Randy Orton Carrying Smackdown, Dolph Ziggler's MITB Briefcase, Jeff Jarrett Update

Recently you talked about the main event scene on Smackdown. You mentioned that there's feeling that nobody can carry Smackdown. Isn't Randy Orton someone that could carry Smackdown?

Smackdown is perceived as Randy Orton's brand, however, there is a lack of faith in having him put it on his back due to Wellness problems. It would be inaccurate for me to state there was no confidence in Orton but he's clearly taken a hit due to his two strikes. As for the future of Orton, watch this and tell me a heel turn isn't near.

Has WWE lost faith in Dolph Ziggler? What do you think about putting the MITB briefcase on the line at WWE TLC?

Dolph Ziggler is nearing a pay-per-view match against John Cena, one month after being the "sole survivor" at Survivor Series. Ziggler's stock is trending up in WWE. I do not like the MITB briefcase being on the line at WWE TLC, especially against John Cena, because remember he won the WWE Championship shot that he lost on the 1000th episode of Raw last summer. I've heard a little bit about the company's thinking but I'm not sure I understand.

What is Jeff Jarrett up to these days?

Jeff Jarrett is still involved with the business side of TNA Wrestling as the last we heard he was looking for new investors. The company is currently highlighting his program with Kurt Angle on their "Unfinished Business" PPV series.

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  • Sam Peters

    I can see Orton being the Leader of the Shield, he can help them "plan" their attacks has he was taught in Evolution

  • William Shatner

    *sole survivor

  • Evonreese

    I was hoping Dolph would cash in. However I would love to see Cena take the title off Punk. The sooner the better. I am no longer interested in Punk vs Rocky or Stone Cold or anyone else. I would love to see Stone Cold in one more match against Ziggler or Bryan. I would also like to see Rocky vs Ziggler or Bryan.

  • Spike westphal

    If cena wins dolphs briefcase he won’t be able to challenge punk he will have to challenge big show or sheamus or whoever is the whc

    • Lee

      Don't worry the WWE will make us forget about what title he can challenge for.

      • OlDad83

        Lol good point

  • FactionZer0

    If Dolph loses the MITB Briefcase I will be REALLY angry. I've always liked Dolph the moment I started watching wrestling again and he definitely deserves the big one. Right now isn't a good time with Big Show being champion, but they better not take it off him T_T.

  • It's possible that company officials are testing Dolph Ziggler. Defending the case is like defending a title. This could be a way for wwe to evaluate Ziggler if he were to run with a title.

  • that_one_guy

    This makes no sense so that means dolph wont be cashing in MITB no time soon probably never will if cena wins

  • Justin

    A feeling nobody can carry Smackdown? Really? Do you not see how over Sheamus is with the younger audience. No one else on SD can garner the interest with the kids like Sheamus can.

  • Kieran

    If he wins and then cashes in on CM punk for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP, am not watching WWE anymore.. For 1: He had his briefcase, and creative had him lose. 2: The Smackdown briefcase is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! And would really p*ss me off he's allowed to cash in on the WWE championship. Dolph is working his ass off inside that ring week in and week out, and he keeps getting screwed by creative! No future if you dont let the future shine.

    Am loving how all the CM punk fans, have turned on him, just because wwe creative have had him hold the title for over a year, when it's a good thing as it brings prestige back to the title. Super Cena doesn't deserve the strap, he's terrible at wrestling, and terrible on the mic (Yes I said that, he yells down the dam mic, every week or holds the mic up to the crowd as they chant "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks" He's boring!

    Some will agree some won't, but am allowed my views.

    • Nick B

      I’m no cena fan but cena never puts on a bad match and when was the last time he botched a move? His mic skill are trash but he can wrestle for sure

  • rob

    Isn’t it a coincidence that linda loses the programming gets better and the anti bullying ads end

    • Blaze


    • jambo masai from kenya

      ….and cena french kisses on live tv!

    • jambo masai from kenya

      ….and cm punk mocks a heart attack!

    • Ken

      No coincidence at all. I always said that was the case. So did a lot of other people. We were called cynical, delusional, and all sorts of other things.
      Linda loses, no more Senate run, programming starts to pick up (a little). The connection is clear and obvious.
      For all the people who said "Oh, WWE's current creative direction has nothing to do with Linda," and you know who you are, I have this to say…

      I was right and you were wrong, doo dah, doo dah, I was right and you were wrong, doo dah, doo dah, YAY!

      • Batman

        So when programming picked up when CM Punk did his rant, that was because Linda failed too, right?

