Randy Orton Refusing To Put Over Talent?, NOC Main Event, WWE's Outrageous Political Ploy, Punk vs. Austin And/Or Rock

Is there any truth to the rumors about Randy Orton refusing to put over younger talent?

A lot has been said/written about Randy Orton and just like most top stars, a lot of it is conjecture started by people out of jealousy or personal resentment. Orton has a lot of stroke and while the feeling is he doesn't have the pull he once had, he continues to be booked in a top role and will be starring in a new WWE Studios production. His match against Dolph Ziggler at Night of Champions was well done and they seem to be focused on getting Orton back in the World Heavyweight Championship picture.

What are your thoughts on the WWE Night of Champions main event?

I'll give you my personal reaction twenty minutes into the match; John Cena and CM Punk killed it. Last night's main event was an outstanding bout that had the crowd into every near fall. I'm not sure the outcome worked with it appearing Cena had gone over only for the referee to announce both workers had their shoulders on the mat. The company obviously wanted to setup a rematch (probably at Hell in a Cell) and help get heat on CM Punk in Cena's hometown. Had Cena gone over people would have been complaining about super Cena but there are some down on Punk's extended reign. There is no pleasing everyone but I enjoyed the Night of Champions main event.

I heard WWE is removing footage from the Attitude Era due to attacks on Linda McMahon's Senate run? Is this true?

WWE announced Thursday they are removing some dated and edgier footage from digital platforms due to the misuse in political environments. I, along with most of you, am completely outraged over it. Why can't Linda McMahon just "own it" and explain the difference between entertainment and real-life? Politicians in this country will do/say anything to get elected. It's so frustrating WWE is erasing important parts of their history in hopes of getting Linda McMahon in the US Senate.

Do you see Steve Austin vs. CM Punk or The Rock vs. CM Punk happening in the near future?

If you would have asked this question a few years ago I would have said absolutely not but things have changed. Starting with The Rock vs. Punk, there has been a lot of talk about this being the title match for Royal Rumble. Obviously it's contingent on Punk having the title into the Rumble but it's a very real possibility. As for Austin vs. Punk, this is a match WWE would like to do at Wrestlemania but it's contingent on Austin's desire and health.

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  • Mr. E

    I can guarantee if Austin is at Wrestlemania, the buys for that ppv will out due last years buys by far.

    • Hicks

      Oh really, none of us new that, how aren’t you working for WWE with knowledge like that?

      • Paul

        Easy tiger, he’s just adding a comment.
        Would like to see Austin again in the ring but not holding my breath.

      • Mr. E

        Apparently I have more knowledge than you Mr. Hicks, if you only “knew” how nice of a person I am you probably wouldn’t write comments like that.

  • Jennifer Fuqua

    It disgusts me that WWE would erase parts of their history for political gain. As for CM Punk as champ, I used to love it, but nowI’m just sick of him.

    • Evonreese

      Me too. It’s got beyond old and boring. Always the same old crap. I’m better than you, I’m the best, blah blah blah. WWE is actually ruining him not building him up. He’s turned into Super Punk

      • IZBLACK

        Agreed.I've been saying it for a few months now that all he does is "bitch & complain" about getting no respect even though he is on the cover the WWE13, even though he sales almost as much merchandise as Cena, even though he get's cheered despite being face or heel. He's even in the signature too start the show now. This whole I'M BEING DESRESPECTED SO I'M GONNA CRY & BITCH gimmick he is playing now is played out and isn't shooty shoot at ll considering he has alot of backstage stroke and has been booked suoer strong. If any superstar has the right too complain about being desrespected it 's Christian.

    • Evon Reese

      I agree. It's the same old crap. I'm better than you, I'm the best, blah blah blah. It's just old and boring now. He's turned into Super Punk. WWE is ruining him instead of building him

  • Kings of Wrestling

    They can try and make Punk a heel all they want. But he will always get more cheers then Cena because "TRUE" fans are so sick of "Super Cena".

    Damn good PPV though

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard my question is where does wwe go with Punk and Cena after hiac? Or is it going to go all the way to the new year?

  • Fuck Punk

    cm punk suck he is such an ass

    • Liam

      I guess he’s doing his job well then…

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    not going to lie but Cena was outstanding last night compared to CM Punk and proved his critics wrong, but I still think the TheUSAGuy should have won the battle royal not Zack Ryder

    • Paul

      Zach Ryder winning anything is not good for my viewing…

    • Guy Landau

      As Rundown readers will see on Tuesday when I upload this week's Rundown – I wholeheartedly agree that Cena absolutely killed it on NoC with an outstanding performance. As for Bateman winning the Battle Royal – I have to disagree, he's still far too green to be on PPV.

      • Voice_of_Wrestling

        Yer I agree and the bateman remark was a joke, and Cena even injured pulled off a great match which has made people angry that he actually wrestled a 5 star match

    • Liam

      Punk did the little things great though

  • vmagic

    Why everyone wants Austin back for Mania this year is beyond. Mania is already stacked with talent this year and the year after is Wrestlemania 30, which would be a better time for Austin to headline.

    • HOGAN

      B/C they need someone too carry Punk

  • Alex P

    I agree with Rich on the Linda McMahon question…I feel like from a public relations stand point it's better to just own up to it rather than constantly trying to sweep it under the carpet and act like the Attitude Era never happened.

