Randy Orton Returns To WWE

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Randy Orton returned to WWE on this week's episode of Raw by squashing Heath Slater in his latest "open challenge."

Orton has been gone for 60-days, after being suspended on May 30, 2012 for his second documented violation of the WWE Wellness Policy.

  • Randy

    He finally has more hair on his head than he does on his face. He’s looking like he did when he was in Evolution/Legend Killer. Now if he could only change his music.

    • Love Orton and love his theme song. Have that song as my ring tone. Like his hair short hair anyway he’s fine but love his hair spiked with the rough look, don’t go Gettin suspended Randy we love u especially me on WWE!!!!

  • Ricky

    That was a HUGE!!!!! Pop

  • Luda

    Wish he was gone for another 60 days lol

    • Hillbilly Jim

      Couldn’t agree more, he is no cowboy bob Orton!!!

  • Austin

    Damn it………..

  • Ronika

    It was a joke randy Orton was supposed to be getting a push not being dropped to facing jobbers like slater.

  • Evon Reese

    He blew the roof off when his music hit. People were craving for his return. There are top level talent but they are not a Super StR like Randy Orton. If he had any doubt about himself it was put to rest tonight. It looked like Randy was loving it and really playing to the crowd and in return they loved it. He fed off the fans even when the match was over. I truly hope he gets his act together and stays around for a long time.

  • hurrigame

    Hooray, the Mighty Orton is back. Or should I say Super Cena Jr.

  • He looked smaller

  • Adam

    Why was he gone for 60 days

  • Next world champ

  • Monty

    Keep hating him he is the clear cut #2 IMO just because he has been that for a lot longer than punk. What he did was Qing and I hope rest of the way through his career he stays clean but people just hate him and call him super cent junior. Unlike cent he has the guts to answer fans legit questions and go on record to saying he wants to be a heel. Super cena wants to seek as much merchandise and use wwe universe in each sentence and keep using his 4 moves

    When rock came back one thing he said that's so true is we went from Austin 3:16 and hats he bottom line to if you smell what the rock is cooking to you can't see me?

    Whether y'all like it or not we make so small audience of core fans that we almost don't matter so when people go nuts when he came back that's what hhh and Vince see and they make their choice from the crowd reaction

    Cena will never turn heel within the next 5 years or if wwe gets he own network than he will turn heel within the 1st year of wwe network

    • _JIM_

      FYeah, the whole point of working is to make money for yourself and your family, and selling merch is how thewse guys make a good portion of their money. Which is why every time Rock or Austin come they always are wearing a brand new t-shirt design. So its not just Cena who wants to sell merch so they can make some money.

    • joe

      ortons boring….there i just destroyed your little essay with one fact

  • BigMike

    he needs to stop smoking weed

  • _JIM_

    I wonder if Orton would still have gotten the same great positive reaction if WWE actually made their Wellness Policy violations a bit more public. They do announce violations but they don’t go out of their way to make these announcements available for the general public. You have to go to a site like this to get that into, and most fans only watch the shows still. If they made the announcement right there on RAW or Smackdown then every fan would know about it. Which just might embarass whoever failed a test into never doing whatever they did wrong again. All of the major sports leagues make very public announcements when a player fails a drug test. No matter what they failed for. WWE should follow suit because the rate of repeat offenders is VERY HIGH in WWE, and is the exact opposite in the sports leagues that make their fans aware of any player that tests positive for drugs. Embarassing someone for a violation is a good way to get them to come to their senses and straighten up.

  • ChrisH


  • Judy

    I am glad he is back!! WWE can not afford to get rid of any more top guys.No more Dx,No more stone cold and Undertaker only 1 or 2 times a year all the good ones that made it interesting are gone.They need Randy.


    I absolute LOOOVE it that he took outside's fire accident in his advance…so he came back in style.
    Hell yea, the Viper Rulez'