        You talk some nonsense.

    • Jay

      How is it better? Your and idiot

  • jambo masai from kenya

    ziggler shd b the 1st man to cash in at wrestlemania.

  • KingKongBrody

    Am I the only one that sees ziggler hit himself EVERY time he throws a dropkick or kick he’s always over selling moves and falls off the ropes every time he climbs them. I here him and cena they are so boring.

  • smithmiester

    How does the link about randy orton have anything to do with a heel turn?

  • HugeRockStar

    Wellness strikes or not, Orton is seriously the most boring wrestler right now, I have no idea what ppl see in his character or his wrestling at all.

  • steve2

    I don't understand all the interest in Ziggler. He could be IC champion until the end of time, but I don't really see him as a world champion.
    Cena's the biggest draw, he should be in the title picture. Especially with Wrestlemania season coming.

    • Jay

      you must be 7 years old

  • Leo Devlin

    Listen up y’all I got a few things to say…

    First of all, I’m not a fan of Dolph Ziggler but the dude is a hard worker and for WWE TO SCREW him like this is not fair. I hope that they are doing this to get Ziggler over even more like having him go over Cena. Because since its a ladder match no one will be pinned or made to submit so this is the perfect type of match for Ziggler to go over. Cena does not need to win this match, in fact Cena does not need to have TWO DAMN MITB briefcases in one damn year just to “make history”. I am so sick and tired of effin Cena! Ziggler is way overdue for a main event push! Holy crap come on WWE don’t take this briefcase from Ziggler!

    Second, I am sick and tired of you people that say Sheamus is not a main eventer and is not seen as a top guy! He’s another guy who works damn hard and to say he can’t carry this or that is ridicules! Randy Orton is another clown who I am sick and tired because he’s a douchbag and a complete turd! If it wasn’t for him abd his butt buddy Cena, Mr Kennedy (yeah I said KEEENNNEDDDY I refuse to call him Mr. Anderson) wouldn’t be fired and Kofi Kingston would be main eventing right now! Man I hope Orton screws up and gets that oh so long awaited third strike and gets his ass fired! I am counting on it! Come on Randy! Take some pain killers man! Smoke that dope son! Come on you poor excuse for a human being!

    • Jonno

      i would ask if you're 10 years old here, BUT you've used some quite adult words (turd not being one of them) couldn't disagree more with your little rant, yes Orton messed up (alot) but he is a draw for WWE Cena is the face and is always going to have a match that 'could' put him in a title picture, not saying it will happen but he is always there or there about.

      Lighten up dude, you do sound like you're about to cry.

    • Jay

      Ain't nobody got time fo dat

  • Bruce Clare

    Lets hope Dolph outsmart VKM and Cena and cashes in his briefcase on Smackdown this week. That would be smart booking!

  • Jester

    I don’t get why everyone says that Cena can’t wrestle!?! Just because he has a set of moves that he uses all the time. Every wrestler in the history of wrestling has a set of moves that they use night in and night out. They only mix it up on a pay-per-view. And I’m sorry but cena’s matchs with punk and lesnar this year were some of the best matchs of the year.as far as mic skills go he’s not the best and is getting a little old, but he is not the worst either. Just don’t get it. I can’t wait for him and ziggler to face off at TLC. I think it’s going to be an amazing match… Until AJ gets involved.

    • Jay

      Cena vs Lesnar was trash, Cena was losing the entire match it showed no wrestling ability what so ever

  • John

    I don't see the issue with them putting the MITB briefcase on the line at TLC.. If Cena & Ziggler are going to have a match, wouldn't you rather it at least meant something? as oppose to just being a regular match?

    The ONLY thing that slightly bothers me about the match, is that if you want to build Ziggler's stock in preparation for a title run, then it would be great for him to beat Cena clean via pinfall, not by climbing a ladder.

  • Jay

    If Cena wins, we Riot!

  • Jay

    Richard, why do u never post my comments?

  • JPC

    I think it's part of the storyline leading up to Wrestlemania.
    At WM The Rock beats Punk, becomes Champion, Cena runs in cashes in TMITB contract beats The Rock and becomes the new WWE Champion,
    The Rock goes back to Hollywood.

  • Tylor

    I have a feeling Cena will lose to Ziggler because AJ will screw him over somehow, and it will be great.

  • Joe

    Really bored of all arguments going this way…

    “I think Cena does good work”

    “You must be 10”

    Booooorrrrring, boooooorrrrinnng, boooorrrrrrinnng