Randy Orton Incident In South Africa Likely Staged - "Fan" Identified As Local Wrestler

We noted Wednesday morning here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that WWE was covering the fan attack on Randy Orton in South Africa on Tuesday, thus calling into question the legitimacy of the incident. As it turns out, the entire thing looks to have been staged.

The crazed "fan" was actually identified as local South African independent wrestler The Blacksmith. WrestleZone.com posted three eyewitness accounts that identified the wrestler.

As soon as WWE started hyping the "violent attack" on social media and dot com, it was evident it was more than an unruly fan. When legitimate incidents happen at WWE shows, the company does all they can to prevent from giving them attention.

For example, there was a legitimate fight in the crowd at Monday Night Raw in May where WWE pulled the cameras in tight and didn't acknowledge what happened. Once live reports started coming in about the incident in South Africa, WWE posted the following on their verified Twitter account:

So while I haven't spoken with any of my sources within the company about the incident, it does not appear to be a real-life situation but rather a staged publicity stunt.

  • Steve D

    You can hear the ref pulling Big E away and saying its apart of the show.

    • ThatNiceDudeAcrossTheStreet

      When do you hear that?

      • Code

        its at about the 2 minute mark

        • ThatNiceDudeAcrossTheStreet

          You’re a comedian. -Insert sarcasm here-

    • wrestlingfan4life

      Actually, I believe the man pulling Big E away was a member of security, and he was definitely ASKING Big E if this was part of the show, not telling him it was.

  • Tna

    i cant see there being a good pay off from this ? unless this blacksmith is about to debut then OK but i suppose i have to wait and see.

  • Wes

    Unless he’s about to debute on WWE roster what was the use.

  • Luke

    Unless, the plan is to have Orton talk about it on monday and bad mouth fans, then turn heel like he wants to

  • John

    I knew it as soon as WWE put it on their official YouTube channel. I would assume this guy will be signing with the WWE?

  • Patrick

    WWE couldn’t ignore the Punk incident since cameras were on him when he punched the fan a while back.

  • jdl

    I highly doubt it was staged, it was probably just a local wrestler trying to garner attention for himself. There is no benefit to anyone in the WWE to have staged this. They’re not getting publicity from it, Orton is not benefiting from it and there is no way for WWE to monetize it. The best they could do is say “Anything can happen in the WWE.” and they haven’t used that catch phrase in years.

    • Trist

      It was said on RAW this past monday.

  • I actually think this was done to give the company a boost with it being a quiet week and TV being taped. He was a trained wrestler, not a crazed audience member. WWE made sure they got the Web hits and Youtube views for it, which were probably lacking due to all of this week’s material being in the can since last week. I do not expect a follow-up or a payoff. This was a publicity stunt not an angle. They wanted to get people talking about WWE and this worked.

    • HeelTendencies

      With cena and bryan in the main event of summerslam..and all over mainstream media (total divas) .what better way to give randy orton some main stream media coverage…even through TMZ ….before he cashes in at summerslam…

      • Yep. You’re exactly right.

        • Brandon van Reenen

          Lol, it made South Africa look like we’re a bunch of hooligans.

    • wrestlingfan4life

      So what I read was correct? RAW was actually taped? That sucks! I enjoy RAW being live; it’s what makes the statement “Anything can happen on Monday Night RAW” so true!

  • wrestlingfan4life

    And that explains the 2 questionable moves I spoke of in an earlier post: the Ric Flair low-blow appearance of the attack, and the fact that Orton sold the move immediately, then appeared to go after the guy, but not too vigorously. I know these wrestlers are highly trained and disciplined, but they are also human. I believe that if a fan actually attacked a wrestler such as this one supposedly did, not even security could keep the wrestler from getting in at least one legitimate punch on the guy. The CM Punk incident of a few months ago is proof of this.


    It looked stage from the moment he waited for Randy to climb the ropes. Usually the minute a fan hits the apron security is on them

  • Hercules Rockerfeller