Randy Orton Comments On Crowd At Raw, WWE First Quarter Earnings

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Randy Orton Comments on Raw Crowd

Randy Orton checked in with his thoughts on the wild crowd at this week's WWE Raw from East Rutherford, New Jersey. Orton Tweeted:

WWE First Quarter Earnings

WWE announced on Thursday it will release its 2013 first quarter earnings on Thursday, May 2, 2013 before market open. Vince McMahon will host a conference call with investors at 11AM EDT to discuss the results.

  • Well he certainly didn’t look to happy during the match

    • Mark J.

      Randy Orton is locked into a long-term deal with WWE. Whether he likes it or not, he will unlikely have any creative input on his character, which will lead to more temper tantrums. I wouldn’t be surprised if Randy eventually requests a release, which would essentially lead to retirement (since he surely has an even longer non-compete clause than the average superstar). It’s all bad news for everyone involved.

      • David

        Not bad news for the people who find Orton boring, over-rated, and arrogant.

        • 2 Million Twitter followers think differently. The smarks don’t like him but the traditional fans do. Orton is arrogant, but so is CM Punk. Let’s not give the messiah a slide…

          • Matt

            SHUT UP! You bitchy, moany, whiny bitch! Traditionalist DON’T like Orton! He’s bloody boring! He’s the same shit different match! You’re an utter arseclown. Shut up!

          • Nice to see your mom let you on the computer today Matt. You’re a ray of sunshine on these dark times.

          • Matt

            You missed a comma.

          • Smart Mark

            You obviously don’t listen to JBL when he says that Randy Orton defines everything that a WWE Superstar should be.

          • Tyler H

            He’s talking about the look and talent. Orton’s got the look and talent of a superstar, but the maturity of a 20 year old.

          • Smart Mark

            But then again, how is a top star like CM Punk any more mature? CM Punk is over because of his “bad boy, rebel, do what ever he wants attitude”

          • Tyler H

            True, and that’s why Punk is over and Orton is not. Punk complains through TV by saying things on TV that make you think “did he really just say that??” While Orton complains through twitter and backstage, never voicing his opinion in front of 15,000+ live and another 3 million at home.

          • Matt

            Because it’s not JBLs job to put talent over or anything.

          • Xavier

            You mad son? Oh I forgot, it’s a son to speak out against CM Punk b:c he’s the messiah right lol smh

          • Matt

            Explain at what point I defended CM Punk? I hate CM Punk’s attitude. You’re jumping to conclusions because I dared to point out this goof is always complaining and telling us all we should love Orton. Excuse me for not liking a guy who craps in divas bags, smokes marijuana in the back in plain view of everyone, trashes hotel rooms and screams at divas because they don’t know who he is.

          • vesko8

            The IWC smarks like Orton. Which is why things he’s saying and doing are worse than boring and lame. Traditonal fans…they don’t like Randy Orton as much as they used to. Orton’s still a heel which sucks worse than beyond hellaciously!

        • tyaz63

          Like he’s being forced to be right now you mean.
          He’s better as the guy with the shaved head, who’s clean shaven, looks like a tough badass who kicks ass on people who f**k with him intentionally and who comes across as fascinating, interesting, intense, but deep, gentle and a sweet heart of a person inside who’s extremely cool and a good person once you get to know him.

      • Luka

        Randy Orton should be allowed to be like he was from late 2007, then Jan-Dec of around ’08-09. Some of 2010. Give him creative input on his character…let him return to being the badass who kicked ass and used his facial expressions, body language and attitude to get across how he was feeling! While sometimes saying things that were perfect, to the point and would have made me say something brilliant while I was watching Randy Orton on WWE…like, “TELL HIM RANDY!! KICK HIS A$S!!! HIT HIM RANDY!!”

  • The Breaker

    Well, I’d hate to see Randy when he’s pissed!

  • Wow what a hypocrite! But then again he’s probably been whipped into shape by Trips and Vince after his temper tantrum. He must be staying face for a while longer.

    • Tyler H

      Might have watched the matches after his and realized the crowd didn’t care about anyone but Fandango.

  • Nostaljack

    What he meant to say was: “Just watched back some of Raw from last Monday night. That crowd was insane! Never experienced anything like it before. Wish I was there.”

    • sj92

      Wrong. Orton meant to say to the crowd:

  • I loved JBL’s reference, I think it was JBL’s, to Randy Orton having a bit of a temper on commentary. JUSt made me think of when he was suspended back in ’06 for wrecking a hotel room.

    • The Breaker

      Yeah, he said Orton looked like he might be considering giving the RKO to 16,000 people or something. lol

    • Joe H

      Randy Orton…at times he looks p*ssed…like he wants to f**k up his opponnent and fight aggressively!

  • Kris Mystery

    “Just watched back some of Raw from last Monday night. That crowd was insane! Never ….. ummm….never…… pssst…what’s my line???”