Randy Orton Clarifies How He Was Discharged From The Military; Watch JBL's Latest Raw Review Here

-Randy Orton's troubled military past made headlines last April when he was pulled from the upcoming WWE Studios film, "The Marine: Homefront." In a TMZ report, a WWE representative explained that he was pulled due to his "dishonorable discharge" from the military. Orton clarified this via Twitter last night, saying that he actually received a bad conduct discharge:

-The latest episode of JBL's "Wrestling God Recap," in which he reviews Raw and suggests a WrestleMania XXIX main event, is embedded below:

  • Dave Barton

    So Randy didn't actually break any serious laws, he was just an all-around immature brat…am I getting it right?

    • Osceola71

      He deserted. You don’t call that serious? In the old territory days he would never have made it into a main event and the boys in the back would have kicked his ass on a nightly basis.

  • Ken

    As someone who admittedly isn't 'up' on American military terminology, I have to say that both Dishonourable Discharge and Bad Conduct Discharge both make him sound like he was a bit of a pillock back then.
    It's kind of like saying I didn't steal five iPads I only stole three.

    • PFElton

      Back then? You say it as if anything has changed.

      I think a couple years touring of the Indy's would help deflate his undeserved ego, personally. I think my grandmother can cut a better promo than him.

      • Ken

        Fair point.

  • jdl

    Bad conduct or dishonorable… he was still discharged for conduct unfitting of a marine. You can't spin discharges for negative reasons.

  • Wayne

    I always heard Orton went AWOL.. Spent time in jail for it.

    • Wainwright

      So did I.

  • Lenny

    who cares Randy! The bottom line is youre a scumbag who embarrassed our country by being an immature douchebag! Your antics continued on in the WWE when you would do things like defecate in a woman's purse because she wouldn't give you the time or day!

    • Philg

      What’s this about a purse, he really did that ? Was he in trouble publicly over it or just one of those behind the scenes things you heard about

      • Lenny

        Whether or not it’s true, he’s still an immature prick, I watched his DVD special and Randy himself admitted to being that way. He said he changed but I call bullshit on that because I remember him throwing a fit on LIVE TV because Kofi made ONE error when Orton hit him with the RKO then he goes and bitches to Vince that Kofi is not ready to be a main eventer. Kofi was never pushed again thanks to Orton! How about getting Mr. Kennedy fired? He’s got two wellness strikes against him and I hope he gets another one and gets fired!


    So he probably got an OTH which can be turned into an honorable 6 months after

  • James

    Being a retired Army enlisted man myself I know the difference. Usually a Dishonorable discharge is sent for people who commit crimes like theft, murder, etc… A Bad Conduct Discharge is usually for people who go AWOL. So in my opinion Orton dishonored me and anyone else who took the oath to protect the Constitution and my Country.

    • nick

      yes, but can he fight like a marine?

  • Rob

    Dishonourable discharge is when you actually commit a crime like murder,assault that sort of thing. Bad conduct is when you defy a order or a similar action.

    I don’t see the problem it still takes character to get in the marines as for the drug tests he’s failed we don’t know what he was taking they could well be painkillers so don’t judge him by things we don’t know.

  • nitty

    Well as a former active duty member myself, ive seen a lot of ppl discharged for many reasons, including myself. Shit happens. You can be discharged for damn near anything if captain masted enough. I dont think he is a bad guy, just human. Dont judge

  • WweFan

    Wow, if Romney wins, i blame all those Orton-haters… and whats immature? Wearing those anti- Cena gear, THATS immature.. o m g

  • Ted Rose

    As someone who volunteered and is the thing in my life I am the most proud of. I don’t care if Orton’s discharge was dishonorable or a bad conduct discharge, It’s not honorable, period! You made a commitment to your country, like many of us have, you proved your word isn’t worth a shit. Your discharge was NOT honorable, therefore you’re not worthy of my time to read, hear, watch or think about from here on out, Orton, by the way, has been the #1 person being blamed as bullying young wresters backstage, I guess he’s quite the man!

    • nick

      yes, but can he fight ?