Randy Orton Injury Update - Expected Out A Few Weeks Due To A Herniated Disc

WWE has provided an injury update on Randy Orton on their official website. According to their report, Orton is expected to be out a few weeks and will be unable to make scheduled house shows.

“Randy suffered a herniated disc on the L4-L5 level on the left side, and that’s resulting in pain and weakness down his leg.” Dr. Sampson explained. “He’s going to need some time off for rehab, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy.”

Orton has been replaced on this week's house shows by Sheamus. You can read WWE's coverage at this link.

  • jdl

    I find that hard to believe. I know people who suffered herniated discs and it took them months to recover.

    • sean

      do you think they have the resources wwe have? plus he is probably going to work through it as much as he can

  • H.M.

    A few weeks doesn't sound too bad. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Randy have a history with herniated disc related injuries or is that just me?

    • Bault16

      Thanks doc

  • Randy Orton Fan

    Get Well Soon!

  • G Ilyas

    If he is able to make it to the RR, my obvious guess would be he will eliminate Barrett and restart the whole program. I wouldn't mind seeing the two square off at mania, it should give us a fresh SD main event for the WHC

  • ZackPack

    Odds on Orton being number 30 at the Rumble?

  • lukey

    Ive had a herniated disk and 4 years later it still hurts from time to time, initially it took 3 months before I was cleared to play sport again the doc said it was a quick recovery. If he comes back in 3 weeks he’ll be mighty sore

  • Nick

    Well hopefully that means he'll be at the Rumble, gonna be there and it'd be a shame for him not to be at a PPV in his hometown.

  • Jason

    Regarding the length for this injury, it depends on the severity of the herniated disc. If it is caught in time, medication and time resting is enough to heal and return in a few weeks. If it is caught later or is more severe, it could require surgery which would sideline him for 1-2 months. My family has had a history with hernias which gives me a little insight into this, not much,, but enough to contribute to the length.

    • christopher525

      As far as the rest part, he's one of the guys who got on the Triple H idea of buying a decked out tour bus, he even mentioned a while back in an interview that this was one way he's been able to avoid too many injuries lately. He said he can get to the bus and actually stretch out, lay down, and relax, instead of being stuck in a rental car with bags of ice on every injury.

  • Kobe

    Years of off his career where taken with this injury, get well soon Randy.

  • Joe

    I think it’s a setup so he can enter # 30 at the rumble since it is taking place in st Louis and seen randy never won the rumble so wm 28 ortan vs Bryan WHC

    • @RatedMKD

      Orton won the 2009 Royal Rumble. If Orton wins this upcoming edition, he'll only be the second person (after Steve Austin) to win multiple Royal Rumbles in non-consecutive years.

    • G Ilyas

      He won in 2009

    • Dave

      Royal Rumble 2009 says hello.

    • Mike

      he won the rumble in 2009

    • Cameron

      damn Joe…embarrassed much?

  • Burda

    Orton won the Royal Rumble in 2009 actually

  • Bobby Brew

    @Joe You can’t be much of a wrestling fan if you are saying Randy has never won the Rumble! What about 2009 Rumble then?

  • simbasamba

    I had the same herniation about two months ago. It initially hurts like hell but I had about a month of anti inflammatorys, no physiotherapy and I'm now in alright shape. I still can't touch my toes without pain…heck he'd need lots of painkillers to subdue the pain enough to put on a wrestling match.

  • Travis

    Randy won the 2009 royal rumble and lost to HHH at Wrestlemania 25.

  • Patrick V

    Orton won the 2009 RR and lost 2 HHH at WM25

  • Mr. Love

    Randy and Alberto del rio are the only two in the last 7 to 8 years to win the rr and not win the title at that years wrestlemania

    • FeR

      Edge too

    • Alex

      Cena won the rumble and did win the title, and he ended up getting 3 shots at it.


    Wish Him The Best
    The Viper Rulez, No Matter What

  • nanadancer

    Hope to see Randy recover soon but he needs to make sure he is ready to go back in full force to finish this fight with the big COWARD Barrett.I hope when Randy comes back he ends Barrett's wrestling career by SHOWING him what the VIPER is all about.

  • Alex

    Now is the time to see if Orton has truly changed from the person he was a few years ago. Cause the Orton we all know likes they whine and complain about stuff like this. Lets see if he lobbies to have Barrett either demoted back down to lower mid-card level or straight up fired for this injury. If he doesn't I'll be happy and will finally believe that Orton has changed.