Randy Orton Injury A Cover-Up?, Michael Cole's Announce Work, Raw's Viewership, Titles Defended At House Shows

Is Randy Orton legitimately injured or did he fail another WWE Wellness Test?

Randy Orton is suffering from a legitimate back injury. I'm still unclear if it's something that happened on Tuesday night or if he realized it was going to be something that he could no longer work through so the stuff done Tuesday was used to write him off television. However, I have heard nothing about a Wellness test failure and can assure you that WWE makes names public when a worker tests positive. I know of two situations where names have not been announced, one including Orton but WWE did have a reason for not announcing it. With that being said the full duration of how long he will be out is unknown at this point.

I agree with most fans in that Michael Cole's play-by-play is terrible and annoying but I think he is still very valuable because he is so over as a heel. So why not use him in another role as a manger or General Manager?

Vince McMahon loves Michael Cole's work as the Raw play-by-play man. He does exactly what he is told and McMahon likes the heel/babyface setup on commentary. While a lot of fans cannot stand Michael Cole's work as an announcer, McMahon legitimately sees him as the "voice of WWE."

With Raw's viewership decreasing each week why doesn't WWE consider moving the show back an hour so the show doesn't end so late?

This week's Raw Supershow actually reversed the trend as the show actually gained audience from hour one to hour two (rating available here). It's also worth noting that when there is a three-hour edition of Raw, the first hour is always the least-watched and drags the final number down. This is obviously due to the fact that the normal viewership of the show is programmed to tune in during the 9-11 PM EST timeslot. While I obviously can't give a concrete answer as to why the show has lost viewership in recent weeks, I can tell you there are people in WWE trying to analyze the segments and figure it out.

I always wondered why they have title matches at house shows. I can't remember the last time a title changed hands during one of these. I know its a ploy to get the bang for your buck, but can't it come up as false advertising?

In addition to giving the shows headline matches to advertise, WWE has the titles defended at house shows to give the impression anything can happen; while rare, there are occasions where a belt will change hands. I'm against titles not being defended because it devalues them as props. Just because a worker is champion doesn't always mean they are always going over as there are ways to book a dirty or DQ finish to keep up the excitement. The only way it's false advertising is if they promote the title being defended and it's not.

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  • Stephen

    Q 4: Card is always subject to change

  • MPXTheChoice

    Miz/Morrison beating The Colons at a house show for the Undisputed Tag Titles.

    • EddieG4life

      No. Wasnt it miz/morrison beating cryme tyme? Miz/morrison never held the undisputed tag title. It was only the wwe tag team and the tag team championship. They beat cryme tyme for the tag team championship to set up the wrestlemania match for the undisputed tag match against the colons at wrestlemania

      • @RatedMKD

        Cryme Tyme never held the tag team titles. Ranveer and James are right in saying it was Punk and Kofi. Also, a few years ago, Paul London & Brian Kendrick won the World Tag Team Titles from Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch on the first show of a tour of South Africa (I think), only to lose the titles back to them on the last show of the tour.

    • Ranveer

      Actually they beat Punk/Kofi for the World Tag Team titles at a house show…

    • Jaryd

      Plus countless Hardcore title changes under the 24/7 rule, although the champion going into the night always came out with it at the end.

    • James

      Was Punk and Kofi wasn't it?

    • MPXTheChoice

      Hey, who's this Choice guy, getting it wrong?! It was Punk and Kofi! What a tool.

    • christianrocker90

      A few years ago, Mickie James beat Melina for the Women's championship at a house show, though a rematch occurred and it was back around Melina's waste before the show was over.

  • doubleb1076

    diesel beat bob backlund at house show in new york to win wwf championship. bret hart beat ric flair at house show in canada for the belt too. the mountie beat bret hart at house show for ic belt too. lot of people prolly forgot about that one.

    • @RatedMKD

      True, but the most recent of those was nearly two decades ago. Monday Night RAW and the existing PPV model were barely established then.

  • Zach

    And i believe that just awhile back, the TNA Tv title changed hands at a tna house show. I can’t quite remember who won it though at the moment.

  • ted

    first off, randy orton only has one drug related strike under the wellness policy. he was not suspended for the signature pharmacy thing because wwe has already disciplined him beforehand.

    the goal of the wellnesspolicy is ro jeep guys healthy and to weed out the troublemakers like jeff hardy, umaga, matt hardy , kurt angle etc. wwe orders them to go to rehab and if they are refused, wwe fires them.

    the media and congress do not care about pro wrestling unless a talent drops dead while under a wwe contract. as long as wwe can protect itself against another benoit or eddie situation, then there the media could care less about the industry.

