Randy Orton Claims He's Not Working SummerSlam

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Randy Orton was asked on Twitter why he was not featured in the promo for SummerSlam. Below is his reply:


  • Coopapalooza

    Cause and effect?

  • Paul

    The final punishment for his wellness violation?

    • dusty588

      Very well could be. Also, with two weeks till the PPV I don't really see them just throwing him into something, but in the last several PPV's there have been about 3 un-advertised matches per show. I wonder if the Del-Rio/Sheamus feud will continue, or if Orton is thrown into it. Also, with Barrett returning, they could do another run with that.

  • Bork Laser

    Just fire Orton's ass.

  • Monty

    You know what's funny is all you so call hardcore Internet wrestling fans hate him but his return proves beyond a shadow of a doubt he is still the #2 guy in wwe and maybe in 1A.

    Punk has turned into cena and after his famous promo what has he actually done? Being the wwe champion and being like cena 100% of the way and tell you the truth I kind of miss cena as champ since ts been a while.

    When these guys get their huge contract they turn into kiss ass wrestlers willing to be fan fav so their merchandise sell.

    I hope orton wins the WHC very soon since y'all hate him that would be quite funny.

    • ptekin

      Total agree


      You took the words right of my ehhh…PC there !

      Agree 100%, i've no doubt that Booker T's plain admiration for Orton, week in-week out, will be a great help too, to win the WHC…
      thats why the Viper Rulez.

    • Andre

      I like the way you think. Punk hasn't done a damn thing since that shoot promo back in 2011. And Punk hasn't put anybody over since last year. It's just more of the same crying, bitching & complaining from him.

      • Hardy

        Just hope that this current phase with punk turns into something entertaining. It’s a little too soon to judge but I agree with the above, punk has gone stale just like cena. Orton has always been entertaining because he has that tweener attitude. Just have to wait and see where it all goes.

        • Evon Reese

          I agree Punk is a cry baby. The fans love Orton and couldn't wait for his return. Punk tried to pass him but when Randy's music hit on his return it was plain to see he was still number two man. Vince may be mad at Randy now but in his eyes money speaks. Randy will be back on top.