Randy Orton Punished?, Updates On RVD & Mr. Anderson, Skip Sheffield, Ted DiBiase's Injury & Posse Parties

Is Randy Orton being programmed with Kane some type of punishment due to his recent proneness to injury? A match with Kane at Wrestlemania seems like a huge step down for The Viper.

Randy Orton isn't being punished and while I felt like WWE would add him to the title picture with Sheamus and Daniel Bryan, it appears he was given a spot that was originally slated for Mark Henry. I heard WWE wanted to continue Henry's push as a babyface with a program against Kane but he opposed it. Orton vs. Kane hasn't been confirmed for Wrestlemania but I expect it to be.

What happened to Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson?

Rob Van Dam's contract with TNA Impact Wrestling is reportedly up this month. I haven't heard anything in terms of negotiations for a new deal. There had been rumors he was frustrated in TNA and was actually considering a possible return to WWE. As for Ken Anderson, he's back in TNA and will return to pay-per-view at this month's Victory Road.

Is there any news on when Skip Sheffield is supposed to return to the WWE?

Skip Sheffield has been using his old Ryback gimmick in dark matches and live events but has also used the Sheffield character. I haven't heard if/when WWE plans to bring him back to television, however, it seems they are trying to find the right fit for him.

Do you have any more details on Ted DiBiase's injury, mainly if he needs surgery and a more specific timeline that he'll be out? Also, does he hope to continue his "DiBiase Posse Parties" at live events and/or Wrestlemania?

Ted DiBiase underwent an MRI yesterday that revealed a torn ligament and small break in his ankle but no torn tendon. DiBiase said that meant no surgery so while the injury was worse than originally anticipated it wasn't as bad as it could have been either. I don't know the future of the "DiBiase Posse Parties" but to keep up with them, go to DiBiasePosseParty.com.

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  • Matt Scott

    Who the hell asked the Kane/Orton question?! How is it a step back to take on a guy who was Cena's go home feud going into the biggest match of the decade!?

  • Matt Scott

    And never mind just that! He's a veteran, former world champion, Grand Slam champion, main event, one of the best big guys of all time… Whoever asked that probably agrees with Eric Bischoff that Abyss is TNA's Cena (and no, I'm not a Cena fan just realise how damn big he is in this industry)

  • Jay

    Kane/Orton feud is boring, both characters are clearly forced together to put Orton on the card.

    It's too bad Christian didn't heal up, a final Christian/Orton feud would have been much better, even McIntyre/Miz would have been good to add as opponents.

  • john peeler

    i think that kane vs orton at wrestlemania 28 will be a great match that's what i think does anybody agree .

  • Miles

    I wonder if Kane will get involved in the hell in a cell match like he did many years ago? RVD back in wwe please, then they’ll put his entrance music on iTunes so I can finally download it

  • Allie

    I absolutely can't believe that anyone would believe that working with Kane is considered "punishment". Orton is a great wrestler, but he's not so awesome that he's above working with anyone.

    • Haterrrr

      Not even above working with hornswoggle?

    • I guess what I’m saying is you leave AJ alone Danny. And AJ if you’re eindrag this, sometimes late at night I like to spoon too .#LouisTullyisaGreatLover This line is creepy, disturbing and funny all at the same time, congrats.

  • monty

    i know this is not the place but richard you keep saying that the talent back stage should learn from the Rock but how can they learn when he comes from his limo to the ring than back to his limo?

    I am a huge fan of wrestling since mid 80s and from what i have seen the rock cena angle has lost its steam some what atleast in my personal opinion, i mean both guys are bringing out the same stuff from a year ago this match needs a shot of 5hrs energy times 2.

    its easy to say learn from the rock but put yourself in a wrestlers shoes who has showed up for the whole year and is a top talent yet he feels like this wrestlemania is about cena rock and hhh vs taker. while both those matches should be good not enough attention has been paid to the titles or anything else.

    y2j vs cm.punk will steal the show. stop giving rock that much credit he was paid well for what he did 7 years ago, so he has to earn it and watch the last 2 raws you can see fans not cheering as much for rock just because its the same things being said over and over.

    can't wait for rock to be a movie star after wrestlemania so we can get back to original wwe. was a huge rock fan but now i want cena to win even if its a dirty victory

    • Chris

      Excellent. Just because Rock was amazing and worked hard MANY YEARS AGO does not mean he can swan in when he wants and be handed it. You think current superstars should learn that from him? The entitlement? That sucks. You just arent looking at it from their point of view. If someone who used to be very good at your job came along after years and years away, and your boss dumped you and gave your job to him? You’d OF COURSE be all “oh, I can learn from him”, yeah? Not “this is out of order”. Rock said more people need to understand the business side? I’m sure they do, actually. That their business is knocked, their pay check in the case of Dolph, is knocked. Not on the card = no show fee, right? Those bumped down because of the Rock have every right to be miffed. You condescending them when you aren’t in their situation, and won’t look at it from their situation, is ridiculous.

      • On Cena I imagine WWE will inntcoue to tease a heel turn in the run up to the WrestleMania and then pull it off at WrestleMania with a post match beat down or something. Needless to say the kid fans will be cheering him the following week again anyway. That’s my two pence anyway.

    • And Punk has been of the bests since even before he baecme a WWE superstar. When he was an average wrestler from 2007-2010, he was still the best wrestler in WWE( until daniel bryan came to WWE) but fans did not care that much about him, because hey donb4t like wrestling, they like seeing people with big muscles trashtalking to eachother

  • Sami

    I stated in another post on a previous question… Orton and Kane makes sense ! before Kane and Henry… Kane left wwe due to the injury angle by Henry but however before he was injured on Smackdown ! (THE FINAL TIME! we saw him without the mask) was when said he was going to test out his "humanity" … I feel this could be a way for Kane to test out "The monster" … although if that is the case he isnt doing a good job really being RKO'ed both on Raw and Smackdown… I feel WWE should do more with the Kane character and make him as dominating as he was in the attitude era… something feels missing! …. (Maybe Kane sitting up when his down?! anyone remember that?)


    Randy Orton vs Tyler Reks…just awesome

  • undertaker has given his full contribution to WWE and the fans. luresy the WWE and the fans will remember his as the legend none like other. but its time that he finally close the casket and walk out of the ring. hopefully with the 20-0 record. he has been an inspiration to all new generation wrestlers LONG LIVE THE UNDERTAKER