Randy Orton On 1000th Raw?, Jericho vs. Ziggler, Mysterio's Return, Fan Polling To Determine Matches & Stipulations

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Do you see Randy Orton returning on the 1000th episode of Raw next week?

Randy Orton's suspension ends on July 30, 2012 so he's going to miss the 1000th episode of Raw by one week. Given my serious questions of the WWE Wellness Policy, I won't completely rule an Orton appearance out but it's unlikely due to the fact that his suspension has been announced to the public.

After Chris Jericho's attack on Dolph Ziggler, does this indicate plans of a potential program and possible Jericho babyface turn?

WWE is certainly looking to program Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler but it will be interesting to see who they turn babyface. Let's not forget about all the babyface reactions Ziggler has garnered over the past several weeks and even though WWE has tried to tame them by overemphasizing his alliance with Vickie Guerrero, he could be the one to turn. Regardless, WWE needs more top heels and fewer top babyfaces.

Why did WWE just want until next week for Rey Mysterio to return?

WWE wanted Rey Mysterio to work this week's Smackdown taping in his hometown of San Diego, California so they probably wanted him to officially return on the live show before appearing on Smackdown. Rey was actually backstage at Raw on July 2nd so I thought he could end up appearing there, however, the company has been in "no hurry" to bring him back. Next week's show is going to be loaded so Mysterio's return could have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Were the results of the online poll WWE did on this week's Raw Supershow to determine which secondary title would be defended on next week's 1000th Raw a shoot or a work?

Most of the time WWE has done polling on dot com, the results have been legitimate. You can expect to see a lot more of this with Raw Supershow going three hours as the plan is to make the show the most interactive program on television, utilizing the Internet and social media like never before. Unless I receive word otherwise, I'm under the assumption that Christian legitimately received more votes to defend the Intercontinental title than Santino Marella (US title) or Layla (Divas title).

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  • Alberto

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a Jericho and Ziggler story. I like the fact that Jericho doesnt mind making the younger talent look good…

    • Kevin

      Not to mention that Ziggler is a lot like Jericho was when he first came in: arrogant, cocky, and talented enough to back up the bragging.

    • Anand

      This is exactly why everyone including the fans have so much respect for Jericho eventhough he is the supposed HEEL 🙂

      Remember the pop he got when he interrupted Cena a few weeks back? Heels arent supposed to get that kind of a pop 🙂

      Y2J Rules!!!

  • Christ 4 Life

    I hope they give Christian a good and worthy oppenent, and that Christian retains.

  • Merlin

    While the results might be ligit, just remember some of the questions that have been asked in the past. Like the AJ's role in the PPV match poll. Even if the results aren't a work, I would be willing to bet that the WWE execs have a pretty damn good idea which way the WWE Universe is going to vote. Given the options on this poll: Divas title, US title, or IC title, would the WWE execs have expected the vote to go any other direction? I think they already knew that the vast majority of the fans would rather see more Christian than Santino or Layla.

    • Isaac

      It was surprising that Christian beat out Layla by only a few votes

      • Blake

        That surprised me to Layla got what 34% that’s was more than santino

        • Anand

          Who wants to see Santino make a joke of the US title? At least I dont. He is a comic relief and I love him at that. But, having him carry a title for months without actually defending it makes the title look obsolete. Thankfully the fans chose Christian, otherwise it would've been someone like Swagger having to lose to the COBRA…

    • Ken

      I don't think they care one way or another which way the vote goes. All the superstars involved in the vote will be appearing on Raw1000 and will get paid regardless, and the secondary titles are just that… secondary. They don't matter, sadly. They just throw a match together that has no buildup, and have the champ win so nothing changes their long term plans. If anything, this whole vote was just so Creative can get an idea as to which secondary title doesn't matter to the WWE Universe the least, if you follow.

      Or am I too cynical?

    • Kevin

      Quite right, Merlin. The WWE execs don't have to storyline the poll results; they can manipulate the results to get what they want by setting the poll with options that would more or less force the WWE Universe to vote the way the execs want them to. It's an old magician's trick: the magician allows you to seemingly pick a card from a deck at random, then tells you what that card is without ever seeing it. The truth is, he forced you to pick the card he wanted you to by manipulating the deck. We have to remember that this wasn't a fill-in-the-blank poll; had it been, then we most likely would have voted for the WWE Champ to defend, or perhaps the Heavyweight Champ. The execs are giving us the opportunity to influence the program, but only to a small degree. We must pick an option from a list the execs give us.

  • Austin

    I'm really looking forward to this Chris Jericho Dolph ziggler rivalry. I see it being just like the Chris Jericho Shawn Michael's rivalry where Jericho is hbk and ziggler is jericho.

  • James

    Ziggler to end Takers streak at mania !!!!!

    • Kevin

      NEVER! No one gets to end the Taker's streak. He'll go down in history as the only wrestler to go undefeated at Wrestlemania. In fact, I predict that he'll be one of only a handfull of wrestlers in history to actually WIN his final wrestlling match, as I see it taking place at a Wrestlemania.

    • Lenny

      Ha-Ha-Ha…if Shawn Michaels didn’t end it, if HHH didn’t end it what makes you think an up and coming talent like Ziggler is gonna do it?

  • Jman72485

    Hope Jericho turns face. They should keep Ziggler hell, he works better that way, and the babyface turn might kill his charector

    • James M>>>

      I think ziggler has a better chance turning face. A possible turn on Vickie? Vickie taking Tensai as an associate, setting up a future program between them two in the future?

      • XKonn247

        Let’s hope not.

  • James M>>>

    I think ziggler has a better chance turning face. A possible turn on Vickie. Vickie taking Tensai as an associate, setting up a future program between them two in the future?

  • JasonGaza

    from what i see Jericho is gonna do what edge did to kennedy and beat ziggler for the mitb case so he can cash in on sheamus and have sheamus vs jericho at summerslam