    • He has two. Just saying.

      He served one for 30 days and one for 60 days.

      • Standards

        Then Why Steven on the officiall list of WWE Wellness violation violaters Randy Orton is listed as a 1 time offender. which was handed down in August of 2006. Give us the date of his 2nd violation then if you have proof he is a 2 time violater

  • (Title Matches in house shows) A:
    Yes. In 2007 in a live event Paul London & Brian Kendrick Defeated Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade. WWE Even Showed the pictures the next night on RAW

  • MVP

    Michael Cole isn't a bad announcer when he's just doing the announcing. But when he's doing "Heel Cole" it just sounds over-the-top and forced.

  • John

    Diesel beating Bob Backlund in 7 seconds!

    I don't want to jump to conclusions, but CM Punk did wrestle last this time. Usually he ends the first hour. It could be a reason. Although, it could have been the Kane segment.

  • Owen

    Vince thinks that Cole is the "voice of the WWE"?





    • Van

      Vince is on drugs.that's why so many talented wrestlers have been fired and/or buried

  • Jaryd

    It's really weird that WWE seemingly has listened to the internet with Punk,Ryder and Bryan all being champions but the biggest complaint week in week out is Cole and yet he is as loud and annoying as ever. He surely must realise it's X-Pac heat and not legitimate heat.

  • Van

    Vince is a dumbass then.Cole is no longer just a regular heel commentator.he's a whining crybaby now which is the reason ratings are so low

  • t0m

    Bret hart Saskatoon Canada undisputed title

  • dave

    Edge won IC title at house show

  • Mike L

    Kevin Nash beat Bob Backlund at a house show the day before a Raw to win the WWE Championship.

  • pjhoover2012

    Nash beat Bob Backlund in NYC… house show.

  • Barb

    In regards to Vince McMahon legitimately feels that Cole is the voice of the WWE tells me two things… 1) Vince is senile and 2) the WWE does not practice what they preach with the Be A Star campaign.

  • JFetch

    "I know of two situations where names have not been announced, one including Orton but WWE did have a reason for not announcing it."

    I'm calling bs on that statement. WWE is a publicly traded company and wouldn't risk getting caught hiding wellness violations.

  • cavan
  • jake frato

    Londrick took the titles off of Cade and Murdoch then lost them back 3 days later a couple of years ago during a live event tour.

  • Ant

    I thought about why WWE does not make raw start at 8: and end at 10 too sometimes. As for the three hour shows having the first hour be lowest its probably because people forget it started early. I know I have on a few occasions. If WWE wants to attract a PG crowd and have kids watch it then they should go from 8 until a little after 10. They want kids to watch it but most parents probably would not want their seven year old staying up until 11:15 on a school night. Yes I am aware it airs earlier due to different time zones so don't bother pointing that out.

  • MonsterMike42

    Last title change I know of happening at a house show was when Edge defeated Jeff Jarrett for the IC title the night before a PPV. Edge was in his hometown and JJ was going over at the PPV so they decided to put the strap on Edge.

    • EddieG4life

      Thats right…. That was in edge’s decade of decadence dvd!

  • Karl

    Mickie James won the Women’s title at a house show in 2007 but lost it back to Melina the same night.

  • aGirl

    Couldn't care less what Vince thinks about Cole. Whenever I think of epic moments I hear JR's voice, not Cole's cause he's the voice of the WWE to me.

  • @RatedMKD

    Apologies to those comments I left referring to house show title changes that were already addressed. I probably should've read all of the comments before posting responses! One recent (as in within the last decade) example I can recall that no one's mentioned is Christian regaining the Intercontinental Title from Booker T at a live event around summer 2003.

  • Bobby

    LordsofPain is reporting that Orton failed his 3rd Wellness Test, but I trust this site way more than LordsofCrap

  • Chris

    If people remember about 8 years ago, Booker T and John Cena faced off in a best of 5 match series for the US Championship. The 3rd match of that series was at a live event in Sydney, Australia. I was at the event and it was a shock when the announcer said this match was apart of the series.

  • Mark

    Edge beating Double J to capture his first singles title, the IC strap all them years ago!!

  • Steve

    I think The Great Kahli won his World Heavyweight Title at a house show??

    • Mr. Love

      Wrong! 20 man battle royal is where khaki won his title

  • Ray

    I always thought Cole's commentary reminded me a lot of Vince's commentary when he was on the booth. Which is why I figure McMahon is so high up on Cole… but I've never heard this compairison from anyone else so maybe it's just me.

  • Errol

    Didn't Airboom win the tag team championships on Raw?