Randy Orton Comments On In-Ring Return After 60-Day "Vacation"; Buries Heath Slater

WWE has a new video on dot com of Randy Orton discussing his return to the ring against Heath Slater on this week's Raw.

Orton said he is "very rested" after his 60-day "vacation" and poked fun at the fire at Raw. He said Slater is the reverse of the Legend Killer and commented that he got his "ass kicked" last week in his hometown of St. Louis and is going to get his "ass kicked" when he flaps his gums about Orton.  Randy said he feels the best he has felt in his entire career.

You can watch the video at this link.

  • Anand

    Welcome back Randy 🙂

  • Pat

    I was really hoping that Slater was going to go over Orton. I'm not a huge fan of Slater, but after hearing all the legends praise his work and him as a person I was hoping he'd get rewarded with a push. I also thought Orton might be going through a humbling which would be appropriate, I think the WWE is dropping the ball if they don't scale Orton back to a mid-card talent, atleast for awhile.

  • Ernest Bethea

    "The Reverse Legend Killer"! If that doesn't bury Heath Slater, on top of getting killed by Legends leading to Raw 1000, THEN getting killed by Randy Orton… I don't know what else to do to bury him.

    • Bault16

      Hopefully they’ll think of something.

    • Scott

      He’s not the most outwardly emotional guy but I got the feeling he was genuinely happy to be back last night!

  • Lenny

    Orton is such a douche! Kevin Nash is the king of douchebags, I guess Orton would be the prince. So Orton feels the best he’s ever felt in his career huh? Wow those drugs he took must have really done the trick! I hope he takes them again and gets fired! Can’t stand his arrogance and prickness!

  • mo

    randy is gay cant wrestle hes boring

  • Moe

    I'm actually a fan of Heath Slater and feel he should get some kindof push soon.

  • Ben

    Vintage Orton, work with a guy and bury him afterwards. So much class. Of course, how much can you expect from a guy who goes AWOL and only spends a month in military prison? Once a scumbag, always a scumbag.

  • bettysteve

    if "they" really want to punish randy orton for the mess-up he made of programing and scheduling, they should have let heath slater get over him, and then parade out all of the old legends and superstars and let them do the same number to him as they are doing to heath slater. humble and humiliate him for a change. the 60 days was hardly even worth it, as HE said..a nice vacation

  • Judy

    Glad Randy is back!!

  • Daniel Moreno WWE

    when is mark henry comming back?? that is one hell of a dominant being!!

  • Ricky Valdez

    Randy has done his time and paid for his transgression now it’s time to get on with his dominant wwe career and get back on track. Randy is still among the best in the buisness. I hope the wwe doesn’t drop the ball and keep over looking him the way that they were when it came to the wwe title. Orton better get his ass in line and get focused because they can only deal with his screw ups for so long. I’m hoping the best for him.

  • Sarcastic Smark 2.0

    Oh, Randy Orton said he took a 60-day "vacation"? Fail one more wellness test and your next "vacation" will be for a much longer time

    • Richard Gray

      He has 5 suspensions and is still there. I'll believe it when I see it. #WellnessIsAWork