Opportunity Wasted With Randy Orton, WWE Titleholder Injured On Raw, Idea Pitched For CM Punk vs. Undertaker Build, The Miz & Ric Flair, Funny Triple H Comment

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- We're told it was "evident to everyone" backstage at this week's "Old School" WWE Raw that it's past time to turn Randy Orton. While it's not likely to happen until after Wrestlemania 29, many officials feel they missed the boat and the crowd no longer cares about him.

- Antonio Cesaro hit his head on the mat towards the beginning of his match with Ryback and couldn't recover quick enough to help carry the match.

- One idea pitched to help build CM Punk vs. The Undertaker for Wrestlemania 29 was to have Punk face off against former Undertaker Wrestlemania opponents on television leading up to the pay-per-view. Options include Randy Orton, Kane, Mark Henry, Big Show and Kevin Nash. Triple H would not be an option.

- While watching The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler on the monitor backstage, one producer questioned why they didn't put Ric Flair with Ziggler rather than Miz.

- Finally, the funniest comment of the night came from Triple H backstage as he asked if Undertaker borrowed Kevin Nash's "Super Shredder" costume. Nash played the role of the genetically enhanced Super Shredder in the 1991 flick "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze."

  • Jesus, from thinking Ric Flair should mentor Miz instead of Ziggler to Randy Orton getting treated badly, WWE really needs to be careful and not to be rude but use their damn brain. Hopefully they can take this and learn to be careful with what they do.

    • Nostaljack

      Randy Orton is being treated poorly because he’s treated his career poorly. He’s got multiple (note that I didn’t say “two”) wellness violations. He’s used up the good will of the company and he’s paying for it. He isn’t bigger than the company that employs him.

      • Correct, but there is a point where you have to think about the future of the company, which WWE has not been doing. Besides CM Punk, all of the heels suck. Cesaro has been beaten by Ryback 6 times in the past few months. How many times has Barrett been beaten by Sheamus in non-title matches? A lot. Ziggler is facing ADR this Friday, but since January 26th, Ziggler lost to ADR 3 times! Swagger is beating up a bunch of old REAL Americans instead of Latino/Foreign wrestlers like he suppose to! And then you got Fandango who refuses to perform because someone doesn’t say his name correctly. Again you can say Randy f***** up, and I totally agree with you. But look at the heels we have now… if anyone f***** up, it’s WWE and their lack of building GOOD heels. If you don’t believe me think of this… who will Cena face for the WWE championship? Punk of course. Anyone else? Can you see current Wade Barrett, or current Antonio Cesaro facing Cena? I can’t. Everyone is in the wrong here but WWE is in the bigger wrong for not utilizing Randy as a heel when they needed to.

  • Boogie

    God triple h is soooo immature

    • Patrick

      I hate to say it but I found HHH’s remark a bit funny….

  • Patrick

    3 cheers for the one producer, I agree flair should have been put with Ziggler instead of Miz….I like Miz but he is a better heel then a face……Flair could have really helped Ziggler…….who doesn’t need AJ Lee or Big E.

  • JakShowtime

    My first thought went to Super Shredder too, so I got a laugh out of that.

  • Ray

    Wasn’t the original plan when WWE was considering wither or not to bring Flair back? To have him join with Ziggler as his manager? (This was before Ziggy was given AJ and Big E)

  • Michael

    I didn’t know nor could I tell that Antonio hit his head. I think that this proves the theory wrong that Ryback can’t work and is unsafe because he carried that match.

  • Chris

    Because The Mis is AWESOME!!!

  • The crowd no longer cares about Orton, since when. He gets the second or third best crowd reaction every single time he is on TV, which is proof that the crowd cares about him.

  • I’m glad the crowd are finally seeing through Randy Orton – I’ve never liked him. It doesn’t say much for Ryback as a main event calibre talent if WWE are expecting other workers to carry him in matches. I completely agree that Ric Flair should have been paired with Ziggler. I’m high-up on The Miz and see him as someone who is good with PR, media and being versatile – even if he’s not always reliable in spots (most WWE main eventers aren’t the best wrestlers on the roster) but Ziggler has clearly watched a lot of old wrestling and modelled himself on people like Ric Flair and Curt Hennig.

    I think Triple H got it spot on with The Undertaker – it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Triple H holding up negotiations with The Undertaker for Wrestlemania 29 – Vince might have been happy to pay the money but Triple H knows that Undertaker is past his sell-by date and just looks terrible. He looks like an ageing drag queen – with his shaved head, his eyeliner and covering himself with foundation or whatever it is he uses to make his skin white. Why did he have to shave his head? Why is he wearing a silly hood instead of the hat? He looked terrible last year but he’s going to look worse this year. For the last four years Shawn Michaels and Triple H have been able to work him and put on a good match – CM Punk is great at a lot of things but carrying a match with bigger guys like Undertaker isn’t one of them. Don’t expect a five star match that steals the show. If I’d been booking then I’d have told Undertaker the only way he was getting on the card is if he went under to Sheamus. I think that Sheamus would benefit more from it than CM Punk would. It just makes your current roster look really bad if, in their prime, they can’t beat guys that were at their peak ten or even twenty years ago.

    • Jake

      Undertaker was not carried, they all put in the same amount of work the last few years. Until Undertaker has a bad match at WM (he hasn’t for the last 6 years) and visibly can’t go, you get to shut the hell up and go sit in the corner.

  • John

    I suppose this means that we won’t be seeing Undertaker on RAW at all until WrestleMania? I think we will see the whole mind games stuff (lightning, lights going out, etc.) every week.

  • Orton should have turned heel like he wanted to when he returned..