pathetic. Orton is easily one of the best WRESTLERS in that ring. His in ring skills are so underrated. If this Cena thing is true, then I'm officially switching back to the 'I hate Cena' club.

    • WNW FAN

      I understand your feelings toward Cena and his position on Orton but if you'll go back and read some other posts Richard has done you'll see Cena's not alone. Pretty much the entire locker room feels this way about Randy. It's just that Cena (and might I add Punk) are both just being vocal about their displeasure. It doesn't mean that they hate Randy just that they think he'll never change and its bad for company moral. It takes guts to stand up either for or against a trouble maker in any form of business today. I hope Randy does change but if he continues to get away with his attitude it sends a terrible message to everyone else.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Randy luvs Mary Jane

  • Jeremy

    There's no way that it was Cena was trying to get Orton fired, they are officially good friends. They both started in the wrestling business together. I think someone is just trying to frame Cena due to his popularity.


    No Matter What,
    Go Randy, go

  • kingrog2000

    did you not read the story from the former pep squad who was dating mickie james in "e" and john cena jst wanted a fling with mj and then when it was over got her fired so dont make cena to be hero

  • Kevin

    Randy's problem is that he believes his own hype. The WWE brass has made Orton into this massively popular character, and now he believes he's untouchable, that they need him more than he needs them. Therefore, he believes he can do whatever he wants, because they won't fire him due to his huge popularity. They should let him go to prove just how replaceable he is. As Vince and HHH have both said, "No one person is bigger than te company. Every single employee can be replaced."