Randy Orton Comments On Being Pulled From WWE Studios Movie - "I Respect Our Military"

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Randy Orton has commented on WWE's decision to pull him from the upcoming WWE Studios production, "The Marine 3" with the following Tweet on Twitter:


  • CJ ROB

    Look I’m in the army, and I’ve deployed to Iraq twice. The fact that he went AWOL twice does take away from some of his appeal to me but its not something that every one needs to continue to kick him over. Some people are not cut out for this lifestyle and maybe he is one of them, better him go AWOL then deploy and get someone hurt… PS thanks for wnw, all the shows come on at like 1 – 3 am so it’s kind of difficult to watch them!

    • Dan

      I agree with you and everyone is taking this over the top. If that’s how ppl feel then best he isn’t in the movie yes. But everyone makes mistakes and maybe he wasn’t cut out for it like u said. Good point. Ps thank you for our freedom soldier.

    • WNW Fan

      Thank You for your service to our country. God Bless You and your family.

  • Matt Scott

    Randy has a fantastic point. With all the bitching going on from the military you forget he has actually gone over there just to meet and entertain the hard working men and women on the front line. Seems like they forgot that too.

    • Hitman310


      • Matt Scott

        Explain how it’s a fail? Because this one comment has more likes than you’ll get in your whole life? Keep trolling kid.

    • Kapil

      Yes he has gone to Iraq and Afghanisthan to entertain but that doesn't mean he did it by choice. He did so because Vinny Mac decided to take him there and he just complied as he is an employee…so I don't think he gets too many points for that..

  • British bulldog

    A very American reaction towards randy orton.

    I prefer to think he’s served his time in military prison and has therefor paid his debt.

  • Brandon

    Huge difference between going AWOL and leaving your fellow marines behind than just visiting the middle east

  • Patrick_Peralta

    THey didn't forget they chosie to ignore…..in their view going AWOL is a big issue to them and not one some are not going to fogrgive anyone for. just because he entertain the troops doesn't seem to matter to them. since they have not mentioned it. It doesn't seem to make up for what he dd at least in their eyes.

    AS CJ ROB said that lifestyle is not for everyone.

  • Chuck

    He went AWOL in 1999.. There was no war.. He was very young and probably will admit he made a mistake.. Some ppl can’t let go.. I forgive him already.. It’s not like he committed treason..

  • Hardy

    Well to be honest it’s easier for humans to curse and hate, than it is for them to praise. Why so many do it. I can see both sides to this coin but a bit of recognition towards randy would be fair.

  • Bouchard

    So Randy Orton entertained the troops, so did Bob Hope. Entertaining the troops and actually serving in the military are two different things.

  • Thats exact same thing I said a few days ago, I love the troops and respect them used to be married to one. Point is Randy Orton is on a plane every year with all the rest of the wrestlers. Was no need to pull him from the film. Love you Randy, Sincerely, Connie!

  • Razmos01

    Well atleast this sets him up for a role if they ever re-make van dammes AWOL