  • John

    Connecticut hasn't sent a Republican to the Senate for 30 years.. That's not going to change with Linda McMahon. However it's very sad that people would actually be so upset about whats happening in the WWE (a scripted entertainment show) that they would let it affect there opinions on whats right for the future of there country!

    It's really embarrasing to hear/read people say that they hope Linda McMahon loses her bid to be elected simply because they want WWE to stop being PG!

    • WNW FAN

      Sad that some disagreed with you. I for one agree and wished everybody would put whats best for the country above all else. I do disagree though that that you think Linda doesn't have a chance. She has just as good a chance as anybody.

      Fans can hate Vince for removing old footage but lets look at this logically. First, he owns the rights to the footage and he can do whatever he wants or doesn't want to do to it. Period. Second, maybe Linda should just admit the programming was edgy. But if you'll go back and watch interviews from her first campaign she admits to it on several occasions, mentions the product is now family friendly, and tries to get the interviewer to see the logic in that its a fictional entertainment show and lets just 'talk about whats important in this election'. Top that with the fact she's crucified by the liberal politicians and the media every chance they get about her past I don't blame them for removing them. People hate on Linda but they worship the ground Bill Clinton walks on and he was impeached! Clinton is still highly respected but has a pathetic past but oh no…lets sling mud at the former sports entertainer for fictional story lines that made absolutely no sense what so ever. Sad…

  • Hardy

    End of the day I agree with Richard on the erasing attitude era history, but there isn’t much we can do about it. If vince is set on it then that’s that, he’s only going to ruin it for himself and it will hurt the wwe. It’s a shame but that’s that.

  • Your Favorite Heel

    Now, what would happen if Cena was still hurting after rolling his ankle last night? I bet the WWE writers would have a difficult time with that, considering how much they push Cena.
    Also, did anybody notice how long we have gone with a PPV main event not being a title match?
    WM28, Extreme Rules, Over The Limit, No Way Out, Money In The Bank, and SummerSlam had all non-title matches! Funny.

    • AUSTIN 3:16

      Yuo, and he doesn't even cry or bitch about being disrespected.

  • I have to admit that WWE is not my favorite outlet for wrestling, I am more of an indy/ROH guy but I have to say that last nights PPV was very good. WWE put together the right workers and pulled of a top notch show. I truly enjoyed the show. I have been wrestling in the indies for almost 14 years now and I was impressed.

  • Old Skool wrestling fan

    Some people are so fickle and have short memory’s,having a champion hold the strap for longer than a month or So is refreshing.when titles are changing hands over short periods people moan and now we have cm punk who is breaking records with his title reign and again people are moaning. WWF (prefer the classic mantra) just can’t win with some “fans” !

  • Jbreed

    Randy Orton is fresh off a suspension (his second or maybe his third violation) and he's about to take time off to make a movie, and still he doesn't put over Dolph Ziggler. I laugh every time I hear people say Orton put over Christian, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. I don't know if it's Orton refusing to put other wrestlers over or if it's just Vince McMahon having a man crush on him, but I just don't understand what's so special about him to be this over in the WWE.

  • Robert olley


  • Robert olley

    How come everybody complained it was all short reigns yet when somebody has a long run people complain none of you can be pleased.

  • stoney

    Its like Vince wants people to stop watching WWE

  • Y2Jay

    im confused by wwe removing dated and edgier footage from digital platform does tht mean i cant watch things from the attitude era that i love on youtube

  • PhilT81

    The my plan would be to continue Punks current title run all the way to the Royal Rumble whilst making him a more and more hated heel and then for Rock to beat him for the title at the Rotal Rumble, thus making Rock the ‘hero’. Rock holds the title all the way to Wrestlemania where he has a grudge match with Brock Lesnar who works as the monster hated heel who doesn’t care about the fans, just his pay check – he could even be ‘mercenary’ working for CM Punk to win his title back for him with Brock having agreed to hand it over in return for cash. Because Heyman and Punk are at ringside then Rock who was the hero are Royal Rumble is also an underdog at WrestleMania. Ultimately, Brock Lesnar is loyal to nobody but himself and decides he wants the title for himself and turns on CM Punk leaving Punk furious and setting up a program between Brock and Punk. Why do WWE have so much difficulty coming up with good storylines that they can really get the fans into. There are a number of classic roles that have worked in wrestling down the ages and each wrestler has a certain number of these roles they are a able to play depending on the versatility of the wrestler and the constraints of their character. Cena says Punk hasn’t found his identity, although that’s really just a nod to how versatile Punk has been with the number of roles he has played. He was never more over than when playing the voice of the people – but you can’t do that forever before the people get fed up with you. Punk continues to involve and reinvent himself. He plays a great face and also plays a great heel. He has a great ability to get over and it’s because he truly understands and loves the business.

    • Craigscool88

      Hi mate I agree but they are more likely gonna set up for taker vs Brock at mania and it will prob be takers last and he will go in hall of fame I hope

  • Craigscool88

    I reckon punk will lose to the rock at rumble to set up for triple h vs rock which hadn’t happened much of at all and that leaves punk vs Austin with no belt for grabs so they can use Austin to put punk over again and just put John cena vs funkasaurous, ryback and tensai in a handicap match to see if super cena can over come the odds

    • Craigscool88

      And also for a funny gimmick match have the cobra vs socko match or arm wrestle or even thumb wars lol