Randy Orton Injury Update, Raw Supershow In Detroit, Upcoming House Show

- Wade Barrett claimed at last night’s Smackdown house show that he had injured Randy Orton so bad he would be out for six months.  Barrett’s comments were kayfabe as there is still no timetable for how long Orton will be out as of this writing. Refunds were offered because Orton was unable to work the show as advertised.

- Speaking of last night’s house show, WWE will return to the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan on April 23, 2012 for Raw Supershow. Tickets go on sale February 25, 2012.

- The Montgomery Adviser has a new article online promoting the Smackdown house show on January 7th from the Garrett Coliseum. You can read it at this link.

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  • James

    6 Months! Who will be SmackDown’s new top star with Orton gone for half a year. I can’t really see Bryan as a top star yet. Big Show?

    • Dave Barton

      The post says “Barrett’s comments were kayfabe as there is still no timetable for how long Orton will be out as of this writing,” so it may be far less than 6 months.

      And while I’m posting, “Refunds were offered because Orton was unable to work the show as advertised.” Seriously? Whatever happened to “card subject to change?” I like Orton, but its not like he’s the only star on SmackDown.

    • EddieG4life


    • Jaryd

      Don't read anything into the 6 months thing, dude.

  • ayat

    hey there richard gray and thanks fo the hard work and the info
    but i have heard from other sources that Randy Orton has hd a back injury and will be out for 6 months
    some other sources indicate that he has had an ankle injury
    and finally on facebook some one has written that Randy Orton has failed a 3rd wellness test and that is why the injury status has being put into place for him and that person is saying that his injury is kayfabe

    • EddieG4life

      Never believe any wrestling news unless its from this site or the respective show’s website

  • ayat

    please MR Richard Gray if possible find out what is the problem with him
    because he is my favourite wrestler
    and hope you have a good weekend ahead

  • Frenchfry

    christian will probably be back sooner now

    • RKO fan for ever

      Christian? Do we really need to see him run away, tail between his legs?
      He's scared for everybody, you name it; Mark Henry, Sheamus…ever Dolph Ziggler!

      Sounds very desperate to me, Christian…
      Tyson Kidd needs a push.

  • Bob

    Not to upset anyone but, I hope he choses to stay out for a while. I haven’t been very impressed with him lately and it seems like having another Cena with less promos. Maybe now they will let someone else take the top face role on Smackdown.

  • Daniel Bryan

    No matter what anyone says, I’m always going to be the best WWE superstar!

    • Randy Orton

      Shut it Daniel, I’m gonna be back in no time and I’m gonna be taking your little world heavyweight championship.

  • jcud_theSaint

    sweet, Raw is coming to my hometown Detroit, and its going to be a 3 hour special of the 2012 WWE Draft….SOLD