Randy Orton On Whether He'll Return To WWE As A Heel - "We Can Only Pray"; Tommy Dreamer Added To WWE Alumni

-Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent in the following tweet from Randy Orton's Twitter account:

- Wrestling News World reader Fernando sent word that Tommy Dreamer has been added to the Alumni section of the official WWE website. Click here to view his page.

  • Bobby

    It's also worth noting that Orton said not to believe everything you read.

  • Lenny

    I dont know what you guys but I am sick of Orton wether heel or face. He’s just not that good, he’s a good wrestler don’t get
    Me wrong but he only wows me when he hits the RKO outta nowhere.

  • gibbons08

    Maybe he’ll be more likable in TNA! In TNA he can be face of heel or even both if he wants. I’m sure they’ll let him do what ever wants, cause they’ll just be happy to have him there for a year!

    • havoc525

      And, he can get paid a fraction of a fraction of his current pay and have nobody watch him, like the rest of their roster. Sounds like a great deal.

    • Nameless1

      Still wouldn’t make tan worth watching.

      • Nameless1

        Autocorrect got me again lol. Wouldn’t make tna worth watching.

  • Ricky Valdez

    I had said after Orton got suspended that maybe he should consider tna, but the more i think about it Vince should do everything in his power to never let him go to tna. Orton is a wwe guy still in his prime. Wwe needs to give him time of after the suspension so Orton can get back on track and move on with his career.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Randy Orton is still a top wrestler, but he keeps getting over looked when he clearly gets over with the fans. I hope with time off randy is able to get back on track, because there is only one place he belongs (WWE).

  • opie

    Not particularly worth noting . . . I mean, he gave a half-hearted opinion. He didn’t say he will or he won’t. There’s no information to believe. He may have been saying that we can only pray Vince lets his five-times-suspended ass back on television at all.

  • AntiDolt

    maybe he should have prayed to pass a drug test, even if his body contained some. now he's depending on someone else to rectify his screw-ups? he didn't grant that generosity to others, like Kofi and Ken.

  • robert

    tna has the pieces just keep putting round pegs in square holes, Angle is a way better wrestler better on the microphone just better top to bottom, and he almost put tna over then they changed what was working. cause tna was almost as good as wwe in 2006-2009, instead of letting people catch on to the product they decided to change it,,,, anyway orton will not do very much past the initial buzz, wwe made orton


    Mark my words
    He will return… and it's gonna be EPIC

  • Wedge 74

    If Orton goes so will a lot of fans.

  • I love randy and I would be soooooo mad if he would get fired other people should get fired but Randy shouldn't never ever get fired people LOVE him a lot and they would hate to see him go and the WWE just wouldn't be the same without him I don't think that I could watch it if he isn't there I will always remember May 15, 2012 I went to the Hershey giant center to see randy orton and that was the best day of my LIFE my favorite part was when randy came out and I bet that he loves to hear all of those people cheere for him when he comes out to that ring but please don't fire him because if Randy goes wwe goes but the only person that should get fired is John crapinitice nobody like him I bet he doesn't even have a mirror because it hates it when John crapinitice looks in it so please don't fire him for something this small fire the people that deserve it I mean look at all of the people that look up to him and another way to make this shorter is do not fire RANDY ORTON fire the people that deserve it and randy orton does not deserve to get fired PLEASE DO NOT FIRE RANDY ORTON because I LOVE HIM that is why Randy Orton should NOT be fired never give up on your dreams just say " I can do it and I know that I can"

    • Kane-fan For Life

      @Makayla… People come…people go, thats how it goes in life. Wwe has a lot of great wrestlers, perhaps time to appriciate them as well???
      You can stare yourself blind on 1 person, you might get dissapointed… i bet if he could tell it to you himself, Randy Orton would do!

  • Nicola Jane

    I hope so because his career is going under…Randy was born to be a bad a**

  • Rony

    Randyorton should come back as a top hero ,bcz everybody loves him

  • Rony

    orton has millions of fans.so they wont make him heel.he is one of the top money maker for wwe